Saturday, 31 October 2009

CT Los for Girlboheme Studios using My Sweet Love kit

Go HERE to pick up this beautiful kit!!! I really enjoyed using this kit - it's stuffed full of gorgeous stash! As you can see, I managed to create 2 quite different LOs with completely different 'feels' to them. There's so much more inside than I've been able to show!
Bernie x

Girlboheme Studios - NEW kit out NOW!!

Just wanted to let you know (as I've got a bit behind with my scrapping this past week after all the MOLLY happenings!!!) that Aimee has a new kit out, available at .

It's even on sale there at the moment, so go grab yourself a bargain!! You won't be disappointed!

Bernie x

Friday, 30 October 2009

CT LO for Rustic Charm Creations - NEW! Fun Lovin' Kit!

LOOK HERE to purchase this great kit! As you can see, the colours are great and the elements beautiful as usual! If you hurry over to Scrap It Sassy, the kit is on sale with 50% off - at $2 it's a snip for such a lovely kit!

And don't forget the Speed Scrap that Lauren is hosting at Scrap It Sassy today! There's a free participation kit! Check it out HERE!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Bernie x

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Here's what it looked like at 9am this morning at the stables

- thick fog!!

Managed this lovely photo while we were waiting for Antoinette to bring in Molly from the field! I love it!

Bernie x


Well, after a tense couple of days, Molly is now back at Nelson Park Riding Stables!

We are now oficially poor and will be forever, but it's worth it to have helped save this lovely animal!

We actually went down to see Molly and her owner Pat on Monday. The stables is like some little old Victorian place - sort of thing you'd see in the old Black Beauty progs!!! It was all a bit odd, as the owner there was VERY defensive, and didn't want to accept at all that any of Molly's probs are anything to do with her or her stables!!!!

Molly was so pleased to see us, esp. Antoinette - the excitement was obvious!

All the stuff we'd heard about bad backs, kicking down stable doors - not just the door but the whole surround too! Hating other horses so much and kicking out all the time; we'd been wondering what on earth we were going to see! But she just looked like Molly! A very sad and stressed Molly it has to be said though.

The staff wouldn't let anyone ride her, not even her owner!

She also had thrush in her rear feet. Our stable owner advises that that's really only caught by too much standing in the acidity of urine/faeces and not having the hooves picked out - which ties up with what Molly's owner says, that the staff wouldn't even pick out her feet. So sad.

They took Molly out of her stable and lunged her and she looked fine! She accepted the saddle with no probs at all (we'd been told she was unrideable!).

Back in her stable, we spent some more time with her, then mum and Pat started walking off to the car. As soon as Pat went, Molly's whole demeanour changed. Her ears went back, she'd turn her back on us, then turn round and nuzzle Antoinette with her ears forward again for a minute, then do exactly the same again. This happened several times, then we had to go. It was horrid leaving her knowing she was so unhappy.

(Mum actually picked up that Molly was much happier out of the stable...we were too busy just watching how she moved! We just found out from Pat yesterday, that just before Molly went to the new stables, the stable owner's horse had actually been ill and then died - was put down - in that stable. That could explain a lot if Molly was picking that up!)

Anyway, the vets didn't manage to comunicate on Monday, so we spent another whole day on Tuesday waiting for a 'phone call. Finally on Tuesday evening Pat texted to say Molly was coming home on Wednesday!!

We were on our way down to Sussex by 7am Tuesday morning! When we got there, Molly had just been loaded! She was so good that she had just walked straight on!!! She doesn't like the horse box by any means, but I'm guessing she felt anything was better than staying where she was!!

So by lunchtime she was back! She was turned out into the big cross-country field. She didn't rush off to have a big gallop as we'd expected she would...where she'd been the field she was turned out into would have been barely big enough for a canter, and was all up and down and on the side of a hill!

After an hour or so, she was taken into the outdoor school, having been groomed and tacked up, and a senior member of staff got on her - nothing happened! No probs at all!!! She walked her around, trotted, little buck which was to sort out her legs, not to get the rider off! Then she even tried jumping her over some little 2' jumps - Molly jumped hUUUUUge!!! She was a little hesitant over the jumps, but as nobody had ridden her for about 9 weeks, and I'm guessing even then she wasn't jumped, that's not surprising!! Her back legs look a little stiff, but again, that's not surprising!

