Saturday, 31 July 2010

CT LO for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen

OK, not my usual kinda kit, LOl, bt said I'd give it a go and use Karen's lovely WordArt as well. There is so much in this kit, and it's great quality! Karen's wordart is so beautiful and perfectly co-ordinated, both in colour and in sentiment!
Bernie x

Credits: Have Tea With Me by just So Scrappy available at Digital Design Den;
Have Tea With Me WordArt by Snickerdoodles Designs by Karen available at Digital Design Den

Friday, 30 July 2010

Just for fun...! Fly!

Well this has taken me about 3 hours to create, LOL! It has a mahoosive 74 layers in there as well! No wonder my PSE took about 5 mins solid just to save the psd file!!!
This is what I love doing! Playing with a photo, masks and colour! I decided I wanted another page that can become a canvas when we move, to go with the one I made of Evie yesterday. In fact I'm loving this so much I may just do another couple of pages of Andy and myself!
I was so totally inspired by the kits I picked up from Imagine by Fran (blog) that I really wanted to publicly say thank you for her kindness in giving away these wonderful kits, and for the inspiration they give, that just slapped me in the face as soon as I opened the files, LOL! Thank you!
Bernie x

Credits: I used the following kits from Imagine by Fran : Tendre Comme Papa, Doux Comme Mama, Courant D'Air & Le Jardin de Noel.

Hummie's World - Curved Template

Once I'd watched the video I had to have a play! I didn't want the more regular shape, so distorted it until I came up with something I could use!
Bernie x

Credits: Layer Style: Winter Wonder Glitter by angelhartline
Kit: Tendre Comme Papa from Imagine by Fran (I only discovered this wonderful lady yesterday, and her products are fantastic! You NEED to check out her (freebie) kits - they're beautiful and that little bit different!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hummie's World, Scrapping Goals challenge 14 - Fave Technique - Hidden Treasures

Had SO much fun creating this!! I used one mask, at different sizes and shapes. I LOVE masks!!! Then I clipped either the photo, enlarged copies of the photo, or paper to each mask to get a sense of depth and texture. Brought in some extra colours, and then finished off with my second fave technique - brushes! Used 3 different brushes at varying levels between the layers, to obtain different effect! FUN!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: paper and mask: Amy Stoffel's When darkness falls kit from Scrap orchard;
Font: Everyday ghost;
Grunge: The grunge Turk Hit Box - (via Jessica Sprague class);
Floral: Suddenyl Spring by gvalkyrie;
Floiage: Obsidian dawn @ - Foliage Sketches

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hummie's World - Course 1, Class 8C - Hue, Saturation and Value

Here's my page for this class! I seemed to need to create a piece of art today rather than a traditional LO!
For my quote, I used the colour picker to take a colour from the lavendar and then reduced the saturation a tad. I tried all sorts of elements on the page, but really couldn't bear anything else on there! Instead I spent a while playing with textures and overlays and a coloured paper...blending them together and reducing opacity and changing some blending modes, until Iwas happy with the effect I achieved! Very satisfying, LOL!!
I think this one will be a piece of art I may actually have printed and hang on my wall once we move!!
Bernie x

Credits: Paper: Secret Garden Creations: Brighten Up (now retired); Textured paper by Fudgegraphics via Jessica Sprague class; overlay by House of 3 also via Jessica Sprague class.

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Sunday Creative + Hummie's World Course 2 class 24 - over and under

I liked this quote for the word prompt 'naked', so went with that! I used the brooding, dark, somewhat threatening raven in the shadows to represent the naked truth. It can sometimes be hard to hear such truths, and they can be intimidating. At the top, the ray of light to represent the hope mentioned in the quote. The photo was taken at Walmer Castle, and as always, the word prompt is done using an invisible text technique that Hummie taught me, so it doesn't jump off the page!!
Bernie x

Credits: Ribbon: Secret Garden Creations' Redefined kit (now retired I believe); Button and bird: Girlboheme Studios' Bonny Blue and Gypsy Caravan kits resp. available at Divine Digital; Light ray: Bits n Bobs' Garden of Life kit available at Exquisite Scraps

P.S. Looking at this posted, blogger is adding a grey/black border, but it makes it loko as if my flower is sticking out too far by accident! In reality, where the flower ends is the edge of the page!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hummie's World - Course 1, Class 8A - Visual Weight

Hopefully I've managed to create a balanced LO! We'll see what comments Hummie gives this and and make improvements if necessary!
Bernie x

Credits: Frame: Remembering You by Corina from Funky Playground Designs; cloud: Bits N Bobs' Indian Summer from Exquisite Scraps, all other stash: Summer Breeze and Gypsy Caravan by Girlboheme Studios available at Divine Digital.

