Monday, 28 September 2009

CT LOs for Scrap It Sassy using Paris Night kit by CJ's Designs

This is a gorgeous kit full of deep tones and gentle tones! The artwork on the flowers is beautiful! The wall paper inspired me to have a go at my first ever extraction! I'm not at all confident about looks *OK* to my inexperienced eye, but am a bit nervous about showing it to more advanced digi scrappers!!! Still, in for a penny...I'll never learn if I don't try!!
And another rare event - I used a photo of myself in a LO!!!! (I'm on the left!)
Thanks for the use of a great kit!
Bernie x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

CT LOs for Scrap IT Sassy using Wren's Designs' Autumn Splendour kit

It's full of lovely warm Autumnal colours, with some blingy bits thrown in for good measure! There are a good range of colours in this kit, and lots of patterned papers as well as the solids. Another one that will be a staple of my digi stash!
Bernie x

Friday, 25 September 2009

What a day!

I can't believe how today has panned out!!
I was on my way to school with Evie when Antoinette rang and asked me to take her French homework over to her school this morning (she gets a detention if h/work isn't handed in on time!). Luckily we were in good time, so popped back home to get it, and then carried on to Evie's school. Stayed for Assembly - well, part of it! Usually it is mostly finished by 9.45am, but today it started late, and there was more talking than usual, so when we had to leave at 9.45am, a lot of the certificates hadn't been handed out.
Drove over to Ramsgate and delivered the homework...then it was staright back to mum's to pick up the footcare stuff and off to our first appointment! We had another after that, then back to mum's where I had 15 mins to wolf down a sarnie and cuppa before going off to the Requiem Mass for Jo Rabbett. Jo and her family have been part of our Parish for ever, and it's still hard to believe that she's not going to be there each week any more! She was only 67, so it's a real loss. Andy & I have watched her kids grow up and then have kids of their own and they were a credit to Jo and Jimmy today!
Anyways, I was playing the organ, so it was all a bit stressful - I haven't quite mastered the art of keeping a dry eye so I can actually see the music when required, LOL! Thankfully they chose hymns I knew really well anyway, so a bit of autopilot was needed!
It took quite a long time, and then it was back to drop mum off and have a quick cuppa and then straight on to school for Evie! Thankfully Andy collected Antoinette today so we came straight home, and when the ice-cream van was outside our house when we arrived, I caved and had a sherbert one for me and a bubblegum one for Evie!!
By this time I'd got a stonking headache, so have had a quick power nap before Antoinette and Andy coming back brought me to!!

I've just come on to check my emails, and found a fantastic one from Lauren of Rustic Charm Creations! I LOVE her stuff and had applied to be on her CT as soon as I saw her call!!! She's accepted me, so I'm really pleased, and it's cheered me up so much after quite a busy, rushed, stressful day!!! Thank you Lauren!! Check out her kits over at Scrap It Sassy - they're wonderful!!

Now Antoinette is cooking dinner for us all, Evie has shared some of her Friday Treat - double chocolate chip cookie - with me, and Andy has made me a cuppa, so I'm feeling a lot better than I was!!!

Best go finish checking those emails - lauren's was the first one I saw so forgot about the rest in the excitement!!!!

Bernie x

Thursday, 24 September 2009

CT Los for Girl Boheme - Kitchy Chick kit

WoW! This kit does exactly what it says on the tin! Cheered me up no end with the gorgeous colours and fun elements! here's the link to so you can get it QUICK!!
Can you believe there are even 3 colourways of the alpha so it all matches perfectly - how much easier can it get?!!! I loved working with this kit! Thanks Aimee!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sketch Challenge at Divine Digital

Here's my LO for the Sketch Challenge at Divine Digital! Template courtesy of Scrappin Mommy Designs . And a lovely template it is too! Love thos torn pages!

The stash I used is all Girlboheme (Aimee Harrison )...I used the scrummy True North and Pear Country kits for my selections! Here's the link... .