She's obviously pretty unfit now! We weren't expecting to be able to ride her for 2 weeks or so, but they said Antoinette could ride her if she came up today! So we all went up; Antoinette went to get her out of the field she was in, groomed her, tacked her up. Then a staff member rode her again just to make sure she was still behaving (she was!) so then Antoinette got on!!

Perfect! Her back legs do look stiff, and I was a bit worried as the foot with the worst thrush in wasn't picking up as much as the other, so they will check that in canter tomorrow. Today the big tractor was taking all the massive bales of hay down the yard and to the barn, and Molly hated that thing when she was here before! That hasn't changed, but even though she was obviously very frightened, she behaved really very well! Antoinette reassured her, and she coped! No kicking or anything!

The main problem is she's not liking her back feet picked out. When the senior member of staff did it yesterday, she sad Molly was shaking as if she was really scared. Whether this is because of the thrush making the feet sore, or the way it's been done elsewhere, we don't know, but the staff will have to persevere with that, as it's a bit too much for Antoinette to be able to handle at the moment. She's just too strong putting her foot down for Antoinette!!

So, although we're obviously going to be starting a new relationship with pasta and baked potatoes, lol, as we will be officially poor forever now, it's totally worth it to have helped Molly!

Now I'm trying to catch up with all my CT work! I've been unable to sleep, eat, concentrate this last week or so, and have felt almost permanently sick!! Hopefully things will get back to normal again now!!

I'll be back tomorrow with details of a new kit from Lauren of Rustic Charm Creations - and don't forget her Speed Scrap at Scrap It Sassy tomorrow!!

Bernie x

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Still here...Just!!!!

OMW! What a day we've had! Lots of dramatic new developments with Molly possibly, maybe coming back to our stables, depending on her state of health - lots of crossed fingers and prayers rising up for tomorrow - the vet from our stables is going to be speaking to Molly's vet in Sussex to try and understand exactly what is going on with her..hoping it's not as negative as the info we've been given so far. If it's not too bad, we'll be going down with staff from our stables on Wednesday, and if she behaves OK, she will be coming back with us!
Then the plan is that Pat will continue to own her; we will loan her and try to work with the stables in getting her back to the wonderful horse she used to be.
I can't believe that an animal could change so much in just 9 weeks! Am trying to send positiove vibes to Molly for good behaviour on Weds!!!!!

Anyway, after all that going on today, I've then been waiting and waiting for the result of Round 3 of the Last Scrapper Standing comp at Divine Digital - I GOT THROUGH!!!! Yay!!! Feeling much more positive now and looking forward to seeing the next challenge tomorrow!! Last week's threw me a bit when I first saw it and I wasn't at all enthusiastic about the LO until I'd started it - then when it was fnished, I LOVED it!!
It's very simple-LOOKING, but actually there are loads of layers of masks with certain elements clipped to them to give the appearance of...something! I'm not allowed to say what as it's an anonymous comp!!!! In a couple of weeks I'll be able to post all my LOs...I'm very proud of them! All this thinking for hours about a LO and taking hours to actually make it does actually produce some fantastic work - IMO of course, LOL!!!!

OK, so I'd just read the email saying 'Congrats you're through' so went to the forum to vote in the elimination thread (8 Los are chosen to be eliminated, then 2 are saved by member vote)...then a box popped up saying I'd got a private message! opened it, to see the first line saying 'You've been Booed'!!! Shock! I was thinking someone had said something nasty about me and someone was letting me know...all sorts of things, but as I don't really know many other people over there I thought it was unlikely!!!
So then I read the rest of the PM, and it's actually a gift of a little kit from Aimee (Girlboheme Studios)!! Apparently, she was 'Booed' by another designer and was carryig it on!

So! I have my blinkie - to the right!! - and it's in my sig. at DD. Now I just have to make a little something with the kit and forward it on to 10 people. At least I think that's the idea! Although it then says to encourage them to spread the treats and play along too...but I can't make up a kit, so can only make say a word art or cluster frame...but then what's anybody else going to do with that that can be passed on to someone else?!!!! Ah well, will have a go anyway! It's a lovely idea to RAK people something!

Now that that panic is over, I can have a little play!!

