Monday, 25 April 2011

Hummie's World, Course 2, Lesson 70

Once I decided I liked the pattern of the Ying/Yang cut in half, I wanted to keep the b&w (ish!) theme, with all the focus on the photo with that gorgeous blue shy!

Bit of symbolism going on here, LOL, must be the influence of the Art Journal Caravan, LOL! The bird flying high, the title, there is wire on the shapes to symbolise being caged in, and the bird is enlarged outside of the frame to symbolise breaking free Living life with relish! The clocks remind us that time marches on and waits for no one...sometimes we need reminding to make the most of life! I def do, LOL!!

Think this could go on a canvas on my wall actually, for my bedroom...wouldn't be a bad thing to wake up to every day

Bernie x

Credits: All stash except wire: Life in Black and White by Suddenly Artistic; wire: Se Souvenir kit by Piccollini Angelini

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