I really enjoyed using the sketch and making it my own with a few additions and a little twisting of a paper, LOL! Thanks so much for inspiring me!

Bernie x

LOs just for me!!

These are 2 Los I made just for myself!! I've been given and/or bought a whole load of Lauren's (Rustic Charm Creations) kits/stash, and have been wanting to have a play for ages now, so I've had a lovely morning using 2 of her kits...Autumn Love and Autumn Blooms Mini kit. Here's the link to Lauren's whole store at Scrap It Sassy so you can see everything she has there!
In 'The Cousins', I used a template by Lauren and just added a coupla bits! The bottom LO is all my own work, and utilises both kits mentioned above, plus some zig-zag stitches of Lauren's.
As usual, all the elements and b/gs are fantastic quality, and so easy to use! I had to remind myself that as these aren't CT LOs, I could recolour where I liked, lol, but only needed to recolour the swirl just to add a touch more pale blue! The blue b/g isn't a paper, just the b/g layer coloured to match the icing on the cakes!
Looking forward to using some more of my recent purchases from Lauren's store!!
Bernie x

Monday, 21 September 2009

CT LOs for Candleworks Scraps' Vanessa kit

There are some really beautiful b/gs in this kit is subtle delicate shades and patterns, and loadsa great elements too - some quite unusual, which is always a bonus! As you can see, the b/gs can be used for a variety of photos, and there are so many blended shades, seemingly, within each, that recolouring wouldn't be necessary much at all! This kit would also be great for more heritage-type Los too...the list is endless! Go grab it now!
Thanks Deborah for another great kit to work with!
Bernie x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Scrap It Sassy CT LOs using Anyone for Coffee kit by RS Designs

This kit is full of really vibrant colours and bold patterns; great for all sorts of LOs!! It was almost too hard to choose which ones to use, as you can see from the New Friend LO!!! For the Wet LO I used one of the flowers in the kit to clip a photo to for a different shape, then blended in the green b/g and another enlarged flower to create a subtle b/g that resembles a landscape behind the photo! All in all a great kit - go buy it now!!
Family News: Andy & I had a lovely meal out with our friends Paulette and Tony last night. It wasn't a late one as the restaurant was a bit cold for my liking - and Paulette's - but the food was good and ample, and it's nice to get out as adults for a change!!
I'm up early so I could U/L these LOs for SIS before the Sunday routine of Church, stables, home for lunch, back to stables, home again, back to stables to collect Antoinette and home again starts!!!! Best get on then, LOL!!
Bernie x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

CT Los for Girlboheme using the new Pear Country kit

First up, here's the link to one of Aimee's stores... . As usual this is a fantastic kit, stuffed full of beautifully designed elements and b/gs! There's a gorgeous mask in there that I loved using, and a scrummy alpha that could be used on all manner of LOs! There's a wide range of colours in the kit too, which just goes to make it all the more versatile! It's a wonderful kit to work with, so go get it NOW!!
Family News: Haven't had much to say lately as it's been heads down ploughing on with the routine of school and work! Thankfully we're a bit lighter on the footcare appointments next week, so I'm hoping for a bit more time to play in digiland! That said, I'm not counting my chickens, as I *should* have had a few hours yesterday, but by lunchtime had a lovely migraine well on the way, with really bad nausea attached for good measure! It was so frustrating having to jsut lie around when I had all these wonderful kits sitting and waiting for me to play with them!!! Plus Aimee started in a new store yesterday, so i really wanted to get some LOs done for her to use ASAP, but sadly, it was not to be!
Still, we're out this evening for a meal with friends - one of the few occasions in a year that we get to go out sans kids!!! It's for my best mate Paulette's birthday, so hopefully we'll have a good time! Best go and find something to wear!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