Bernie x

Friday, 23 October 2009

CT LOs for Girlboheme Studios - Indian Summer kit

As you can see, the papers and elements in this enormous kit are just beautiful! Here's the link so you can go get it NOW!! I loved the range of elements there were to play with, and the mix of such vibrant colours and such delicate colours! There are TWO masks,both of which are just scrummy, and also a dotty alpha (it matches the dotty elements on the bottom LO - the flower and circle are actually part of the alpha!!).
I loved working with this kit - thanks Aimee!
Bernie x

CT Los for Scrap It Sassy - Autumn Love kit by Grazy Designs

Here's the link for this absolutely gorgeous kit! Some beautiful artwork in here! A good mix of papers and lots of lovely elements as well. A very versatile kit and one you will definitely LOVE!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Release from Rustic Charm Creations!

Here's the link to this gorgeous new kit, Pickin' Apples at Scrap It Sassy! As is usual with Lauren's kits, the kit is full of gorgeous b/gs and elements, and the colours are beautiful! So refreshing to have some brighter colours in amongst all the darker coloured kits that are available everywhere atm! Have a look at Lauren's blog as well for details of co-ordinating items and some inspiration! Sign up for her newsletter and get a great freebie!
What are you waiting for?!!
Bernie x

Monday, 19 October 2009

Wot? No LOs?!

Well I seem to have been stricken with sleeping sickness this evening! not sure if it's the colder weather, or normal Monday tiredness, but I've decided to give myself the evening off anyway!

The good new? I got through to Round 3 of the Last Scrapper Standing comp. at Divine Digital!! Yay!! Well, that's what I thought till I saw this week's challenge!!! Seriously though, the challenges have been REAL challenges, but it's actually been great to take so much time of a LO and really have to think about what's going into it!! Let alone the theme of the page in the first place - the requirements are quite specific!

Anyway, for those who are interested, here's this week's challenge. Play along for fun if you fancy being streeeeeeeeeeeeeetched!!

"Life Authentic"Designer
SPONSOR: Girlboheme Studio's - Aimee Harrison
LAYOUT DEADLINE: Friday, October 23 - 11:59PM Est.Sent via email as noted above to email address listed.
We at Divine Digital truly believe that scrapbooking is more than photos on a page! Its your Yesterdays and Todays....touching your tomorrows - through leaving a legacy! This competition is about the artform of what you do and why you do with your digital obsession! So enjoy each challenge with open eyes and an open heart! You ARE an ARTIST....EXPRESS YOURSELF...."Let Creativity FLY!"

au·then·tic adjectivePronunciation: \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\Etymology: Middle English autentik, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos, from authentēs perpetrator, master, from aut- + -hentēs (akin to Greek anyein to accomplish, Sanskrit sanoti he gains)Date: 14th century1 obsolete : authoritative2 a : worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact b : conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features c : made or done the same way as an original 3 : not false or imitation : real, actual 4 a of a church mode : ranging upward from the keynote — compare plagal 1 b of a cadence : progressing from the dominant chord to the tonic — compare plagal 25 : true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

The goal of this next challenge is about personal reflection - and how you relate your perspective through your layout page...this challenge is about WORDS. We all have a a story to tell....and each story is unique - and ALL OURS! So this layout is about being Authentically You...being true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.
"What the eye sees...the heart remembers...

"Follow each requirement carefully:
REQUIREMENT 1: CREATE A ONE PAGE LAYOUT with the goal of: telling a story from your past or present - that showcases what makes you and your life uniquely YOU. Transport us through the use of WORDS to a moment of your life - and show us what YOU see....from YOUR perspective. How do you see life...its YOUR story...tell us through your layout.

REQUIREMENT 2: The layout MUST include at least 25% of your Layout from ANY CURRENT DIVINE DIGITAL DESIGNERS PRODUCTS (Remember you have your free coupon to Girlboheme Studio's this week - to be sent to you via email] to help you meet the first requirement) - Please MAKE SURE ALL PRODUCTS, FONTS, FILTERS, BRUSHES and OTHER PRODUCTS are properly credited!

REQUIREMENT 3: Use a SINGLE descriptive word as the FOCUS of your layout and branch out from there. The single word is a word that describes the AUTHENTIC Feeling, emotion of the moment you are trying to convey. This single word MUST be a prominent fixture in your layout - it needs to be large and the focus.
Word Examples: Happy, Loving, Dedicated, True, Spirited, Inspirational, Thankful, Blessed, Hopeful, Honest....

REQUIREMENT 4: Include 3 photos of the same image in different perspectives
Examples - Can be 3 different colors of same photo; Can be cut outs of spots on the same photo; Can be the photo with 3 different techniques like extracted pop out, blended, color manipulated.

