Saturday, 30 April 2011

CT LO for A-Liya using One day in May kit

My DN last w/e!
Bernie x

Credits: One Day in May kit by A-Liya available here

Friday, 29 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 19 - Achieve

LOVED this quote as my mind drifted from the word achieve towards my art and what I'd *like* to achive . Sometimes I feel that rather than make things happen myself, I'm standing by, watching, as what is coming my way gets steadily closer Hopefully this is reflected in the 2 ladies watching the children running with the sparkly stuff, LOL And there's my camel, getting closer to being in amongst them
Bernie x

Credits: B/g Paper: Down the Rabbit Hole - Divine Digital collab. (children at bottom are part of the paper - I extracted them and duplicated a few times with various blending modes!! ;
Ladies: Aimee Harrison Design Studios - Bonny Blue kit;
Sparkles & B/g flowers: Maguette Scrap Design - So Happy kit;
Splat in b/g: Aimee Harrison Design Studios - Carolyn kit;
Texture: Dreams by Kim Klassen;
Camel: Caravan freebie;
Splatter graffiti: Original Caravan stash

CT LOs for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new kit Succulent Love

Beautiful kit with such lovely colours :) HERE's Aimee's store!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

CT Los for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit Smooth Childhood

Beautiful new kit - find it here at Scrapbird!
Bernie x

CT LOs for ViVa Artistry using new collab with Studio Buttercup - Vogue

Gorgeous new collab! Available as a bundle or individually...the last LO uses one of the templates! Find it HERE at The Digichick!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

CT LOs for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new collab kit Song of Spring!

Absolutely gorgeous new collab kit here...just look at the versatility of it! You can find it HERE at Tne DigitalScrapbooking Studio - and at a silly price for the amount of beautiful stash inside :)
Bernie x

Monday, 25 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan p19 - Cycle

Cycle was just too hard for me as it was, LOL, so I let my thoughts wander...I was thinking about this on Good Friday...thinking about cycles of the Church Liturgy, and then cycling made me think of movement..walking/flying etc etc, and given the season, this poem from GK Chesterton came to mind!!
Bernie x

Credits: 2 b/g papers: Bits n Bobs June 2010 blog train;
1 b/g paper, Palms: Paul's Island by ViVa Artistry; grunge: Aimee Harrison, An English Wedding; bottlecap for blood moon: TMA Designs, To Be An Arteest;
light behind the fish: Feerie de noel freebie digital crea;
Bird and big leaves: A-Liya Grandma's Quilt blog train;
Fish made from bug by A-Liya & Prelestnaya, To Be Yours and eyes from brads by Christine Nash; Outstretched arms person: Aimee harrison, Inner Bliss;
Border: Kim Liddiard Edge Flourish;
Picture of Jesus on donkey: internet

Hummie's World, Course 2, Lesson 70

Once I decided I liked the pattern of the Ying/Yang cut in half, I wanted to keep the b&w (ish!) theme, with all the focus on the photo with that gorgeous blue shy!

Bit of symbolism going on here, LOL, must be the influence of the Art Journal Caravan, LOL! The bird flying high, the title, there is wire on the shapes to symbolise being caged in, and the bird is enlarged outside of the frame to symbolise breaking free Living life with relish! The clocks remind us that time marches on and waits for no one...sometimes we need reminding to make the most of life! I def do, LOL!!

Think this could go on a canvas on my wall actually, for my bedroom...wouldn't be a bad thing to wake up to every day

Bernie x

Credits: All stash except wire: Life in Black and White by Suddenly Artistic; wire: Se Souvenir kit by Piccollini Angelini

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hummie's World - Course 2, lesson 69

Had SO much fun playing with stamps and textures!!
Bernie x

Credits: texture: Creative Victorian Designs CU Textured overlays 5; (2 @ soft blending mode, one at overlay);
Butterfly stamps:

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 68

Learned all about actions today :)
Credits: Butterfly: DCWV @ 300dpi: Ciao Bella kit;
Leaf: Spinky Dink Scraps - That Kind of Love kit
all other stash LaurieAnn - Wedding Bliss kit
Action: High Key Super Wash by Creative Victorian Designs

Friday, 22 April 2011

Hummie's World, Course 2, Lessons 66 & 67

Bernie x

Credits: All stash: Aimee Harrison/Girlboheme Studios except tag: Tangie Baxter, AJC stash & Frame: House of 3

CT LOs for A-Liya using new kit With You

GORGEOUS new kit from A-Liya! You can find it HERE at Sunflower Scraps!
Am SO pleased with these pages :)
Bernie x

CT Los for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new Monthly Mini Kit May's Emerald

