Monday, 30 November 2009

Well, tomorrow is the 1st December! We've made the Advent Wreaths at Church, and one is now at home, the other in Evie's classroom! We've bought a fake tree but not put it up yet (couldn't face the thought of pine needles in March again this year - you know the one that the hoover misses and then it finds your bare foot months later!!).
I was SO lucky to be one of the 100 people who got onto Cheryl Johnson's free photography class, and Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas starts tomorrow too!
So WHY is it that I don't feel the slightest bit festive?! Last year I had a couple of booklets from Church, plus Delia's Feast for Advent to read, and I got up early each morning to have a quiet half hour with those, and loved it! This year, I've started the reading, but it doesn't seem to be touching me. Who knows?!
I'm doing JYC digi this year I decided, so have absolutely nothing prepared, LOL! Am just gonna go with the flow I think! I only have a few Christmas kits now, as I deleted a whole load of Christmas stash that I collected mainly via blog trains last January when I had only just started digi scrapping and couldn't believe the amount of freebies out there!! Now I'm a bit more discerning, so have chosen a few mostly-paid-for kits that I really like!
Thankfully I have a day off tomorrow, so am hoping for some time to do both the JYC AND the festive self-portrait (oh what a joy, LOL - I take such a good SP!!!), as well as go buy some little canvases to make another 4 canvas-booky things! If I can be faffed I'll take photo sof the one I've made already (which I love it has to be said!!) and also the toilet roll tag bk thingy I made for DD2's teacher - am quite chuffed with both things actually!!

Right, am going to get my miserable backside off to bed now - have felt all cold and tired today - maybe I'm coming down with something!!

Bernie x

Sunday, 29 November 2009

LO for UKS Weekly Challenge

My offering for the weekly challenge starting Monday on UKScrappers - my team is setting the challenge! We had to use a theme of Birthday or celebration of some sort, the colour red, orange or yellow (or all of those!) to represent the flames on a candle, a flower and a computer in some way - think I managed that!!

Bernie x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

CT LOs for Scrap IT Sassy using Fiore Bello's Soothing Cadence kit

Here's the link! What a gorgeous kit! And mahoosive too! Had such fun working with it - was spoilt for choice really! Not much more to say really, except GO GET IT!!
Bernie x

Sunday, 22 November 2009

CT Los for Bits N Bobs using Happy Holidays kit!

Check out Julie's blog to get this gorgeous kit! It is such a fun kit with bright bold, cheerful patterns and colours! Loved it! Thanks Julie!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Candleworks Scraps using Spooks kit

Here's the link for this great kit! I love the idea of a pink hallowe'en kit, esp. having 2 girls! As you can see from the first LO there is ample Hallowe'en-themed stash in here! But the kit is also useful for other occasions, as I tried to show in the 2nd LO. Although I used a Hallowe'en photo, it could easily have been any photo of my daughter! A great quality, very versatile kit that was a pleasure to work with! Thanks Deborah!

Family News: Well, it's been a while, lol, and there is so much going on atm, it's hard to know where to start! I'm still loving the digi scrapping and my CT work keeps me busy!! It's also that time of year for making Teachers' pressies ready for the end of term. I gave away almost all my Christmas (paper) stash, so I've had to buy some as, typically, the stash I kept was red and green themed, and I wanted blue and white!!! My Cricut Expression also seems to have died sometime during the year I've not used it. So I've had to go and buy a couple of punches just to get the pressies done!! Ho hum!
On a positive note, Marguerite and I spotted a great 22" pooter monitor in Staples, and so I bought it - mum wanted to get me one for Christmas as it's all I really wanted, so we're putting half each! I've had to set it up now of course just to make sure it works (!!) and it's fantastic!! It makes my little 15" screen look like a postage stamp, lol! Doing my digi scrapping if great now - I can easily see even the smallest elements!!!! Of course everything had to be moved around a few times to fit it in under y craft shelves, but we worked it out!!!

Evie had her first ever jumping lesson yesterday, and did brilliantly! She however was a bit scared, so isn't very confident (there's a surprise atm!). Antoinette jumped Molly today in her lesson and despite her usual conviction that she and the horse will part company and she will break her arm again, lol, she did really well!!! Next week we're going for a jumping lesson with NO tears, LOL!!!

Right! Best get on!

Bernie x

Sunday, 15 November 2009

CT LOs for SIS using BeDeSign's Snowflake Fun kit

Here's the link! A beautiful, wintery kit with lots of beautiful snowflakes! Great variety of papers too, and some lovely elements!
Bernie x

Saturday, 14 November 2009

7pm Challenge LO - We're Off to see the Wizard!

The challenge was to scrap a Lo about a journey...either one already taken or one you'd like to do. So this is my offering for that! Had a great time making this...had a picture in my head of how this should pan out, within the confines of the sketch given to work with. Got there in the end though!!
Credits: Nuit d/hiver and Carmen kits by MyCrevette available at; Winter Frost kit by Rustic Charm Creations and Secret Garden Creations available at Scrap It Sassy; photo from
Bernie x

Friday, 13 November 2009

My first LO of the Nov. '09 UKScrappers Cyber Crop!