CT Los for Mireille using Lisa Marie kit

Here are my Los for Mireille using the lovely Lisa Marie kit - here's the link!
As you can see there are some gorgeous b/gs and elements in the kit - and lots more beside these you can see here! With lovely shades of pink and lilc/purple, it's a great kit for more feminine themes! Thanks Mireille for such a great kit to work with!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bits N Bobs CT LOs using Indian Summer kit

Straightaway, here's the link to the kit info... . If you hurry you might get this as a freebie still, lol, but even if not, it is SO worth whatever Julie puts it in the store for!!! There are LOADS of gorgeous elements, and the b/gs are wonderful too! It's all very useable, and, as you can see, could be used for heritage-type LOs through to dreamy, fantasy-type LOs. It's a great quality kit, and I've had such fun creating these LOs today! Thanks Julie!
Bernie x

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Candleworks Scraps CT LOs using Vintage Gentleman

I really enjoyed working with this kit; it's full of items you can really get your teeth into! Also, it's not often I work with a male-themed kit, so it was real fun! As you can see the kit if very versatile, being great for heritage-type Los, but also for more up-to-date themed pages too!
Thanks for inviting me to be on your CT Deborah!
Bernie x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Scra It Sassy CT Los for Crystal's Inspired kit

I had such fun creating these Los that I couldn't stop at 2!! here's the link to the store for the kit.. . There are lots more beautiful b/gs and elements in there that I haven't used yet, and the tones within the kit are gorgeous! As you can see, the kit was great for a variety of subject matter! I loved the determined look on the face of my DN Megan-Elise as she went over the jump!
The middle LO has Megan-Elise with my 2 DDs and DH in one of the rowing boats at Hever Castle. We visited the Castle gardens in the summer holidays, and it was the first time for about 35 years that DH had rowed a boat! he did really well though and got them over to the far side of the lake and back again!!
The top LO is one especially for Megan-Elise! She's got a few days left till she takes the Kent Test. For those who don't know, it's a test that parents can choose for their child to take if they want them to go to one of the Grammar Schools locally. Megan-Elise's mum, and I went to Clarendon House Grammar School for Girls, and now my eldest DD is there too, and Megan-Elise is going to take the test as well, as will my youngest, Evie, hopefully. It's quite stressful though as not a lot of the test is about what they have learnt in their years at school. It's as much about learning how to do the test as having the knowledge! The outcome of the test is always a worry as anyone can have a bad day, so I just wanted to say to Meg to have faith that she will end up where she belongs!
Family News: Not much to say really! We all survived the first week back at school - although already I'm stressing a bit about Evie, as she has apparently been sat next to and partnered up with a little boy who seems unable to sit still or concentrate or even be quiet. He has over the past few days taken most of the things she possesses in school and even pieces of work she has done, and even torn corners off her work. I'm giving it a little time before I speak to the class teacher about it, as I'm hoping the seating arrangements will change shortly once skill levels have been ascertained by the new teacher, but if not, it will mean the first 'discussion' of the new school year!! Always such joy!
Bernie x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Scrap It Sassy CT LOs for Amagination's Autumn Vows kit

First off here's the link to this gorgeous kit .Every part of this kit is beautifully made and so delicate - just perfect for wedding LOs! But of course, me being me, I wanted to stretch myself and see just what this kit could do for me using other sorts of photos, and I wasn't disappointed! I loved making the top LO of my niece Megan-Elise! All the floaty, delicate pieces just came together effortlessly to create a dreamy kinda LO!
The bottom LO, is my eldest DD, aged 12, with DH in May this year. He was ringing me to find out where I was and I was a little way away taking photo of him, LOL! I love the look on DD's face as she snuck in a cuddle!
So, there we have them! I was really pleased that a kit I'd usually shy away from, not having any wedding pics to hand, was so versatile it could cope with my ordinary every day pics!!! Thank you!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Exciting News!

Antoinette went to the last Dressage comp. of the set of 3 in the Championship last night. She took part in the first two, but then Molly moved away so she couldn't take part last night. So, of course she didn't expect to come anywhere in the Championship, as she effectively had a score of zero for this last comp. She stayed extra late to watch the Presentation though, and was amazed when they called her out as having come 3rd!! She got a nice rosette and was absolutely over the moon!