REQUIREMENT 5: Use 1 quote, line of text or Bible Verse to express your authentic moment

REQUIREMENT 6: Layout must contain journaling other than the quote to convey a clear story to the reader.

REQUIREMENT 7: Include 1 ribbon, bow or trim in the layout

REQUIREMENT 8: Must have 1 circle somewhere in your layout. Circle needs to be visible and a separate element from the other requirements.

REQUIREMENT 9: Include 1 flower or plant [foliage] element of some sort.

REQUIREMENT 10: Must include something metal in the layout.

JUDGING Criteria: In this round we will be judging based on how well you express YOUR AUTHENTIC STORY through your layout and how well you can convey artful expression through the use of WORDS - and of course how well you followed all requirements, the use of the Divine Digital Designer Products to tie your layout together.

ELIMINATION: 8 will be eliminated this Round

See what I mean?!!

On a lighter note, I have to buy some air-dry clay tomorrow so Evie and I can make some replica Anglo-Saxon jewellery/belt buckles/shoulder clasps! Who's have thought?!!

Bernie x

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Details of the next Speed Scrap at Scrap It Sassy

Here's what you get FREE for joining in!!
Go HERE to see where it's taking place! So much fun and a FREE participation kit as well - you don't want to miss it!
Bernie x

Rustic Charm Creations has a SALE!!!

FOLLOW the link!!
Bernie x

Cute 2010 Calendar from Girlboheme!

These cute calendars have arrived just in time for the Holiday Season! Make your own gift calendars with this customizable 2010 calendar template! You will receive 12 png files for quick, easy use and 12 psd files so you can customize to your hearts content! Each psd file comes layered so you can change color, Month font and background!
Bernie x

New! From Girlboheme Studios! CU Clan Tartans!


These are authenic tartan plaids for clan MacLeod and clan Buchan. Available in both horizontal and diagonal files, papers and overlays. That means you will get six items in this download. Check the details, for they were created with a weave pattern and will look wonderful on textured papers! Each file is layered so you can easily change the colors!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

CT Los for Bits N Bobs using Early Autumn kit

Here's the link to Julie's BLOG for details of how to get this great kit! Wonderful colours of b/g, beautiful elements, what more could one ask?!!! I especially loved the teal paper shown up above, and teamed with the silver swirls, reckon this could be used for something Christmassy! Love how Julie's kits are so versatile and easy to use - go get it NOW!!!
Bernie x

Friday, 16 October 2009

Guest CT Los for Mireille using Spring kit

Here's the link to the store so you can grab this pretty kit NOW! It's got lovely delicate colours and some so-cute elements!! It's great not only for Spring LOs but lots of other themes too!!
Thank you Mireille for the chance to use another of your kits!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rustic Charm Creations - New Release 'Icing' at Scrap It Sassy!

Here's the link for this fantastic kit in the store! It's stuffed full of beautiful papers and elements - you'll LOVE using it!!

Also, have a look at Lauren's BLOG for details of co-ordinating items, sales, and a freebie word art!

Bernie x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Divine Digital Week 2 challenge.....

....LO completed and sent in!!! Phew! Had a few interruptions today, but still managed to get it finished and sent off! These challenges are certainly making me think!

Here is this week's instructions:
WEEK TWO - CHALLENGE"Flight of Fancy"...Let Creativity FLY!
Designer SPONSOR: Wetfish Designs
LAYOUT DEADLINE: Friday, October 16 - 11:59PM Est. Sent via email as noted above to email address listed.

We at Divine Digital truly believe that scrapbooking is more than photos on a page! Its your Yesterdays and Todays....touching your tomorrows - through leaving a legacy! This competition is about the artform of what you do and why you do with your digital obsession! So enjoy each challenge with open eyes and an open heart! You ARE an ARTIST....EXPRESS YOURSELF...."Let Creativity FLY!

"flight nounPronunciation: \ˈflīt\Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English flyht; akin to Middle Dutch vlucht flight, Old English flēogan to fly
Date: before 12th century
1 a : an act or instance of passing through the air by the use of wings b : the ability to fly
2 a : a passing through the air or through space outside the earth's atmosphere b : the distance covered in such a flight c : swift movement
3 a : a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft b : a scheduled airplane trip
4 : a group of similar beings or objects flying through the air together
5 : a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display
6 a : a continuous series of stairs from one landing or floor to another b : a series (as of terraces or conveyors) resembling a flight of stairs

You are off and flying we are going to make you think a little deeper...let your creativity take over for this next layout...

