Thursday, 5 January 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - January Adventure Quest - Mind Map

WEll, this is what happens when I let my mind wander randomly among thoughts of brains and what on earth goes on in there for me, rotfl!!!

 I wanted to try and illustrate trying to actually find my brain, LOL, as in the 'real' me, amongst all the stress of legal dealings and schools and exams and other life 'stuff' that just gets in the way! However, this is what evolved when I started playing!!

I think the 'stuff' is in the darkness, and the patch of light over the head is the real, artistic, creative part of me that sometimes gets pushed down by the darkness, but other times shines out brighter because of the darkness...blimey that sounded a bit deep, LOL!!!!

 I'm so pleased to have started this journey now!!
 Bernie x

 Credits: Camel; blue b/g paper: Tangie Baxter; Camel's Tree: Spring by Suddenly Artistic; Texture: by elodie; More texture: Grungepaper 3 by Fudgegraphic; Blended b/g papers, blue paint splat, orange paint splat: Vincent's Room and Muse by ViVa Artistry; Face: Jetsam by SherridJD Font: DJB BLueprint

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