Monday, 30 January 2012

CT LO for Feli Designs using A Lyrical Touch!

My little Great-Niece!
Bernie x

Credits: A Lyrical Touch by Feli Designs available HERE

Sunday, 29 January 2012

LO for Meg, just for fun!

Made for my Niece, Meg!
Bernie x
Credits: Mostly Vale of Darkness (recoloured) by Creative Victorian Designs
& ray Fantasia by Bits n Bobs

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Art Journal page - just for fun!

Found this quote this evening after a really unpleasant exchange with people using offensive language on my niece's FB page.

I'm so cross that these 'names' are being used as terms of insult, and nobody else is willing to speak up and say these words are offensive. If nobody speaks up these words will become commonplace and accepted generally, and that would be just plain wrong!

So I was REALLY cross, LOL and frustrated as well...then I found these words and just knew that sleep was going to be late for me tonite, LOL!!!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper: SherrieJD: The Haunted;
World: Tangie Baxter AJC supplies;
Hands: SherrieJD: Flotsam;
Stars: Creative Victorian Designs: First Noel;
also: Aveziur: Song of Spring;
clouds: Creative Victorian Designs: Inner Storm;
Font: Armalite Rifle

CT LOs for SjerrieJD using new kit Beyond Wonderland - Whole Enchilada!

Bernie x

Credits: Beyond Wonderland - Whole Enchilada By Sherriejd available at Scrapbookgraphics here!

CT LO for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new collab. with Digilicious Designs and Snips and Snails - Snowkissed!

Our beautiful Great Niece on her First Birthday yesterday :)
You can find this gorgeous gorgeous collab HERE!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Netta Riss using new kit - Whispers

My DN!
Bernie x

Credits: Whispers by Netta Riss available here

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 4

This week's prompt really sparked my imagination!!

Although I don't really feel fear in regard to what I'm making now, and showing in this incredibly supportive world, when it comes to showing my pages to people, even family, IRL, I know that fear, LOL :) It's not that I need their approval or anything, it's more that they will feel nothing for the page(s) that I love so much!!!

So that's what I went with! I wanted a more simple page today, to try and make the 'creativity' more obvious...hhhmmm not sure that one worked, LOL, by the number of layers I have in this page, but I'm happy with the effect :)
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper, tag & blended paper shapes: Valkyrie: A Pea Under the Mattress;
Waves blended: Merepoule: Crescend'eau add on;
Flowery splat: Suzanne P. Walker: Funky Formal;
Snowdrop: Creative Victorian Designs; Tis the Season;
Texture: Lost and Taken;
Butterfly: ViVa Artistry: Paul's Island
Camel: Tangie Baxter with tree by Suddenly Artistic;
Font: Stamp Act

Saturday, 21 January 2012

CT LOs for Creative Victorian Designs using new kit Vale of Magic and mini kit Amazing!

Absolutely stunning new kits here! you can find Vale of Magic HERE and Amazement HERE!
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 3

Had fun trying to get an image in my head in order to illustrate this word!
Then saw some words something about talking to self being the soul having a conversation..ugh can't remember it exactly now, sorry! Anyways, that sent me off down a path looking at illustrating the soul, LOL, which led to a feeling of using light and dark...the soul enclosed.
Of course with the mind map still in my head as well, I just loved these words about thinking :)
So there it is! The inner workings (summarised and considerably shortened, LOL!!) of my mind!!!!
Bernie x 

Credits: B/G paper - SO sorry, I can't track this down in my picasa atm; if anyone knows, please let me know so I can properly credit;
Blended papers: Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen: Grungy Wood Paper 3 & Niks Scripts and Scraps Oil Paint overlay;
Splay@ J Barrette: Clouds overhead;
Dot Rub Ons (several used at various opacities and blending modes!) - Parcel 3: Tangie Baxter;
Camel: Tangie Baxter with tree by Suddenly Artistic;
Font: Harting

Saturday, 14 January 2012

CT Lo for Snickerdoodle Designs using new collab with Aimee Harrison Design Studio and BooLand Designs - Have a Heart!

DD2 in last year's snow...wishing for more this year!!
See LO below also!
Find the kit HERE!
Bernie x

Credits: Have a Heart collab by Aimee Harrison Design Studios, BooLand Designs & Snickerdoodle Designs available at The Studio here

CT LO for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new collab with BooLand Designs and Snickerdoodle Designs - Have a Heart!

Gorgeous new collab. from these talented Designers!! You can find it HERE (bundle also available!) at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio!
Bernie x

Friday, 13 January 2012

CT LOs for Creative Victorian Designs using new kit Vale of Mortals and new mini kit Wandering Around!

