Sunday, 25 October 2009

Still here...Just!!!!

OMW! What a day we've had! Lots of dramatic new developments with Molly possibly, maybe coming back to our stables, depending on her state of health - lots of crossed fingers and prayers rising up for tomorrow - the vet from our stables is going to be speaking to Molly's vet in Sussex to try and understand exactly what is going on with her..hoping it's not as negative as the info we've been given so far. If it's not too bad, we'll be going down with staff from our stables on Wednesday, and if she behaves OK, she will be coming back with us!
Then the plan is that Pat will continue to own her; we will loan her and try to work with the stables in getting her back to the wonderful horse she used to be.
I can't believe that an animal could change so much in just 9 weeks! Am trying to send positiove vibes to Molly for good behaviour on Weds!!!!!

Anyway, after all that going on today, I've then been waiting and waiting for the result of Round 3 of the Last Scrapper Standing comp at Divine Digital - I GOT THROUGH!!!! Yay!!! Feeling much more positive now and looking forward to seeing the next challenge tomorrow!! Last week's threw me a bit when I first saw it and I wasn't at all enthusiastic about the LO until I'd started it - then when it was fnished, I LOVED it!!
It's very simple-LOOKING, but actually there are loads of layers of masks with certain elements clipped to them to give the appearance of...something! I'm not allowed to say what as it's an anonymous comp!!!! In a couple of weeks I'll be able to post all my LOs...I'm very proud of them! All this thinking for hours about a LO and taking hours to actually make it does actually produce some fantastic work - IMO of course, LOL!!!!

OK, so I'd just read the email saying 'Congrats you're through' so went to the forum to vote in the elimination thread (8 Los are chosen to be eliminated, then 2 are saved by member vote)...then a box popped up saying I'd got a private message! opened it, to see the first line saying 'You've been Booed'!!! Shock! I was thinking someone had said something nasty about me and someone was letting me know...all sorts of things, but as I don't really know many other people over there I thought it was unlikely!!!
So then I read the rest of the PM, and it's actually a gift of a little kit from Aimee (Girlboheme Studios)!! Apparently, she was 'Booed' by another designer and was carryig it on!

So! I have my blinkie - to the right!! - and it's in my sig. at DD. Now I just have to make a little something with the kit and forward it on to 10 people. At least I think that's the idea! Although it then says to encourage them to spread the treats and play along too...but I can't make up a kit, so can only make say a word art or cluster frame...but then what's anybody else going to do with that that can be passed on to someone else?!!!! Ah well, will have a go anyway! It's a lovely idea to RAK people something!

Now that that panic is over, I can have a little play!!

Bernie x

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  1. Congrats on getting through Bernie. I hope your Molly will be better very soon.