Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another LO for GirlBoheme!

Well, I just couldn't stay away from this kit, so when it was pointed out that our team on UKScrappers is hosting the weekly challenge the week after next, and we needed sample LOs, I made one (and NO! I'm not going to spill the beans on what the challenge will be!!!) and just altered it slightly for the CT. Lets' just say there's something on the original which isn't on this one, as this one isn't bound by the challenge requirements!!!
The link to the kit instore is in the post below, with my other LOs created from it!
Family News: Antoinette rode Julia's horse today in her lesson and they fitted together perfectly! At the end of the lesson, Julia came in and said that Antoinette could ride it any time she liked but not for jumping (think the horse is still learning that new skill himself!)! Wow!! I think Antoinette is still floating on air now!!
In her lesson, Evie managed her 2nd ever fall! Alfie spooked at nothing in a corner - literally nothing!! - and went one way, and Evie went the other! Thankfully it wasn't too bad, and she was up and cantering again quite quickly! This afternoon, thankfully, as Alfie is no longer #1 favourite, lol, she had BJ who, it has to be said, rarely moves fast for anyone except his owner, LOL!! He is a lovely safe horse though, so Evie felt much better having him for her pony afternoon. That said HE decided to spook at nothing - twice in the same place - but thankfully Evie managed to sit into it, and stayed on!! She had a lovely afternoon, finishing up with poo picking with Emma in the indoor and outdoor schools!!! Lovely!
So, an earlier night tonight for everyone, as we wait with baited breath to see Andy up on a horse for the first time tomorrow:) Camera batteries are charging as I type - 2 sets of course!!!
Bernie x
PS Almost forgot...I googled the signs and symptoms of shingles, and it's looking very much like what I have on my hoping the pain's not too bad when it comes!

My First CT LOs for GirlBoheme Studios!

Have to say I am so honoured to accepted onto Aimee's CT!! Mostly because her kits are so fantastic, but also, having just seen the other CT members' LOs with it on her blog, I'm slightly in awe!!!!
I've just been working with her newest kit the last couple of days, and this is what I've produced! The kit is available here.. and IMO is a bargain price considering how much is actually in the kit!! Let's just say it's VERY generous! Everything goes together so well, and I adored the gentle grunge!!
I'm desperate to create some more pages with the kit, but all the back-to-school 'stuff' is getting in the way...uniform and kit to buy, last-minute rellie's all good, but does take me away from the pooter.
Now I must get on, as today is stables day and once I leave the house, we won't be back till late afternoon! Today Evie has a lesson at 11am, Antoinette has hers at 2pm and also at 2pm Evie starts her mini-pm - a pony afternoon for littleys under 8 years old! Must remember to charge batteries for the camera quickly !
Bernie x

Scraplift Challenge at Scrap It Sassy

Here's my LO for the 2nd Scraplift Challenge! Almost missed it as we've been so busy it's taken me away from the pooter a lot :(

I used the scrummy Forest Frolic kit by Phantom Scraps, and really enjoyed myself!! I LOVE a good scraplift!!!

Family News: Sat 10 am saw us setting off for Auntie Maureen's house in Beaconsfield, Bucks. We had a lovely time there, despite the traffic on the M25 being a bit of a nightmare (again!) at times! Maureen has given us a whole LOAD of family tree stuff to sort through, so we will be able to go quite a way back on Andy's mother's side of the family. There are even copies of pages from a lady's diary from the interesting!

After a faster journey home, we got in around 9.45pm, so all went to bed! Then I was up at 6.45am raring to go & do some more using the fantastic true North kit from GirlBoheme....see the next post for more details!

Bernie x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Monday's News

Well, I wasn't really looking forward to Monday much as we had 8 footcare appts booked in that would take us from 9.30am till about 5.30am (taking an hour's lunch break though, which we don't normally do). I had to take Antoinette to the stables before I started as well - she's taking the first of her BHS Progression tests this week and has 2 days of training before the test on Thursday afternoon.

When I got up I checked my emails and was amazed to see I'd won a digi kit over at DST! So that cheered me up!!

We did the appts. - it was SO hot driving round - very muggy yesterday. Not nice. Went back to stables to see if Antoinette wanted to stay and watch the Dressage comp. that was going on there, and of course she did - she was busy being Julia's little helper!!! I haven't seen her look so happy for a long time though - when we arrived, she came running over, and there was this little brown (from the sun) dirty (from all the dust at the stables!) face with the biggest smile you've ever seen!! So, just gave her some money for food and drinks for the evening and left to take mum home.

Got home, had a coffee and a chat with Evie and Andy, then came on to check my emails (I know, it sounds like I'm obsessed, but between my service provider sending through anywhere between 2 and 4 copies of the same email on occasion, and all the digi site newsletters I've signed up for over the last few months, lol, I can end up with over a hundred a day, so it's better to keep on top of things!)