Two stunning new kits from Creative Victorian Designs! You can find Vale of Mortals HERE and Wandering Around Mini kit HERE!
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 2

Well, who'd have thought, LOL?!!!
When I saw this word as the prompt, I wondered what on earth I was going to do with that!! So I decided to try and illustrate the meaning rather than have the actual word on my page! These words seemed perfect for this purpose, and off I set!
OMW! How much this page evolved! It started as something completely different!!

I'm honestly amazed at how what I'm making is changing (I thought I'd found my 'thing' through last year's Caravan!) and how much I'm being stretched almost without realising it once I start a page!!

Have had a couple of hours of pure relaxation and joy in my own little world making this page, so thank you Tangie, from the bottom of my heart, for inspiring this in me!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G papers, blended: SherrieJD, C2C 2010 & 2011;
Lady: ViVa Artistry, Generations;
Accents (blended): Creative Victorian Designs Floral Imprint Brush 11;
2 x Oil Paint Overlays by Nik's Scripts and Scraps;
Texture: Kim Klassen, Light Paper 3;
Camel: Tangie Baxter, with Tree: Suddenly Artistic;
Font: Undecapped Vinyl

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 1

Well, LOL! Don't really have a clue where this page came from...I have fairly recently changed my thinking about a couple of things and have tried to act accordingly...I just did it, without talking to anybody about it, and I think that's what this page is trying to say, LOL!
Going off alone (although my experience was in my mind, not a physical disappearing act, LOL!) and changing something, without anyone seeing!!

And then, imagine me sitting here with a little wry smile on my face at the naked lady with wings illustrating clandestine rotfl!!!! x

Bernie x 

Credits: B/G papers and lady: SherrieJD, C2C2010 & Jetsam resp.;
B/G paper used for texture, fogs & glow: Creative Victorian Designs, Vale of Darkness,
Texture: Creative Victorian Designs, Texture Overlay Sample 1;
Camel: Tangie Baxter with Tree: Suddenly Artistic;
Font: AR Christy

Saturday, 7 January 2012

CT LO for SherrieJD using newly re-released kit French Twist!

DD1 is having a hard time getting motivated for her exams this month after having struggled with her injury since August. I wanted to try and inspire her through all the hard work and drudgery of revision and catching up, 
to keep her hopes and dreams in sight! 
This is one gorgeous kit and was perfect for what I wanted! You can find it HERE at SBG!
Bernie x 

Credits: French Twist by SherrieJD available here

CT LOs for Creative Victorian Designs using new kits Vale of Darkness and Nightshade (mini kit)

Two beautiful new kits out from Creative Victorian Designs! Vale of Darkness is an absolute stunner - I LOVED using it to create this, my first real attempt at 'realistic fantasy'! Nightshade is a lovely mini kit perfect for so many kinds of pages! I loved these words and the kit had the perfect feel to it to illustrate them!
You can find Vale of Darkness HERE and Nightshade HERE!
Bernie x

CT LO for ViVa Artistry using new kit - Count Your Blessings

This is such a wonderful new kit - can see me using this year round!! You can find it HERE at The Digichick - there's a bundle off goodness available as well!!

The little silver angel dangly made me think of a guardian angel, and Amber has certainly been that for Antoinette since her injury, but also for all of us through these difficult times!
Bernie x

Friday, 6 January 2012

CT LOs for Feli Designs using new kit - Kingdom of Ice!

Stunning new kit from Feli Designs! You can find it HERE at DigiDesignResort!
Bernie x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - January Adventure Quest - Mind Map

WEll, this is what happens when I let my mind wander randomly among thoughts of brains and what on earth goes on in there for me, rotfl!!!

 I wanted to try and illustrate trying to actually find my brain, LOL, as in the 'real' me, amongst all the stress of legal dealings and schools and exams and other life 'stuff' that just gets in the way! However, this is what evolved when I started playing!!

I think the 'stuff' is in the darkness, and the patch of light over the head is the real, artistic, creative part of me that sometimes gets pushed down by the darkness, but other times shines out brighter because of the darkness...blimey that sounded a bit deep, LOL!!!!

 I'm so pleased to have started this journey now!!
 Bernie x

 Credits: Camel; blue b/g paper: Tangie Baxter; Camel's Tree: Spring by Suddenly Artistic; Texture: by elodie; More texture: Grungepaper 3 by Fudgegraphic; Blended b/g papers, blue paint splat, orange paint splat: Vincent's Room and Muse by ViVa Artistry; Face: Jetsam by SherridJD Font: DJB BLueprint