The goal of this next challenge is about movement, the creative force within, its about the flight of fancy - "a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display" - so in this layout you will want to express your best creation of the beauty and that of FLIGHT - or the movement of flight - THE FLIGHT OF FANCY!"Unless you will never know how to fly..."

Follow each requirement carefully:

REQUIREMENT 1: CREATE A ONE PAGE CREATIVE Art inspired LAYOUT with the goal of: showcasing your creative talent. Show us you BEST "Flight of fancy"!
REQUIREMENT 2: The layout MUST include at least 25% of your Layout from ANY CURRENT DIVINE DIGITAL DESIGNERS PRODUCTS (Remember you have your free coupon to WETFISH DESIGNS this week - to be sent to you via email] to help you meet the first requirement) - Please MAKE SURE ALL PRODUCTS, FONTS, FILTERS, BRUSHES and OTHER PRODUCTS are properly credited!
REQUIREMENT 3: Use a some sort of wings anywhere in the layout,
REQUIREMENT 4: Include at least 2 photos - one of which must be in Black & White.
REQUIREMENT 5: Choose 1 quote or a set of lyrics of YOUR choice and include them in the layout.
REQUIREMENT 6: Layout must contain journaling other than the quote to convey a clear story to the reader.
REQUIREMENT 7: Include 1 fancy patterned paper like a DAMASK, scrolling pattern or Wallpaper type Print.
REQUIREMENT 8: Must have something with GLITTER or JEWELS in it.
REQUIREMENT 9: Layout must contain a piece of string, a fastener of some sort & a flower. REQUIREMENT 10: Choose a creative title to tie your layout together.

JUDGING Criteria: In this round we will be judging based on the CREATIVITY and how well you express movement or the action of FLIGHT in you layout and how well you have conveyed a story through artful expression, how well you followed all requirements, the use of the Divine Digital Designer Products, and your Journaling to tie your layout together.

ELIMINATION: 8 will be eliminated this Round

I hope I've fulfilled the brief, but there are a lot of talented and more experienced scrappers over at DD, so will not be surprised if I don't get through this round! Still, one can hope!!

Off to stretch out with a bit of tv now...I'll be shaped like my pooter chair soon!!!

Bernie x

Monday, 12 October 2009

My Freebie on Rustic Charm Creations' Blog!!

If you'd like to download the freebie I made for Lauren of Rustic Charm Creations, visit her BLOG to grab it! There are more freebies by the CT also!!

Bernie x

Sunday, 11 October 2009

CT Los for Scrap It Sassy using Fall Madness by Scrappin' Page Designs

Here's the store link for this great kit! There are some gorgeous b/gs in here, not to mention the scrummy elements to - that owl is so cute! (Think I could be getting addicted to owls!!). There's a great variety of co-ordinating colours within the elements and papers, making this kit so easy to use!
Family News:
Next week it's Evie's Mass of enrolment for her First Holy Communion next year. I had to drop off a photo at Church for the big board that has pics of all the children taking part. When I saw the photo I took for this today, it struck me how grown-up Evie is looking now!! Especially as I found some photos from 4 years ago that I've started to scrap!! What a difference! Hence the first LO for today above!! That idea with framing the frame with flowers etc. came to me on holiday, inspired by an advert, and it's taken all this time for the perfect frame/photo combo to jump out at me!!!
I feel a bit better today but still have the cold - yuck! Evie seems much more herself today, and Antoinette just carried on with what she wants to do regardless!!!! She was given one of the newest horses at the stables for her lesson today and did very well. Worzel has a bit of a funny trot - his left leg has a very strange action when in trot! It kinda bends outwards and flips round rather than going up and down! It also makes him pull to the left a bit apparently and on the right rein makes it feel like the rider has the wrong diagonal! So although she rode with a stonking headache, Antoinette did really well with him!! Got him into canter nicely once she knew how he operates so to speak, and looked good riding him! I think she may be given him again next week!!
We have target planning with Antoinette's school next week on Tuesday. Antoinette wants us to ask about taking her Geography GCSE early! She seems very inspired at the moment, as does Evie! Long may it continue!!!
OK, X-factor calling!
Bernie x

Saturday, 10 October 2009

CT Los for Scrap It Sassy using Harvest Glow by Eden Lane Designs

It's full of lovely colours and interesting elements...very versatile too! The little owls are just so cute!! Thanks for the use of a great kit!
Family News: Well, Andy and Antoinette have gone off to Aylesford to see the relics of St. Therese of Lisieux, but as I've got this horrid cold I've stayed here with Evie - I was a bit worried she wouldn't last the whole day after being ill last week. We've had a lovely day together, and are just about to gt into our PJs and watch Strictly Come Dancing!!
Bernie x

CT Los for Girlboheme Studios using NEW Ghoulicious kit!