Another fantastic Mini kit for May! Gorgeous shades and tones in there, as you can see! Grab it HERE at Aimee's store!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

CT LO for ViVa Artistry using Paul's Island

GORgeous kit, of course!! Grab it here at the Digichick!
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan - Page 17 - Try

Loved this quote, and then these papers just jumped out at me:) Didn't take long for a little scene to develop:) The lady is carrying the something new :)
Bernie x

Credits: Camel, splatter graffiti, postcard: Tangie Caravan stash;
Room and stone b/g papers: Golden Sun: Englishman kit;
People paper: Studio Manu freebie;
Pretentious splatters: Suddenly Artistic;
Painted Wood Layer Styles: Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen;
Pink paint splat: ViVa Artistry: Spring Love;
Angel: Studio Manu freebie

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

CT LO for JoeG Designs using new freebie kit Scrapbooking!

GREAT kit, and better still, it's FREE until 24th April, LOL!! Find it HERE at DigiScrap Mania!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit Easter Land

Beautiful new kit from Maguette Scrap Design here - you can find it in store at ScrapBird HERE!
Bernie x

CT LOs for JoeG Designs using new kit Summer Song and Ice Cream!

Beautiful new kit here...and so versatile, as you can see! Grab it HERE from DigiScrapMania - it's even on sale atm!!
Bernie x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 16 - Colour

Wanted to represent seeing something different when I close my eyes...and showing how it could look from the outside in:)
Bernie x

Credits: Papers & 'eyes': Secret Garden Creations, Benevolent and A Month of Sundays kits. Black glitter layer style: Aimee Harrison Design Studios, Coming of Age
(Colours 'painted' in by me!)

Art Journal Caravan - Page 15 - Know

Well this page page came together quickly :)
I'm aware that wherever I end up with my art, it will because of the input from other people!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel, splatter grafitti, dotty/patterned strips , painted frame and painted corner: All Tangic Baxter Caravan stash; all other stahs: Vincent's Room by ViVa Artistry available at The Digichick :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

ARt Journal Caravan - Page 14 - Hope

There was a nice gently teeny bit of glitter on this but it disappears when flattening the image so don't know how to get it seen now :)

This is what came out of my head for the hope quote...completely different to what I *thought* was in my head, LOL, but there ya go...what do I know?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper: Boutique Digiscrap: Just Married Collab
Dove, circles strip, clouds: Creative Victorian Designs: Winter's Deep
Butterflies, Boat Lady, glitter: CVD & Helly: Star Cross'd
Blue Paper: CVD: Combobulated ; Dark Paper: CVD: Inner Storm, Light Paper: CVD: Easter Elegance (all blended),
light: CVD & Armina: Romantic Intrigue,

Art Journal Caravan - Page 13 - Accomplish

Well this came out a bit happier, eh?!!! Really enjoyed myself making this :) One happy little camel in the b/g!!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper & Statue: Secret Garden Creations: Benevolent & Transcending Beauty; Orange paint & Straw: ViVa Artistry: Vincent's Room;
'tree' (leaf), butterfly (blended) & Paper leaf: ViVa Artistry: Paul's Island;
MasK Natasha Nast Designs: Wish Upon A Star; Orange b/g paper: Shabby Princess: Happy Go Lucky;
Dotty paper: Shabby Miss Jenny: Vintage Linens; Blue flower clipped to camel: Tangie: She Found Her Bliss;
Sparkly 'water': Rainbow: Love kit;
Mouse: Secret Garden Creations: Scratch;
Camel: Caravan freebie

ARt Journal Caravan - Page 12 - Fight

Wanted to get back to normal in the journal today, so went with fighting time rather than anything (or anyone, LOL!!) else!
I always seem to be scrabbling to find enough time for what I want to passes too quickly!

So we have the words 'fighting time' in her head; the arty hands captured in the cage, unable to produce as much as they'd like! The clocks in the b/g with the fence in front of it - more barriers! The ominous black bird and the days of the week that keep passing and won't hold up and wait for me to catch up with my arty projects, LOL!!!! Finally there's my trusty camel, with his little bit of colour to lead me through all the 'stuff' that gets in the way and takes my time away from creating :)

I LOVED this quote and couldn't wait to use it!!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Caravan freebie; B/g paper, clock, days of week, splat, Bird, lady, paper sand wings clipped to lady, birdcage: Tangie's She Found Her Bliss;
Hands: Candleworks Scraps: Baby Central;
Crown clipped to camel: Parcel 5,
fence: Secret Garden Creations: Forgotten Times; Large clock on LHS: Veronica Ponce: Cottage Bluff.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

CT LO for ViVa Artistry using Vincent's Room

Loved this kit! I blended a few of the papers to get the b/g I wanted for the the effects that are possible thanks to the texture within the kit! Grab it HERE at The Digichick!
Bernie x

CT LO for Creative Victorian Designs using new kit Easter Elegance

Another fantastic kit with unique elements and full of gorgeousness!!
Grab it at CVD HERE!
Bernie x

Friday, 15 April 2011

CT Los for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new kit Coming of Age!

