Sunday, 22 November 2009

CT LOs for Candleworks Scraps using Spooks kit

Here's the link for this great kit! I love the idea of a pink hallowe'en kit, esp. having 2 girls! As you can see from the first LO there is ample Hallowe'en-themed stash in here! But the kit is also useful for other occasions, as I tried to show in the 2nd LO. Although I used a Hallowe'en photo, it could easily have been any photo of my daughter! A great quality, very versatile kit that was a pleasure to work with! Thanks Deborah!

Family News: Well, it's been a while, lol, and there is so much going on atm, it's hard to know where to start! I'm still loving the digi scrapping and my CT work keeps me busy!! It's also that time of year for making Teachers' pressies ready for the end of term. I gave away almost all my Christmas (paper) stash, so I've had to buy some as, typically, the stash I kept was red and green themed, and I wanted blue and white!!! My Cricut Expression also seems to have died sometime during the year I've not used it. So I've had to go and buy a couple of punches just to get the pressies done!! Ho hum!
On a positive note, Marguerite and I spotted a great 22" pooter monitor in Staples, and so I bought it - mum wanted to get me one for Christmas as it's all I really wanted, so we're putting half each! I've had to set it up now of course just to make sure it works (!!) and it's fantastic!! It makes my little 15" screen look like a postage stamp, lol! Doing my digi scrapping if great now - I can easily see even the smallest elements!!!! Of course everything had to be moved around a few times to fit it in under y craft shelves, but we worked it out!!!

Evie had her first ever jumping lesson yesterday, and did brilliantly! She however was a bit scared, so isn't very confident (there's a surprise atm!). Antoinette jumped Molly today in her lesson and despite her usual conviction that she and the horse will part company and she will break her arm again, lol, she did really well!!! Next week we're going for a jumping lesson with NO tears, LOL!!!

Right! Best get on!

Bernie x

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  1. Wow...These lo's are great Bernie...thanks for using my kit...