To my amazement, there was one from Cheryl Johnson - she's the Photographer whose courses I took a couple of years ago; she's also a fellow UKSer, and also is in charge of submissions at Scrapbook Inspirations mag! I'd sent a LO in for the theme of Christmas, just a simple one about how I'd love snow at Christmas! As mine wasn't about wanting some big gift, or wanting to see long-lost rellies, I wasn't expecting to be chosen for publication, esp. as it's the first time I've submitted anything, lol! BUT! She wants to publish my LO!!!! O.M.W.!!!! How exciting is that?!

So I'm ringing round, telling mum n dad, and doing a happy dance here, then sat down to carry on with emails...there's another one from Aimee, a newish Designer who makes some scrummy scrummy kits...have a look here... (you can get to her store from there!). I'd sent her an email after discovering her yesterday lunchtime whilst meandering through the www and applied to be on her CT. She was emailing back to say yes!!! Yeehaaah!!!!

So, yesterday, I had 3 pieces of very very good news!!!

Went back to the stables at 8.30pm for Antoinette - she was still 'happy as larry' and just finishing up with Julia and her horse Donny. Julia let her give him some extra strong mints and take him down to the field - she and Antoinette were so pleased as they'd come 1st and 3rd in the Dressage, and there were a LOT of entrants - 19 - last night, and the majority were not from our stables! On the way home Antoinette told me that Julia had said to her that when she goes out to shows in future, Antoinette can go with her and be her groom!!! How great is that?!!!! So, of course, Antoinette was floating on air last night!!

She'd also had a chat with Julia about loaning Marley, assuming the price is right, as we're waiting to hear from the owner. Antoinette was really torn as much as she loves Marley, it felt a bit too close to trying to replace Molly, so she really didn't know what to do. Also she was worried Julia would think she wasn't interested in her and Donny any more. So she chatted it all over with Julia, and they decided it would be a good idea to do the loan - for Marley as well as for Antoinette - and she could still do things with Donny!

So, all in all, yesterday turned out to be one of the most eventful days we've had for a while!!

Today Margie and I plus Meg and Evie are all going up to Pickleberry Papercrafts in Faversham so Margie can have a nose! (It's a lovely shop!!), then later Margie and I are hoping to do some genealogy research. I'm trying to go back down dad's father's line, but as neither he nor his siblings seem to know anything about their paternal grandparents, it's not easy! We ordered dad's parents' marriage cert yesterday and what we hope is his dad's birth certificate. They prob won't turn up for at least a couple of weeks though. It's far far cheaper to order them from your local Registry Office, but it does take longer. But, when it's a choice between £8 ea or £20 ea (from , it's not really viable to do otherwise!

Back later!

Bernie x

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Scrap It Sassy CT LOs using 2B Or Not 2B kit by Trifaith

Lots of bright vibrant colours in this Kit, and 2 very cute bees!!! Some lovely b/gs and elements which will be so useful! Here's the link! .
The bottom LO shows the elements as they come; the top LO is also unaltered colour-wise, just a bit of gentle brush erasing aorund the edges, and some outer glows around the jewels at the bottom! Just goes to show what differnet LOs can be made from the same kit!
Family News: Antoinette got her ride on the Head Girl Julia's private horse, Donny! He's a big boy, lol!!! He seems lovely though, and Antoinette loves him already! Julia has said that if Antoinette helps her with cleaning and grooming duties, and cleans his tack for her too, she can have a lesson on him every now and then! Starting next Sunday!! To say Antoinette was thrilled is an understatement! I don't think she stopped beaming all afternoon! It's really kind of Julia to take Antoinette under her wing a bit like this, following Molly's move to Sussex, and we're really grateful! It's such a great feeling when someone does something nice for your child, isn't it?!!!
We're just getting ready to watch X Factor which starts again this evening in about 10 mins - eeek! I still have uploading to do!!! Best get on with it then!!
Bernie x