Good job she had something to cheer her up though, as she's a tad stressed atm as school is being very strict, and poor love, she knows she is not the most organised person, so it's quite stressful for her just to have all the right books/pieces of paper/files in the right place at the right time! She's so like her dad that girl, LOL!!!!

Bernie x

Monday, 7 September 2009

CT LOs for Scrap It Sassy - Roses Are Red kit by Just Another Scrap

Here's the link to this kit in the SIS store . Although this kit is small in comparison to others I've had, the papers are so vibrant and the hand-drawn elements so delicate and beautiful, it would be a great addition to anyone's stash!
This will only be a very short post tonight as I am absolutely exhausted! For the 2nd morning running I awoke at 5am again, and a day of driving around to appointments in the heat, then going staight from the last appointment to get Evie and then Antoinette from school, has left me utterly done in! I had to then take Antoinette t the stables about 6pm as there's a dressage comp. again, and she loves helping out and watching and learning...not to mention untacking Donny and helping Julia put him out in the field!! I'm not sure how on earth Antoinette will cope with the rest of this week at school, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!
Just a couple of weeks after closing our footcare clinic at Holy Trinity Resource Centre, (they put the hire price of the room up from £7 to £12, and there was no way we'd pass that much of an increase onto our customers, so they've lost nigh on £1K pa we used to pay them!), mum had a 'phone call from a lady who's trying to set up a new Disability Health Centre, and, the building she's hoping to use is the now disused ex-pub just round the corner from mum! She wants us to go in for a morning or afternoon a week and do feet! Talk about one door opening when another closes! The lady apparently has 26 other local businesses interested in being part of this, so it sounds very interesting. Fingers crossed the lady is successful!
OK, best get on with uploading before I fall asleep at the pooter! Someone pass the matchsticks!
Bernie x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

CT LOs for Scrap It Sassy - Vintage Memories kit - Designs by Denise

Here's the link to this beautiful kit . The whole kit is just full of beautiful stash, and is very easy to scrap with! Gorgeous shades of green and blue and that grungy grey colour in the top LO here - scrummy! The elements are beautifully done - check out the swirls - just perfect!

Whilst using the swirls on the first LO I created, Mother and Daughter, I was pleased to find I remembered a tip actually given to someone else over at DSP (Digital Scrapbook Place) when I was taking part in their New Kid On The Block comp. That is, if you want to use an element to look like a rub-on would IRL, and you want it to cover 2 or more layers of paper, think about what happens IRL. You get that tiny little gap along the edge of the layer where the small difference in height just breaks the rub-on. So! I erased a tiny little line along the edge of each layer my 'rub-on' was to cover, and am really pleased with how realistic it looks! It's also nice to know I have a memory still!!!!

The top LO is a rare photo of Antoinette with her dad! It's not rare that they're together, just that she allowed us to get a photo of her, LOL!! I played with the photo a lot to get that particular tone and texture to it! The Jane Austen font was perfect!

I had such a great time creating these LOs - thanks to Denise and SIS!

Family News: Antoinette went to the stables again yesterday and spent another day working hard there! She really has got a great work ethic up there!!!! Had to LOL there though, as 2 other mums were saying how their daughters would work so hard at the stables but ask them to do anything at home and it is moan moan moan!!! We all sympathised with each other and consoled ourselves with the thought that they need to be able to be themselves at home, so we're allowing them to do that!!!!