Hummie's World - Course 1 Lesson 7B - Fonts

Using fonts I've downloaded, I made this LO of Antoinette. She forgot herself and actually let me take some photos of her last week at Meg's last ever Primary School Assembly!
Bernie x

Credits: Enchanted Meadow kit by Dawn Inskip available at PickleberryPop (some elements recoloured); Fonts: Title: All Used Up from Dafont, Journalling: Am Sans, date: Reprise Title.

Friday, 23 July 2010

CT LOs for SIS using Danish Design's Raspberry and Cream kit

As you can see, this is a most versatile kit! Great for all manner of LOs! And the colour combo could take you through the whole year! Grab it HERE!

I'm so proud that I've had my raspberry bushes for over a month now and haven't managed to kill them yet! That's usually the fate of any plant I get my hands on, LOL, but I'm still enjoying the odd raspberry from this plant in the top LO now!

Today was Megan-Elise's last day at primary school. Today, she looked ready for moving up to Secondary. Especially as she had to wear her new 2ndary school uniform in for the Assembly. You looked so smart Meg, and are making all your family so proud! You'll be fine at the Ursuline! Somehow doubt though that you'll be going in on the first day with bunches sticking out sideways and holding your mum's hand, as you did on your first day at primary school, LOL!

Bernie x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

FREEBIE from Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen!

Karen will be giving away these Styles in the Digital Design Den Newsletter tomorrow (Friday) - sign up HERE! If, like me, you've never bothered, or thought it too scary or time-consuming to get yourself some styles, this is your solution!! There will be fantastic instructions, tried and tested by Styles newbies, along with this freebie! So! You need wait no longer! get signed up for the newsletter and receive your free Styles plus instructions! If you'd like to read a little more about the testers, have a look at Karen's blog HERE!

Bernie x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hummie's World - Course 1, Class 6L - Templates

I LOVE templates, LOL, so this lesson wasn't hard!! I did still learn bits and pieces though!
This template was included in the Charity Collab. kit at Funky Playground Designs - All Creatures Great and Small, and I've been waiting to use it!! I also used Sunshiney day kit from Digiscrap Obsession by KimB.
Bernie x

CT Los for SIS using Just Blue kit by Nanny Bernie

OMW! This is a lovely kit! Gorgeous soft colours and beautiful papers and elements! You can grab it HERE!
Bernie x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Teacher presents - finished item!

I had requests to see the finished item, so here is one! It's a different one so you can see how my embellishing increased over time, LOL! Sorry for the bad pics but I'm rushing, as usual!!
The cube rotates when switched on! nice and slowly too, so the quotes can easily be read!
They look a bit wonky in the pics but that's more to do with the angle at which I was leaning while crouching in front of the pooter desk, LOL!! They're straight IRL, honest!!
TFL and for the kind comments!
Bernie x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

CT LO for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using Tree Bark Styles & Discovering America kit

As you can see, these gorgeous styles co-ordinate perfectly with the Discovering America kit, and give a really lovely effect! Grab them HERE!

Bernie x

The Sunday Creative & Hummie's World classes combined!

Here are my pages for this! They were both taken at Walmer Castle. The top one is the forest walk. I love walking there...I can feel myself relaxing as soon as I step under the huge trees, into the cool and the dark. The spots of light that come dancing through the leaves are almost magical! I feel totally connected with nature and God there, and completely apart from all the hustle bustle and stresses of the 'real world'!

The second photo is to illustrate the word 'Traditional'. To me this generally means something that has been around a long time and is established. Hence the photo of the castle, and the crown to represent the monarchy.