Friday, 21 August 2009

Scrap It Sassy CT LOs using Grateful Bounty kit by Body Works Studio

Here's the link to this lovely kit...'s just what it says on the tin! Warm fuzzy family feelings oozing out of the b/gs and elements! I can think of lots of varied uses for these b/gs and everything in the kit fits together nicely!
The photo of Evie just jumped straight out at me for using with that b/g, and the garlands really brought the b&w photo to life! The last LO was a bit of an impulsive 'let's see if I can do this' LO really, as the kit initially gave me the feeling of wanting to do more formal LOs with everything quite deliberately placed. I was really pleased that even with just a few elements, I made a LO I love!!
Family News: You wouldn't believe it - we went to the stables and waited about 45 mins for the Head Girl to be ready to ride her horse, with the idea that Antoinette would give it a slow walk around to cool off afterwards. The Pony Club Campers were having their lesson in the big outdoor school, but, of course, it HAD to start raining didn't it, just before Antoinette was going to get on the HG's horse! So of course the Campers had to use the Indoor School (where the HG was riding) as they were being tested (by the top Pony Club tester no less!), so HG had to leave and go outside. She hadn't actually ridden her horse in the rain much before and wasn't sure how he'd react so was a bit wary of putting Antoinette on him! So, now it's all set for Antoinette to ride it tomorrow lunchtime instead! So guess where we wil be come 1pm?!!!!
Still, I've got 2 footcare appts. first, and then the hairdresser; Antoinette will go up to the stables early, so Evie and Andy can have another lazy morning to themselves! It had better not rain on my new hair tomorrow!
And! Most annoying thing to happen today, even more so than the non-riding, was that I missed the one hour $1 sale at SIS! Flippin PSE5 was going slow and driving me mad and the whole hour completely passed me by somehow! Typical! Pah!
Bernie x

Scrap It Sassy CT LOs - Caribbean Blue kit by Litterbox Creations

Here's the link to this kit - it's choc-a-blok full of stash!
Now this kit was chosen as a bit of a challenge to myself, lol! For some reason I rarely scrap in blue, either in paper or digi. I don't dislike blue, I just don't go to it as my first choice of colour!
The greeny background in this LO is actually one of my photos!
The trickiest bit for me was finding photos I felt were right for the b/gs, but it was plain sailing after that, as everything in the kit is so well co-ordinated! I LOVED all the grunged up, distressed papers and the big brackets frame! Of course, living in a seaside town, I had to use the seagulls! And the little sprinkling of sand of course (loved that too!!). I tried to make the title look as if it's been written in the sand...not sure it was 100% successful but it's OK for me!
We're off to the stables now as the Head Girl there said that Antoinette could have a ride on her (private) horse this afternoon while she herself is riding...don't want to miss that - a real honour!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Scrap It Sassy LOs with the gorgeous Pretty in Pink kit by Kat's Creations!

OMW! What can I say?!! This is one of the most gorgeous kits I've worked with! I was a bit wary at first, it being ALL pink, but actually, with all the gentle grunge, different shades and patterns, there is plenty of variety! You can get the kit here at SIS... .

I am SO pleased with the way these LOs turned out! As you can see the stash is just fantastic if you have girls in the family!!! The top LO is of my DN Megan-Elise...ever sinceshe could walk I think she has been made on climbing - the child has no fear at all, lol!!
The 2nd LO is my DD2 taking us for a walk in a small local woods (which is to be developed in the near future unless the protests are listened to by the local council:(). She went there with her class last year (Year 1) after they'd been reading the book The Gruffalo! Although the class searched very hard, they didn't find the Gruffalo, so Evie wanted to take US there to try again!! It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun shining through the leaves of the tall trees, so I'm really glad to have scrapped this photo! Especially if in years to come the wood is no longer there...this will be all DD2 has to help her remember this episode in her life!!
Thank goodness we're starting work a little later this morning as it's given me time to do these two LOs - I've had such fun!!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Scrap It Sassy CT Los - Forest Frolic kit by Phantom Scraps

Yet again, I had a fantastic kit from Scrap It Sassy - you can find it here... . The colour palette suited me just fine and I can see me using this a lot! All the elements were very usable and versatile!
The LO about Margate came about really after I decided I really should try and use some of the little characters in the kit! Usually I shy away from this kinda more cutsie stash, but I actually love what I created with it!! (For those who don't know, Margate is a little town in the far S.E. of the UK, in the county of Kent. It used to be a famous holiday place because of its beautiful beaches, and was one of the first places that people used bathing machines, way back when! It's really a shadow of its former self as far as glory goes at this moment in time, but those of us die-hard Margatonians live in hope of better things to come (once the Council decides to invest some money here!)
The 2nd LO, is DD2 with one of the smallest ponies at the stables, Pickles. He's a little tinker though as he's very well-behaved, but once given the green light to canter, he shoots off at the speed of light!! twice now Evie's been caught out by his speedy canter, but both times managed to stay on and the 2nd time she didn't even have a leader, but still managed to bring him to halt...eventually....after several circles in the big outdoor school, lol!!!!!
Family news: It's been a VERY hot day here today! This afternoon it got to 28dg at our house - waaaay too hot for me!! Thankfully we finished work at 2pm so I could go home and hide indoors in the dark, cool living room!! Andy and the girls have all been to the beach this afternoon...they've all come home sun-burnt even with applying loads of sun cream, so I was not happy about that! It's hard to judge though, as the sea breeze can make you feel it's not as hot as it really least they put SOME on, lol...they're all smothered liberally in Nivea now, as over the years we've found that to be the best thing for cooling sunburn and helping to stop skin peeling!
Antoinette's best friend Laura is sleeping over tonite...had better go get them in from the garden and prepare for bedtime! Hopefully it will go smoothly so I can carry on with my uploading of CT LOs!!!!!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bits N Bobs CT Los using Summer Bride kit.