Evie returned her 6 books to Ramsgate Library, and brought home 6 more! She's really loving reading, and bringing down a bookcase from upstairs (where they have all been living since we redecorated the living room!) was a good move. She has her own shelves and keeps them nicely stocked and all in order!!!
I awoke at an odd 5am this morning for some reason, hence the unusual time of my post!! My brain was instantly awake, and there was no getting back to sleep, so I was up before 6, and then remembered I needed to upload these LOs, so am making good use of the time! Today is stables day really so won't get much chance for any digi scrapping today. It's the first week back playing the organ at Church - hopefully the nerves won't be too bad! First weeks back are always a bit stressy! I spent a couple of hours trying to find some nice music to play during Communion, on the net, but couldn't find anythng, and then with having to download scorch to see scores, then needing to restart the pooter, it all got too hard, LOL! I do worry about the poor people listening when I keep playing the same pieces every few weeks!!!

Right! Best off, as need to get the U/L done, wash my hair, and choose some Communion music!!! All the fresh air at the stables wears me out, so do't expect to be back this evening!
Bernie x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

CT Los for GirlBoheme using Sail, Sail Away kit

So! Here are my LOs using this beautiful kit! You already got a sneak at some of the stash in my LO for Pickleberry Papercrafts' Sketch challenge, but hopefully these will show you a bit more of what's inside this generous kit! here's the link to the store... .For what's inside that's a bargain price, have to say!
First up, I was really excited to see 2 masks included in the kit! They are both beautiful, and I put them to good use! On my Child of the Sea LO, I used one mask on the photo, then the other on the creamy paper, then again on an area of sea within the photo, to make this wonderful effect!
On the Family LO (at the top!) I used the same mask on both the photo and then on a paper for a more subtle effect!
On the Walmer Castle LO, I used the mask as it came, to add a bit of dark grungyness around the edges of the LO! See how versatile masks are?!!!
There is so much I haven't yet used in the kit, but I had to stop at these 5 Los using the kit (inc. 'comfy ride' below!) or I could have carried on until Christmas, lol!! Thanks again to Aimee for giving me the opportunity to work with such high quality stash!!
Family News: At this hour of the morning, there's not much to tell yet! I'm trying to think of things each day for my LSNED class - just need to print off some tiny photos for the pages now, then I'll be all set to do a week's worth of pages on Weds. evening with Paulette!
Thankfully the wind has died down, and the sky is a bit brighter. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer today. The last couple of days I've actually felt cold, and it's a bit of a poke in the eye that summer may be coming to an end! The digi stash world seems to be full of back to school kits. I'm steadfastly ignoring them! Head in sand here trying to pretend nothing is happening on Monday morning!! All the uniforms are ready, school bags bought and pencil cases organised (if not packed into said bags!), it's just the thought of getting back to routine *shudder*. Still, it will be good for my diet if nothing else!
Off to play with my newest kit from Scrap It Sassy now - a lovely vintage number!
Bernie x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

LO for Pickleberry Papercrafts' Sketch Challenge #6

Well, I couldn't wait to get started with my next kit from GirlBoheme Studios: Sail, Sail Away, which can be found at here !! (As you can see already it's very versatile, this not being a sea-themed LO, LOL!!). But I also wanted to have a go at the new sketch challenge at Pickleberry Papercraft! I've been to this relatively new craft shop a couple of times with friends and rellies, and have always received such a warm welcome from Kate and Jane, not to mention a cup of delicious coffee!! If you get the chance GO THERE!! It's packed with scrummy stash of all kinds, and makes me want to forsake digi for a while and get back to papercrafting!! Anyway! I love to use a good sketch, and this one must have been good, as my LO came together so quickly!!!
We booked a family group lesson on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st Aug., as Andy was having his first ever ride!! He did really well actually!! Antoinette was VERY priveliged though, to be given Seamus, who is now the owner's husband's horse! When he came to the stables, he obviously had a period of settling in, but then Antoinette was the first paying customer to be allowed to ride him in a lesson! Before her only staff had been allowed to ride him! He's pretty large - 16++ hh (I'd have to ask Antoinette for the exact height...she seems to know every horse's height by heart, lol!) and thundered round the indoor school when in canter. You could tell just by looking that he was really comfy for Antoinette to ride - like a big old sofa!! She loved riding him, and the fact that he's not used in lessons any more, usually, made it just that big more special for her!
Now I'm off to play a bit more with this gorgeous kit!
Bernie x

My First Guest CT LOs for Mireille!