First up, here's the link to this scrummy kit at Divine Digital Ghoulicious kit by Girlboheme Studios available at Divine Digital
We're not big on hallowe'en in this house, but that really didn't matter with this kit! As you can see, I mde LOs completely unconnected with hallowe'en with it, and I was really pleased with everything in the kit, and how versatile it all is! The colours are absolutely gorgeous! of course there's more inside than I have used here, and you won't be disappointed! Of course, if you love hallowe'en, there's plenty more for you in there as well!!! All in all a fantastic kit that I would recomend to everybody, whether you want it for hallowe'en or not!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 8 October 2009

CT LOs for Bits N Bobs

As you can see, this kit is choc full of lovely papers and elements, perfect for creating a variety of LOs! The imagination and skill shown in all the kits I work with never ceases to amaze me!

Without further ado, here's the link to Julie's blog so you can get your hands on this fabby kit!

Bernie x

Family news:

What a weird week this has been! Antoinette was off school Monday and Tuesday with a cold; Evie was sent home form school Tuesday and is going back tomorrow. She's had a funny tummy, although there wasn't much funny about it! Now I feel like I've got a cold coming - everything's too much trouble - you know that feeling?!!

So, I'm just going to upload my Los for today and go wallow on the sofa!

Bernie x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New Release from Rustic Charm Creations! Auburn Leaves hits the store!!

This gorgeous new kit is instore at Scrap It Sassy NOW! Here's the link! Lovely colours, great elements - what more could you wish for?!! Have a look at Lauren's blog for more inspiration and freebies!
Have fun!
Bernie x

Monday, 5 October 2009

CT Los for Candleworks Scraps using Tranquil Seas kit

It has various colours of b/g ranging from quite subtle to lovely and bright, and really interesting elements too. As you can see, it's so versatile, it's great for any sort of LO, whatever the theme! Thanks Deborah!
Bernie x
Family News: Antoinette now has a lovely cold! Thankfully the rest of us are OK - so far!
I've finished taking all my digi stash and LOs off the PC and putting them onto the new EHD - 30GB of digi stash alone! I am learning to resist a bargain though! My PSE5 is now working better for most things I want to do...just changing the size of anything and saving can take anything from 30 secs to about 5 mins though! not good! As I've freed up so many GB I thought it would play nicely now! I'm going to d/l a trial of the newly-released PSE8 I think and have a play in that, and if I like it I may treat myself!
Madly, I signed up for a comp. at Divine Digitals - Last Scrapper Standing. It wasn't because I think I've *any* chance of still being in at the end, lol, but more to see what I could learn. When I did the NKOTB comp. over at DSP, I really learned a lot, and picked up some hints and tips along the way that have def improved my scrapping. That said, now I've seen the first week's challenge - with no less than EIGHT requirements (!!!) - this really IS going to be a challenging time for me! Luckily I have a free day tomorrow so will prob try and do my LO then (sssssh don't tell anyone I'm free tomorrow or I soon won't be!!). Still, if nothing else it will stretch me, lol!!
The inversion table is back in the front room! We are all having a go, and I for one am def feeling the benefits!
Think that's about it for now! Evie is playing at her little friend Hayden's house till 6pm today, so I have a couple of extra hours in which to scrap!!
Bernie x

Friday, 2 October 2009

CT Los for Girlboheme using the NEW Autumn Goodness kit!

First things first, and here's the link to Aimee's store at Divine Digital so you can get this new kit NOW!!!
As usual it's stuffed full of gorgeous papers and elements to inspire! Fantastic for Autumn-themed photos, but also for anything else!!
Thanks Aimee for the use of such a great kit!
Bernie x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lauren of Rusic Charm Creations is holding a Speed Scrap over at Scrap It Sassy with a free mini-kit for all participants! Here's a link to the forum...have fun!

Lauren also has a special offer for anyone signing up for her newsletter! Have a look here and if you sign up by October 10th you will get the first newsletter which will also include her newest products and a freebie alpha to match!
What are you waiting for?!!
Bernie x