Two LOs for Bits N Bobs using Julie's Summer Bride kit available at Exquisite Scraps here... . I actually finished these 2 days ago but after a 9 hour day yesterday I wasn't fit for much when I got in!!
I loved this kit with its gentle colours. Now I've learned a new technique of making edges disappear, it was perfect for practising! I'm really pleased with both the LOs but especially 'Concentrating'! Had great fun making things disappear slightly on there!!!!
Now I'm just waiting for Julie to upload her Fantasia FS kit to her shop so I can get my hands on that for mor of the same!!! Although think I need to find a decent tutorial on perfect extractions, as this kind of thing seems to go hand in hand with extracting!
Bernie x

MY Quick Pages for SIS now on sale!!! Oh MY!!

Here's THE link!!!!! The QPs I made for the Scrap It Sassy CT are now all packaged up with those of the other CT members and for sale in the shop...follow the link!!!! I'm am just so blown away with the thought that someone, somewhere in the world...anywhere in the world...could be using something I designed!!!! Thanks to all the designers who made the fabby August Collab kit, and to SIS for giving me the opportunity to experience this feeling!!!!

Bernie x

Avatar Challenge at Gotta Pixel!

This is my first ever time at making an avatar! The challenge was to use a letter from your name - or not! - and use it as the focal point of your avvie. I used Gypsy Couture stash from the Digichick (A splendid Story kit) and love how it turned out! Unfortunately it doesn't show up so good at 100 pixels square, lol! Still, I had fun making it!

Bernie x

Elise Hanson @ The Digichick - Layout Contest!

Well, I rarely get time to join in with challenges and contests as much as I'd like, so I took an hour out to make this LO today! It's a photo from 2007 when I was taking one of Cheryl Johnson's Photography Courses. Evie was about 5 yrs old and just loved the feel of my reflective mat, so decided to lay on it for a while in our garden - not very helpful when I was standing there camera in hand raring to go, lol!!! I used an Elise Hanson kit called {Always} Eden. It's packed full of yumminess, and it was easy to find bits to put together for this LO!

I'm pretty realistic about my chances when entering any contest, being a relative newcomer to the digi world (I started at the end of January this year), but, much as I love my CT work, I do enjoy taking time to create a LO 'just because'!!!

Anyway, thanks for prompting me to scrap another of my 'portfolio' photos!

Bernie x

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Wedded Bliss kit by Rustic Charm Creations

Wow! I seem to be on a bit of a creative roll today! We got back from the stables earlier than expected, so I made good use of the time to create a couple of LOs with this beautiful kit - Wedded Bliss by Rustic Charm Creations, available at Scrap It Sassy here . It's a gorgeous kit, full os useful elements - in fact I don't think there's one thing in there that I wouldn't use! I made a nice bright page for some of my Woburn Safari Park pics from our holiday this year. Then to show something completely different from such a vibrant kit, I made 'Evie'. I've also made a 3rd LO with this kit for a Scraplift challenge over on the Scrap It Sassy Forum (link is on the store front page!). This kit is fabulous! You need it NOW!!!
Bernie x

Friday, 14 August 2009

These are my Los made for the Scrap It Sassy CT. I used a kit called California Broken by SAHM of Drama Queens. It's a gorgeous kit with such scrummy colours inside!!! The lion LO was inspired by a scraplift challenge at Faith Scrappers UK...I scraplifted my scraplift, LOL...does that count as a 'lift, if you 'lift yourself?!!!!
I'm caught up with all my Jessica Sprague classes now - thankfully today's lesson had no practical of its own as such, just carry on from yesterday. Yesterday's was all about how to make your own brushes, and it IS a fascinating process with amazing potential. But I found, to my surprise, that I really not interested in mkaing my own at this moment in time! I don't know if it's just because my mind's not really 'at peace' so I don't feel enormously creative (although having sat and made 2 Los this evening I'm def feeling more inspired now!) or if it's just that I'm lazy and, knowing there are so many brushes available out there and that I don't need anything personal at the moment, it just doesn't appeal to me to sit and play at that! Still, the class is available forever via my account there so if in the future I have more time on my hands and can relax properly, I can go back and watch the videocasts again and make some for myself!
Evie's had a great day - she had DN Megan-Elise sleeping over last night and she stayed till noon, then at 1pm Evie was picked up by her best friend's mum to go to their beach hut for the afternoon! Antoinette came home at 3pm - she'd also been to the beach with her best friend following her sleepover there. Unfortunately she's cut her toe quite deeply on the rocks:( She was asleep by 7pm, lol and Evie asked to go to bed at that time, lol!!
So! Now I'm all alone as Andy's brother got tickets for the 3 brothers to go to the closing act of the Broadstairs Folk Week. His wife Jo, is the Director of the whole thing, so it's a very hectic and busy week for her...I'm expecting much beer to be drunk tonite!!! I've got plans though as there's a cyber crop at Butterfly Crafts to try and catch up with, as well as this week's SLYMI challenge (Scrap a square within a square). I also need to forward on the LO I created for the Scraplift challenge at faith Scrappers UK!!! Then later I have yesterday's The Bill to watch and tonite's Criminal Minds (LOVE that show!!)! I know how to enjoy myself, lol!!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I couldn't come and blog yesterday as it was such a sad day. We went to the stables at 11.30am, and Antoinette groomed Molly and helped with putting on her travelling boots and bandaging her tail ready for travelling. Then the staff let her lead Molly up the yard to the waiting horsebox. After a little walkaround while waiting for the driver to get ready (!) Molly was eventually loaded on...she was such a good girl and didn't take any persuading - just walked on up the ramp!
We then went and opened the big double gates of the stables and wited there for the horsebox to pass. Molly was facing our way and looking out of the window. As soon as she saw us, she started whinneying and neighing, and carried on right down the private road until they turned the corner at the bottom and were then gone!
Of course Antoinette - and Evie! - were devastated.
Julia, the Head Girl at the stables told Antoinette that she could go and groom her horse if it would help...and then said that actually, she could groom her horse any time she liked! I asked Antoinette if any other kids groom this horse and she said no other kids are allowed to go near it as it's Julia's private horse! So that was a pretty special thing for her to do and for Antoinette to receive!
Antoinette did go and groom the horse - Donny - and he is lovely...very friendly! I think he will be a big help for Antoinette in getting used to not having Molly around.