Gorgeous new kit! Grab it at Aimee's store HERE!! Extras available too :)
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan - Page 11 - Belong

No quote on this page, these are all my own words, LOL! The probs I'm having atm IRL involve someone trying to control what I can and can't say in a certain situation (regarding my DD2's school), and I'm not standing for it, LOL!!! I'm feeling strong and absolutely love this page, despite it coming out a bit dark and brooding, LOL, because it looks strong, feels strong and says what am thinking right now! I didn't want real life to get involved in my AJC really, but I suppose this message is appropriate in regard to my creative journey as well...I will be what I will be :)
I put the eyes at the top watching me secretly (which is what this person has been doing!!) and my camel is standing right behind me, supporting me, reassuring me, so he has a warm orangy glow - comforting and shining out against the darkness of this person's actions (she's hiding behind anonymity). He also has a star behind him to show he's valued by me! The splat I placed deliberately to look as though it could be grungy angel wings!! I'm no angel, shown by the raggy nature of the wings, LOL, but what I am saying is worth saying and has value, and next to this cowardly person, I do look positively angelic, LOL!!! OMW! Lots going on in my head today then, eh?!!!!!
If you made it this far, thanks so much!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: AJC 2011;
splatter graffiti, green leaf, b&w circles & camel's decoration: AJC 2011 & parcel 5 resp.;
B/g papers and splat: Secret Garden Creations: Record Deal;
'eyes': Secret Garden Creations: Benevolent; diamond jewels: Secret Garden Creations Colour Me Beautiful;
Lady: Sewing Patterns font letter P (capital!!)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 10 - Amuse

Seems like I can't win with some people lately...all they want is to see me fail and are proactively trying to achieve that.
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Caravan freebie;
b/g paper and stacked papers and splat all Blossoms of Ice collab from Digital Crea;
lady, glitter, dots and Fragile: Parcel 11;
Bottom picture taken from a pendant element in Krissy's Scraps' Timeless kit

Art Journal Caravan - Page 9 - Reinforce

I'm amazed this has come out as bright as it has, LOL, as I'm so furious about something that's been done to me, I expected a very dark page, LOL!! I loved this quote though, which put me back on the straight and narrow, and it fell in with trusting my instincts (if I had trusted my instincts a month or so ago this nasty person would not have been able to do what they have done to me!).
Bernie x

Credits: Camel - Caravan freebie,
silhouette face: Parcel 11;
b/g papers: Sungirls, Revival; & A-Liya, Gift; Scattered Leaves: NettaRiss Gently kit;
dandelion seeds: Creative Victorian Designs Inner Storm kit;
Flying Birds: Mira Designs;
Hummingbird: Bits n Bobs Summer Spritzer kit;
Sun: Gypsy Couture: Blissful Morning;
Clouds: GoldenSun, Englishman kit;
Paper clipped to bird: A-Liya, Gift kit;

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 8 - Wonder

My biggest wonder this year!!! Am certainly going places I haven't been before atm, LOL!
Bernie x

Credits: Paper: One Year After by JoeG Design;
Camel: original Caravan stash
Bird and moon: Change of Air by Maguette Scrap Design
Tree and Lady: Doux Comme Maman from Imagine by Fran
Lady's dress uses flower element from Tendre Comme Papa from Imagine by Fran

Art Journal Caravan - Page 7 - Live

Almost went black and white with this one, but then added just some very subtle colour:)
Bernie x

Stash: Lady & dotted b/g and border: A Clegg - Charmed kit; paper (clipped to b/g dots!): Scrap Orchard It's a Journey June 2010 freebie; Butterflies: Jenn Barrette Clouds Overhead; Light: Creative Victorian Designs collab with Armina - Romantic Intrigue; Layer style on the text and lady: Crushed glass by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen; layer style on the butterflies: Aimee Harrison - Homemade Holidays

Art Journal Caravan - Page 6 - Pause

Not my usual style at all (usually avoid fluffy, humanised animals, LOL!), but love this page!
Bernie x

Stash: Studio Gypsy: A Splendid Story, Gypsy Queen and Spunky Explosion; Glitter Styles: Aimee Harrison - Coming of Age kit