The first class, Twister and Shout by Taniwha, really inspired me with all the distressing (although little rolls of paper up the side of the photo were a bit beyond me in digi, lol). The actual design of the LO is quite 'me' as well, so I did this one first!
I used 3 kits from MyCrevette at - My Day, Carmen and Nuit d'hiver.
Journalling says: Pickles was one of the first ponies you rode. He's very gentle but the fastest around in canter!
Thanks for a great first class of the Cyber Crop! Am looking forward to carrying on in the morning - for now I need to stretch my back and knee!!
Bernie x

CT LOs for SIS using Candleworks Scraps' Vintage Elegance kit

HERE's the link!! Gorgeous kit available at Scrap It Sassy, full of beautiful elements and papers! get it NOW!
Bernie x

NEW! Vintage Fate kit by Rustic Charm creations

Here's the link to this gorgeous kit, available at Scrapable NOW!! Great price too!! Lovely kit as usual from Lauren, full of quality items! It's a biggie too with 50 elements and 15 papers! Great value!!

Family News:
Antoinette is now planning her Christmas riding outfit so she can co-ordinate with what Pat has bought for Molly!! Molly now has some ear covers with antlers, a nose band with sleigh bells, velcro sleigh bells for the reins and boots with....sleigh bells!!!!!! So we're now searching for red jods in Antoinette's size, bags of white cotton wool for the tops of her boots and a santa hat big enough to go over her riding hat, LOL:D Cannot WAIT for the photo ops!!!!!!

It's the UKScrappers eagerly-awaited-and-much-longed-for CYBER CROP this weekend - starting this evening!!! I'm hoping that by going digi again I'll be faster and actually get some classes and/or challenges done!!! There's an inking and distressing class - which is obviously meant for paper scrappers - that I'm really looking forward to! Esp. with my new-found skills in this area thanks to Jessica Sprague! not to mention the gorgeous distressing brushes we were given in her brushabilities class!!!!!

Best get on then!!

Bernie x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

New! New! New! All Wrapped Up by Girlboheme Studios!

Just LOOK at this kit! Gorgeous stash as always from Aimee! get it NOW from Divine Digital - here's the link!
Bernie x

CT LOs for SIS using November Collab. kit Just My Style

HERE's the link!! Grab the kit now while it's on sale! It's well worth every penny; there's so much stuffed in there! All great stuff, and with so much to choose from it makes creating so easy!
Bernie x
Family News: I've been neglecting the blog a bit lately as life has been so hectic what with the footcare, CT work, diving over to the stables after school some days whilst Molly settles in... seem to be permanently exhausted!!
The good news is that Molly is doing really well, and the only real problem left is her not liking being in her stable for any length of time, esp. if she's left alone! Still, that's something she'll have to get used to and I'm sure will with time! Great news is she's picking up the back hoof much nicer now, and also is now in a field with 5 other mares - she wouldn't even tolerate that before she left our stables, lol!! Antoinette had her first group lesson on her today. Well, technically that was on Friday when she had her free members' lesson and used Molly for that (was told to), but as there was only one other person in the lesson, it wasn't really a group!! Today there were EIGHT of them in the lesson! Molly's ears were back most of the time, so she probably found it uncomfortable being around so many other horses, but she did it with no probs at all! No shows of bad temper or unpleasantness - we were so proud of her!! She even managed a bit of leg yielding, which she didn't do before she left either!!!
got a bit of U/Ling of LOs to do now!!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winter Frost Collab by Secret Garden and Rustic Charm Creations - NEW!!

GRAB this luscious kit with both hands!! It's full of beautiful papers and elements. Gorgeous colours and designs - well done ladies on a great colab!
Bernie x

FANTASTIC! Date stamps from Girlboheme Studios!!

Get them from Aimee's store HERE!!! Such a bargain, and there's even a circle included so you can make it into more of a sticker or bellie!! Am thinking This could even be printed and then punched out for all you hybrid gals!!!
(Am actually thinking of my Journal Your Christmas project as well...still wavering between paper and digi!! Great for dating every page!)
Bernie x

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Challenge LO for Faith Scrappers UK

The challenge is to show light and dark (or either of those!). I had such fun with the magic extractor this afternoon I wanted to try again, and so ended up with this LO!!!
I used Secret Garden Creations stash - Color Me Beautiful kit, and Benevolent kit - both available at Scrap It Sassy. Basically a LOT of blending and creating shadow layers and light layers - a LOT of fun!!!
I'm so pleased with this! Even DH was impressed, LOL!!!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Bits N Bobs - Angels and Fairies Kit

HERE's link to go see how to get this fantastic kit! It's amazingly full of stash, and the texture on some of the elements is just so beautiful! Colours are right up my street as you can see!!!
I was SO pleased with the 'Dreams Come True' LO! It came just as I'd hoped, once I'd done the extraction! It's for DD1. Although the picture was actually taken just before Molly left for her new stables, I love the way Antoinette is looking at her and ruffling her mane, so used it for this LO which is celebrate Molly's return to our stables! It really is Antoinette's dream come true!
Thanks Julie for allowing me to play with your gorgeous kits!!
Bernie x
P.S. Registration is now OPEN for the Jessica Sprague FREE class I mentioned on here yesterday!!