After all that we went out for a meal with mum, dad and my aunt Marion (see the Nun in the photo below!!), which went someway to taking Antoinette's mind off the situation! Especially the big slice of chocolate fudge cake at the end, lol!!
Margie had made Antoinette a lovely canvas with a gorgeous photo of her riding Molly, just after she came out from a Dressage test. It's really lovely, and is going on the wall in their bedroom!
DN, Megan-Elise had made a big poster with photos of Antoinette on Molly as well...that's also going up on the wall!!

Antoinette has now stuck her nose in the BHS Progressive tests book I got for her, and seems determined to take the first test this month! That's good news as when she's taken all 6, that allows her to skip past the BHS Stage 1 test (for age 14 and above) and go straight to Stage 2. However, as Antoinette's only 13 in December this year, she has plenty of time to do the 6 tests!!!

Today I've been scrapping - on paper, shock! horror! - at my friend's house! Had a lovely day and managed to finish 3 CJs so they're all ready for posting on Saturday - phew! Both Cjs have got a little caught up, that's why I have 3 atm lol, but hopfully they'll all be home soon!

I have some digi scrapping I want to catch up on...have a new kit from SIS sitting waiting for my attention! Marion went home today so that should make life easier just over the w/e. We have some footcare appointments tomorrow though so won't get much done:( Then next week it will a matter of ringing all the pople we had to cancel appts. for when mum got swine flu and book them all in again - looking like the summer holidays could be over for me, lol!!

I AM now almost uptodate with the Jessica Sprague classes though! The last lesson - today's - I've listened to but not actually done the practical yet...making our own brushes! BUT! I will DEF have a go over the w/e! Hopefully then I will have something to put on here!!

All the emotion of yesterday really took it out of me though, so am just chilling for a day or 2 and hoping that at the w/e I can have some time to just sit and create! Oh, and get the photos of Hever Castle off my camera!!!!

List of things to do:
SIS CT kit
SLYMI Week 33 LO (scrap a square within a square)
Challenge LO for Pickleberry Papercrafts
Cut my pages for Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class which starts on 1st September and maybe do the title page.
Buy photo frames and make DDs some photos of them with Molly to go on their bedroom wall.

OK! Off to watch some sleep-inducing tv now with DH - could be an early morning with DN doing a sleepover!!!!

Bernie x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Look What I Made!

This one is for Pat, Molly's owner. I've printed it off and put it in a lovely wooden frame. It's our little gift to thank Pat for all her kindness to Antoinette (and Evie! She's had a few little rides on Molly as well!). We shall miss her - and Molly of course - but hope to go down to Sussex occasionally in the school holidays to see Molly and Pat.
This is one I made for my Aunt Marion, who's in the photo with Antoinette! She was ever so brave standing that close to a horse!!!! She asked for a copy of the photo to take back to the Convent or the other Sisters there would never believe her, lol! So I decorated it up a bit and put this one also in a nice wooden frame, so she can keep it up in her room!
Antoinette (and Evie!) had her last ride on Molly this afternoon. It was lovely to see them all together, but I'm not going to say much more than that as it makes me fill up!! We're going to Hever Castle tomorrow and Antoinette is adamant she doesn't want to go to the stables tomorrow. They said their private goodbyes to Molly this evening when they turned her out into the field *sniff*.
We will go up on Wednesday when she leaves to see Pat and wave goodbye to Molly. I'm dreading it as I'm sure I'll be worse than the kids!!!! *double sniff*
I got loads of lovely photos today though and now I've seen just how good one looks all prettied up and in a wooden frame, I'm going to do one each for the girls to hang in their bedroom. Molly has really touched their hearts and I really don't think they will ever forget her!
Right! off to watch some boring TV to make me sleepy after all the excitement of creating the photo frames! Early start tomorrow!
Bernie x