These are also for classes 21 & 22 of course 2 at Hummie's World - to justify text and to punch out a shape allowing the underneath to show through resp.
Bernie x

Credits: Top page: Paper: Girlboheme Studios True North Kit available at Divine Digital,
Elements: Laurie Ann at Scrapartist,
Brush: Broken Tales from

Bottom page: brad: Phantom Scraps Forest Frolic kit available at Scrap It Sassy,
Crown: Royanna's My Treasure kit from Divine Digital

Teacher Pressies time again!

This is an example of what I've been making! I've now made 7 sets like this one, but all different in colour and elements used, and with different quotes too! They are going to be put into a little perspexy-type cube that then sits on a base and rotates! The kit I used for this set is Sunshiney Day by KomB at Digiscrap Obsession - it's beautiful! Hopefully the teachers and TAs will like their presents!
To get all this done, I've had to neglect my studies at Hummie's World a bit, so want to get back on to those ASAP!
Bernie x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

CT Los for Bits n Bobs using Rock Princess (TS kit)

This is a great little kit! Loads of funky elements and papers for your little darlings, but also gentle enough to be delicate! GRAB IT HERE!
Bernie x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hummie's World - Couse 2 class 19 - OOBs!

LOVED doing this! Well, technically I got a bit bored doing the erasing, LOL, but thanks to a great tip from Hummie (one of those ones that if I'd really thought about the problem I shoulda/coulda come up with it myself, LOL, so a real AHA moment! Quickly followed by a D'UH moment!!) on getting rid of the teeny tiny edges that remain in a b/g colour when you've extracted a person/object, I got on with it quite fast! (I'm not going to tell you the tip- you have to subscribe to find out all this exciting stuff for yourself, LOL And at only $5.50 a month, it's a real bragain!!!). I'm really pleased with my OOBs photo, and I got to use my new yellow kit that I purchased with my gift token from DigiScrap Obsession (I won the template challenge at DigiScrapMap!! Yay!!!). I love this kit; it's really beautiful, with soft colours, and as it's so rare I use yellow, I was really pleased to use some of this kit!!
Credits: Sunshiney Day by KimD at Digiscrap Obsession
Bernie x

Hummie's World - Scrapping Goals Challenge #13

Used a template for this challenge - to scrap a page using 4 photos! I so rarely do this, I needed a template, LOL!! I used photos of Antoinette with Donnie, Julia's horse, as they were so lovely!
Credits: Template by Secret Garden Creations (now AKA River Rose); stash by Girlboheme Studios - Bonnie Blue kit - available at Divine Digital
Bernie x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Sunday Creative - Week 2 - Denim

Well, what an eye-opener this one was, LOL! When I saw the prompt 'denim' I thought 'what on earth can I get from that?!' Then I saw DD1's purse, so got the photo. Then I found a great quote which I loved! Then I wanted just one little embellishment, and found this gorgeous butterfly brush...which set my mind off on another path! Thinking of the butterfly effect, and how, if each of us did one thing each day as the quote describes, how this would spread out across the world and how it would affect people! Pretty amazing thought!!
That said, it is late and I need sleep, LOL, so if it's too random, I apologise!!!!
Credits: Paper & staple: SnickerdoodleDesigns by Karen, Discovering America kit available at Digital Design Den (see link in post below - it's released TODAY!!!); Butterfly brush - sorry, all I know is it's called Butterfly_Flowers_Vectors_MYP.
(This page will also be for my Hummie's World Course 1 class 6J, Rounded Corners LO).
Bernie x

CT LOs for SnickerdoodleDesigns by Karen using Discovering America - NEW KIT!

Yay! My first 'gig' for Karen!! I was so excited to receive my first CT kit, and it certainly did NOT disappoint!! As gorgeous as the others I've worked with of course! Here's a link to Karen's store at Digital Design Den - the kit will be in there very very soon - it's being released today, 4th July! There will also be coming co-ordinating Word Art, photoshop Styles and a QP pack, all bundled for the BEST savings!

You should also check Karen's blog today for a QP freebie! And if that were not enough, there will be a 6 page Brag Book starting Monday or Tuesday!

TFL! And have fun with the kit!!

Bernie x