Monday, 19 October 2009

Wot? No LOs?!

Well I seem to have been stricken with sleeping sickness this evening! not sure if it's the colder weather, or normal Monday tiredness, but I've decided to give myself the evening off anyway!

The good new? I got through to Round 3 of the Last Scrapper Standing comp. at Divine Digital!! Yay!! Well, that's what I thought till I saw this week's challenge!!! Seriously though, the challenges have been REAL challenges, but it's actually been great to take so much time of a LO and really have to think about what's going into it!! Let alone the theme of the page in the first place - the requirements are quite specific!

Anyway, for those who are interested, here's this week's challenge. Play along for fun if you fancy being streeeeeeeeeeeeeetched!!

"Life Authentic"Designer
SPONSOR: Girlboheme Studio's - Aimee Harrison
LAYOUT DEADLINE: Friday, October 23 - 11:59PM Est.Sent via email as noted above to email address listed.
We at Divine Digital truly believe that scrapbooking is more than photos on a page! Its your Yesterdays and Todays....touching your tomorrows - through leaving a legacy! This competition is about the artform of what you do and why you do with your digital obsession! So enjoy each challenge with open eyes and an open heart! You ARE an ARTIST....EXPRESS YOURSELF...."Let Creativity FLY!"

au·then·tic adjectivePronunciation: \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\Etymology: Middle English autentik, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos, from authentēs perpetrator, master, from aut- + -hentēs (akin to Greek anyein to accomplish, Sanskrit sanoti he gains)Date: 14th century1 obsolete : authoritative2 a : worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact b : conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features c : made or done the same way as an original 3 : not false or imitation : real, actual 4 a of a church mode : ranging upward from the keynote — compare plagal 1 b of a cadence : progressing from the dominant chord to the tonic — compare plagal 25 : true to one's own personality, spirit, or character

The goal of this next challenge is about personal reflection - and how you relate your perspective through your layout page...this challenge is about WORDS. We all have a a story to tell....and each story is unique - and ALL OURS! So this layout is about being Authentically You...being true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.
"What the eye sees...the heart remembers...

"Follow each requirement carefully:
REQUIREMENT 1: CREATE A ONE PAGE LAYOUT with the goal of: telling a story from your past or present - that showcases what makes you and your life uniquely YOU. Transport us through the use of WORDS to a moment of your life - and show us what YOU see....from YOUR perspective. How do you see life...its YOUR story...tell us through your layout.

REQUIREMENT 2: The layout MUST include at least 25% of your Layout from ANY CURRENT DIVINE DIGITAL DESIGNERS PRODUCTS (Remember you have your free coupon to Girlboheme Studio's this week - to be sent to you via email] to help you meet the first requirement) - Please MAKE SURE ALL PRODUCTS, FONTS, FILTERS, BRUSHES and OTHER PRODUCTS are properly credited!

REQUIREMENT 3: Use a SINGLE descriptive word as the FOCUS of your layout and branch out from there. The single word is a word that describes the AUTHENTIC Feeling, emotion of the moment you are trying to convey. This single word MUST be a prominent fixture in your layout - it needs to be large and the focus.
Word Examples: Happy, Loving, Dedicated, True, Spirited, Inspirational, Thankful, Blessed, Hopeful, Honest....

REQUIREMENT 4: Include 3 photos of the same image in different perspectives
Examples - Can be 3 different colors of same photo; Can be cut outs of spots on the same photo; Can be the photo with 3 different techniques like extracted pop out, blended, color manipulated.

REQUIREMENT 5: Use 1 quote, line of text or Bible Verse to express your authentic moment

REQUIREMENT 6: Layout must contain journaling other than the quote to convey a clear story to the reader.

REQUIREMENT 7: Include 1 ribbon, bow or trim in the layout

REQUIREMENT 8: Must have 1 circle somewhere in your layout. Circle needs to be visible and a separate element from the other requirements.

REQUIREMENT 9: Include 1 flower or plant [foliage] element of some sort.

REQUIREMENT 10: Must include something metal in the layout.

JUDGING Criteria: In this round we will be judging based on how well you express YOUR AUTHENTIC STORY through your layout and how well you can convey artful expression through the use of WORDS - and of course how well you followed all requirements, the use of the Divine Digital Designer Products to tie your layout together.

ELIMINATION: 8 will be eliminated this Round

See what I mean?!!

On a lighter note, I have to buy some air-dry clay tomorrow so Evie and I can make some replica Anglo-Saxon jewellery/belt buckles/shoulder clasps! Who's have thought?!!

Bernie x

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