Jessica Sprague Brushabilities Day 8

Here is what I made today! I made the coral coloured tag first and then thought I'd see what it would look like if I changed the colours! What a difference it makes - can't decide which I like best!!!
Family News: We had a long day at the stables yesterday! Evie's 11am lesson went well. She takes her first ever Pony Club test next week - she has to go dressed in shirt and tie and best cream jods - MUST get a photo of that! Antoinette rode Molly at lunchtime and she was good as usual, if a bit frisky! Gotta love that horse though! Not many rides left till she goes now :( Unfortunately, events conspired against us and Antoinette didn't get a chance to eat anything much before her lesson - again. She was riding Darren this week - a biiiig boy! She actually rode him really well, but a good 15 minutes of no stirrups and having to trot meant she had aching leg muscles half an hour after riding! It also did nothing to improve her mood, lol! When they did a trot up the 3/4 line, leg yielding to the track and into canter at the corner, he behaved impeccably for her though, despite the teacher saying he's dead to the leg! I'm hoping that despite the discomfort this week (they did a lot of gentle trotting and not much else because of the heat - boy it was hot out at Manston!!!) Antoinette will take on Darren as her next pet project, as she rides him beautifully! We'll see!
Today, we're taking Marion down to Whitstable. We're going to have ice cream while she and mum go and look at dead fish at the fish market there, lol! Every time we go there the girls can't get over all the eyes looking at them!! Then Antoinette is going up to the stables for what will be her last ride on Molly. I'm going to take some photos as well hopefully. Tomorrow we're going to Hever Castle for the day, and despite offering to come back early so she can ride Molly, Antoinette said she didn't want to see Molly tomorrow. Wednesday morning we will go up to the stables early, as Molly's oner will be there at 10am, and we presume Molly will be leaving soon after that! Got a horrible feeling I'll be as bad as Antoinette with the tears!!
Anyway! Forward for today!
Bernie x

Friday, 7 August 2009

Brushes...who'd have thought?!!

This is what I made after taking lesson 5 of the Jessica Sprague Brushabilities class! We used pse custom shapes along with eraser brushes (again, who'd have thought?!!! Such clever stuff!!) to make a mask for our photos! I loved this effect, so decided to use this photo on a LO this afternoon, just for the fun of it!

This is what I came up with! It's taken ages but I think it's worth it! It's exactly what I had in my head! The end result doesn't give any indication of how much brushing, chalking, & erasing has gone on, lol, but I guess that's a good thing! What spurred me on (apart from having a beautiful new creation thanks to JS!) was the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge on UKScrappers - the challenge was to write in white! This wouldn't be a natural choice on a white LO, lol, but I didn't want my title to detract from the overall feel of the LO, so it actually worked really well using white!!
Off to upload at UKS now and then choose my next kit from SIS! It suddenly dawned on me last night, that the QPs I made (which are going to be bundled up with the CT members' QPs and SOLD in the shop - yes, SOLD!!!) are potentially going to be used by someone, somewhere, anywhere in the world!!! I could go to a gallery and see one of my QPs looking at me!!! Wow! What a thought!
Anyway, back to the job in hand...
Bernie x

Thursday, 6 August 2009

LOs for SIS using Little Wonderful kit by Secret Garden

Here's the link to the kit... as you're BOUND to want to rush and buy this!! It's absolutely beautiful and stuffed full of gorgeous stash!! I was so inspired I've managed to create 2 Los in about 2 hours!!!!!
I just couldn't believe where the time has gone today, hence the second LO!!! That photo just spoke to me when I was lokoing through my folders! It's one from my OU Photography Course day (which, incidentally, seems like ages ago now, lol!).
Must just rush to get these on the SIS CT Forum so I can go sit with Evie for a while before her bedtime!!
Oh and I've managed to get my QPs through to the CT lead, Deborah, so yay!!! All's well that ends well! My head is fit to burst with all the new 'stuff' I've learned in the last coupla day, lol what with this and the Jessica Sprague class! Just need to pop over to her site tonite and see if anyone has been able to answer a question I left there! Then my knowledge will be complete for another day, lol!!!!
Bernie x