I thought this kit would be perefct for some of the beach shots we've taken this summer, and I was right! Here's the link to the kit... . There are some lovely b/gs and gorgeous elements in there...with some especially cute little characters, as can be seen on my 'gappy happy smile' LO! I've loved working with this kit, and look forward to the next! Thanks to Mireille for giving me the opportunity!
Family News: Well, we have all the school uniform we need now I believe! We even found pure white trainers for Antoinette - no other colour on them at all! - as per the new school uniform instructions from the Federation Head! We've managed some household chores that have been avoided for several weeks, lol, and I've even managed to get photos off my camera and the pooter and onto a 4GB memory stick! I couldn't face putting them all onto about 10 different CDs, as there are so many photos!! I'm back doing WW with a hoping if I write it here I may stick to it a bit better! Now I just need to make some notes for LSNED - I'm not doing my pages yet; I'm noting down my thought for each day and Paulette and I are going to do a week's worth next Wed. evening when I go to hers from the first of our craft evenings after the holidays!
Oh and I had a mammoth shopping spree today - I used my $10 voucher at SIS and managed to pick up a good few kits, all of which are scrummy!! Can't wait to play! I've printed off the new sketch challenge at Pickleberry Papercraft, and am hoping to get time to do a digi LO for that!
So! On with the uploading, then I can start a new kit! Or a challenge!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A bit of news

Well, what a couple of days!

I was too upset to blog on Sunday evening or Monday was the end of summer presentation at the stables - everyone who had earned a badge/cert/taken a test over the holidays is presented with it at the end of summer party. So of course, Antoinette was looking forward to getting 2 Bronze award certs and her BHS Level 1 cert. and Evie was really excited about being presented with her E Test cert and felt. Well, the Bronze award certs came and went with Antoinette not called up. She WAS called for her BHS certs, but then Evie stood and waited...and waited...all these other children going up, but she wasn't called. I was SO cross, as she must be the youngest child there who turned up for the party and had earned an award, and she was forgotten by them!
I went and asked the staff member who gives out all the certs with the owner, and she said she had Antoinette's Bronzes there, but didn't then proceed to present them! When I mentioned Evie's E Test she just looked horrified, so it was obvious she'd forgotten her.
Evie went over at the end of the presentation and was just ignored!
I went out and found her crying in the car - it was her big moment in front of all the parents and other kids and she'd been forgotten! Andy chased around after the staff member and she eventually came over to the car and gave Evie her cert and felt, so she did cheer up, but it wasn't the same.
Antoinette was also given her certs separately.
One would have been bad enough but both to be forgotten! Grrrrr!

Then I opened my emails and the first one looking at me was this...

Our Lord has many weak children in his family, many dull pupils in his school, many raw soldiers in his army, many lame sheep in his flock. Yet he bears with them all, and casts none away. Happy is that Christian who has learned to do likewise with his brethren.

J. C. Ryle I thought I should try a bit harder to get over this upset!!

Then I saw another email saying I've been accepted at Guest CT for Sept. and Oct. for Mireille Keller! Her kits are lovely, so I'm looking forward to starting there!

I won the $10 coupon from SIS for using 10 kits in August, and I won Rustic Charm's latest kit for free for entering her scraplift challenge on the SIS forum! Plus as I won it last month too, I have a coupon for 60% off her stuff , so am all set to go on a mammoth shopping spree as soon as I get the time!!

For now though I have to rush to go school uniform shopping with DD1 right now!! (She's waiting for me for a change, lol!) and then brunch with Margie and Megan!

This afternoon I hope to start my Learn Something New Every Day mini-album (a Shimelle class) and do the first pages.

The shingles is still there and itching and prickling but no real pain as yet.

Back later! Hopefully!

Bernie x