Saturday, 21 January 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 3

Had fun trying to get an image in my head in order to illustrate this word!
Then saw some words something about talking to self being the soul having a conversation..ugh can't remember it exactly now, sorry! Anyways, that sent me off down a path looking at illustrating the soul, LOL, which led to a feeling of using light and dark...the soul enclosed.
Of course with the mind map still in my head as well, I just loved these words about thinking :)
So there it is! The inner workings (summarised and considerably shortened, LOL!!) of my mind!!!!
Bernie x 

Credits: B/G paper - SO sorry, I can't track this down in my picasa atm; if anyone knows, please let me know so I can properly credit;
Blended papers: Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen: Grungy Wood Paper 3 & Niks Scripts and Scraps Oil Paint overlay;
Splay@ J Barrette: Clouds overhead;
Dot Rub Ons (several used at various opacities and blending modes!) - Parcel 3: Tangie Baxter;
Camel: Tangie Baxter with tree by Suddenly Artistic;
Font: Harting

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