Simple But Sassy - August '09 Scrap It Sassy

Each month at SIS there's a contest for the CT. Last month was the first month I heard about it but I chickened out as there was so much I didn't to make a QP, how to use 4shared (still don't know that properly!!!), what size LOs are generally sent through as...but this month the kit was so enticing I decided to take the bull by the horns and have a go!!
These are the two LOs I made with the kit, which can be found here... . I loved the gentle colours which matched perfectly with some of the flowers at Walmer Castle, lol!! I wanted to make a celebration LO of Antoinette and Molly's relationship before she leaves for Sussex next week, rather than bemoaning the fact she's going, and the kit was perfect for that too!
Now I just need to sort out how to use 4shared (the emails I sent to myself as a test run have never arrived, so goodness only knows how I get that to work on there!!). No idea as to sizes either, but am hoping for some help to come along soon!!
In the meantime I've drunk about 3 litres of coffee, tea and water today trying to soothe my sore throat but it's having none of it!
Lovely kit ladies at SIS! Really enjoyed playing with it!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Here's my LO for the Scrap Like You Mean It challenge this week. The challenge was to scrap something old, new, borrowed and/or blue. I managed old (the castle, and the fact it's an old fave of ours to visit now!), new (this year's crop of beautiful flowers at the castle!) and blue (we were lucky enough to have lovely blue skies and sunshine when we visited!). I'm so pleased to have got one of these challenges done, as have missed a few lately!

I had a lovely day out today! My aunt and scrapping friend, Paulette, and I all went up to Pickleberry Crafts nr Faversham. It's a great shop with loads of lovely stash to rummage through (gorgeous little baskets with treasures in to find!!). I got some fabby pps that I've not seen before (not surprising as I've not paper scrapped much at all since January!!)...suitably grungy of course! Some lovely felt flowers, velvetty flowers, 3x glittery stickles, shaped pps (bracket and circle scallop), chipboard alpha in a LARGE size! Plus various letter stickers/monograms! Kate was lovely and made us coffees as soon as we arrived, making us feel very welcome! Then Jane (Dean) arrived and we had a lovely chat! It was lovely to meet you at last Jane!! (Jane and I have one big thing in common...we both fancy the pants off Martin Shaw, lol!!) Jane showed us her new studio - OMW! It's fabby! All light and airy and peaceful, with everything within arm's reach of the workspace - I'm not at ALL jealous...much!!!!

Came back and had a couple of hours on the pooter catching up with things and doing lesson 2 of my Jessica Sprague BrushAbilities course. Can't say I learned anything new about brushes today, but I did learn little things by-the-by, so it's great to have these tiny light bulb moments as a bonus to the class! Plus loadsa free stash in the form of brushes!! I did have a play with today's lesson though and created my own little quote page just for the fun of it, as I did like Jessica's quote but wanted to do something different! I even managed to use one of the free textures we were given in the photo editing course the other week!

So, that's my day! We finished up with dinner at the Fayreness pub right on the cliff top at Palm Bay, which was nice, although my food didn't come up to my expectations, but everyone else was happy! The wasps made a bit of a pest of themselves though!! It was just nice to see mum up and about again though - she's so much better today!

Now it's time for Holby City before bed!

Bernie x

I've decided to pass on this award to Claire - see her blogs here... and here . We kinda got started on our digi journies around the same time, and she produces some lovely work! We've chatted on the Newbie Digi Scrapers Social Group on UKS and shared loadsa stash shopping experiences, lol - far too many temptations to be found!! Claire's been ever so helpful, and kind with comments too, and although there are others that I could have passed this on to, I'd like to choose Claire!

Bernie x
OMW! I woke up this morning to find I've been given an award!! Thank you so much Becky - that's made my day!! I think the idea is that I pass this on to someone else, so I'm going to make someone else's day now!! It's my first ever award - so exciting!!

Antoinette's beach hack went well last night - as usual Molly was as a good as gold on the hour's hack on country and main roads to get there, and then had 3 really good canters (almost broke into gallop on the last one, lol) along the beach. There were more people around this time, who I think appreciated the sight of 8 horses riding along the beach! Even along the roads, people were bringing their little children out of the house to wave to the horses, lol - it's lovely! Honestly, it just doesn't compare to riding at the stables...there's nothing like it! For anyone watching just the sound of the hooves on the hard sand seems to go right to the core of you, and the sight of them enjoying the cantering so much is wonderful!

Today I'm taking Paulette and Aunt Marion (visiting from her Convent in Bormingham) up to Pickleberry Crafts in Faversham, and Jane Dean is going to pop over for coffee with us!!! Am looking forward to seeing what they've got on the shop, as we're so stash starved here in Thanet! They do evening classes there too, so I'm hoping there will be some of what they make on display, as I'm thinking if it's only 40 mins away, Paulette and I could pop up now and then for a class! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for us so Marion gets to see more of round here!
The big question is, do I take my camera, lol, or is that too much like hero-worshipping??!!!!

Maybe just the handbag camera, lol!!!!

Bernie x

Monday, 3 August 2009

My first LOs of the month for Bits N Bobs, using the Summer Spritzer kit available at Exquisite Scraps here... .A really bright and cheerful kit, with a real summery feel! Perfect for more of my Walmer Castle photos (I'm still obsessed with the flowers!!), but also for an older photo that I loved but had never found the right stash, paper or digi, to scrap it with!

These flowers were my faves at the Castle, and the sheer number of butterflies on them was amazing! I stood for about 20 mins jut watching and taking photos! It's in quite a quiet part of the Castle gardens, so I wasn't interrupted, and so completely switched off, relaxed and enjoyed the scene and the photography! Simple pleasures for me, and for the butterflies enjoying the nectar!

This is the older photo that I've not been able to scrap for some reason until now! As seems to be usual, I've played about with different elements of the kit and love this LO!!
As always, thanks for the chance to play Julie!
Family News: The girls both did really well in the riding lessons yesterday! Evie has her first Pony Club test coming up in 2 weeks, but is perfectly capable of doing everything she needs to do! Antoinette rode a pony - yes! a pony! - that she's only ridden once before in her 4 years at Nelson Park - and did really well! It must have felt so different to anything she's ridden recently - mainly because he's half the size of anything she's ridden recently, lol!!! They did jumps in her lesson and Antoinette went over them beautifully (after a touch of initial reluctance!!).
The bad news is that mum has swine flu. Well, technically suspected swine flu as she's not been tested, but she has all the symptoms and has been given the Tamiflu. Saw her yesterday evening and she looked really rough, but, as ever with mum, is trying to fight it and pretend she's not really that ill! We've cancelled all footcare appts. for the week, obviously, and will rebook them when we see how long this thing is going to affect her for. Antoinette and I have had sore throats and been a bit off colour, but not ill...just not right we're hoping that's not going to develop.
Must get new Jessica Sprague class starts today and I'd love to have time to do it! It's all about using and making Brushes, so I'm really looking forward to that as brushes are FAB!!!! No doubt the results will appear on here!
Bernie x

Saturday, 1 August 2009

My first LOs of the month for Scrap It Sassy! I chose the Featherly Love kit by Foxysdesigns, as I wanted to use some of my photos taken at Walmer Castle yesterday! The kit can be found here... .

It is a truely gorgeous kit, with some wonderful b/gs in. A couple are so beautiful, I really wanted to use them, but found myself too worried about doing them justice, and not wanting to cover up too much of them, lol, so I've saved them for another day when I'm feeling 100%!!

(I started a sore throat last night and this morning had aching shoulders, bit of a funny tummy, glands throbbing a bit - I'd all but convinced myself I'd got swine flu, lol! I've had a quiet day on the pooter though and am feeling almost back to normal, so guess I won't be needing the Tamiflu just yet!!)

This is one of a series of photos that are my faves from the 100s I took yesterday! The colours of the flowers, and the butterflies...just beautiful!

These flowers were tucked in behind a hedge at the very back of a section of garden. have no idea what they are, but the butterflies and hornets seemed to like them!! I had such a relaxing half hour just walking through the gardens taking all my photos - I love it there!

This LO I'm not very confident about, but I tried some new stuff...using a swirly line and tucking the photo in, duplicating the layer with text on, trimming to size and reducing opacity to just make an 'echo' of the words, and using one of my fave fonts...The King & Queen!! It's not always an easy font to use as it has quite a bit of 'fuss' around the edges, esp. on capitals, but I love it and it worked well here!!
All in all a fabby kit to work with, and there's loads left to play with yet!! As always, I appreciate the opportunity to use these wonderful kits!
Family News: Andy took Evie and her friend Emily to Wildwood today - I thought they'd be abck in a couple of hours as it's SO large there for Evie that she tires quickly. But no, they got back about 5.30pm!! They had a great time by all accounts, and Evie went to bed happy - and looking forward to her riding lesson tomorrow! Especially as her Great Auntie Marion is down from her Convent in Birmingham and is coming to watch!!
Antoinette has been at the stables all day today. She's making the most of Molly before she leaves! And with all the rain we're having at night, and Molly being put out in the field, there's a LOT of grooming to be done on her when she's brought in of a morning, lol!! Antoinette's working hard at the stables and is always willing to help out in a lesson with leading younger riders. She's so knowledgable and responsible when she's there, it really makes me happy to see and very proud!
She took her Bronze levels 1,2 & 3 last week ad passed them all of course (there'd have been something seriously wrong if she hadn't, lol!). These tests run alongside the 'felts' - for that Antoinette's in training for taking her C test next year. She has to do 2 camps for that next year in April and August, and will accomplish galloping! Yay! Can't wait to see her go that fast!!!
Now I'm going to finish the uploading and get off the pooter for today - 10-11 hours is enough for one day I think!!
Bernie x