Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Art Journal Caravan - June Adventure Quest - Scavenger Hunt - Week 4

Well! This is what came out of my head with the items we had to include! I like the page, but am going to do another if I ever get the time, as my prevous 3 have all been street scenes, and I'd like to make them a set...and this stands out a bit frm the others, LOL!!
(btw the precious stone is a tiny emerald on her finger!!)!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G, emerald, flag(extacted), Pices (extracted) & ink (extracted): stockphotos from,
blue paper overlaid & 'light', inc 'cable': Maguette Scrap design: Change of Air;
rays of light: Bits N Bobs: Fantasia
Lady: Extracted from a card from Far Far Hill blog;
Font: Freeze!

Friday, 24 June 2011

CT LOs for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit - Vide Grenier (Empty Attic)!

Beautiful kit from Maguette Scrap Design - Vide Grenier - Empty Attic!
available at
Bernie x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Digital Design Den - word prompt - week 4 - renew

Loved this quote as it's perfect for us...with our new garden and watching it turn from a jungle into a beautiful 70' space!
Bernie x

Credits: The Road Less Travelled + Add-On + Challenge freebie all by By Sandy & GreenEyed Lady Designs and available at Digital Design Den

CT LO for ViVa Artistry using Muse

Another page with this lovely kit :)
It's HERE at The Digichick!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

CT LO for ViVa Artistry using Muse

Absolutely gorgeous kit! Lots of lovely colours and textures!! You can find it HERE at The Digichick!
Bernie x

Monday, 20 June 2011

An evening of fun!

OK, so how much fun can one person have with some brushes and some Textures?!!!
First I had a play with Tea Stain 1 brushes from Creative Victorian Designs and managed to get a nice subtle effect which, when paired with a couple of 'artistic' filters, gave an image I really liked.
Then I received Kim Klassen's email and thought I'd have a go on this photo with those! I used Granny's Cupboard and Greydaystone, as well as 3 layers of the photo, 2 B&W and one coloured, plus a whole range of blending modes, LOL, and absolutely love the effect I got there too! I resisted the temptation to brighten up the photo, as when Dd1 went on this beach hack, when they returned home, the clouds were really black, and they did get wet...from the rain as well as splashing in the sea, LOL :)
Thanks Netta of CVD & Kim Klassen for your inspiration!!!
Bernie x

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Freebie Template challenge at Jimbo Jambo Designs!

This is what I made with the gorgeous free template! Thank you!
Credits: Misfit kit by ViVa Artistry available at The Digichick
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan - Page 26 - Catch

Loved this quote as it seemed quite reassuring for someone trying to work out what she can do with her art :) Tried to give a sense of perspective with the things at the bottom...and my camel is looking up at her jumping high in the sky! Chasing dreams?!!!


Bernie x

Credits: Camel: AJC Freebie;

B/G papers blended: Studio Gypsy: Collage papers and A-Liya: Gift;

Lady: Greeneyed Lady Designs: I Hope You Dance Vol 1;

Eiffel Tower: Gypsy Couture: Spunky Explosion;

Paper clipped to camel: Shabby Princess: Happy Go Lucky;

Dove & birds: A-Liya: Be Free and Spring News resp.;

Grass, tree & sun: KNC Designs: Blue Sky Mine;

Texture on lady: Kim Klassen: Dropcloth

Font: Cry Kitty

CT Los for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new kit - Dewkissed

Another beautiful kit from Aimee! Lovely gentle colours and full of texture! You can find it HERE at Aimee's store! (BUNDLE AVAILABLE!)
Bernie x

Friday, 17 June 2011

CT LOs for Netta Riss using new kit - Laugh!

LOVED this new line of Netta Riss kits! As always, beautiful and versatile too :)
You can grab it HERE!
(My altered page does, as usual, have a story to it! Lets' just say that in certain organisations, a lot of people just do as they're told and don't truly question anything or stand up for what they feel is right, just because they 'belong'...I'm not like that, LOL, and it can be frustrating at time! This page came out of that frustration - tis a stylised me running away from all the others who are the same and refuse to stand up and make their opinion heard!!)
Bernie x

CT LOs for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit - Jolie Mome

Gorgeous new kit out today! you can find it HERE at Scrapbird!
Really enjoyed myself with this one too!
Bernie x

CT Los for JoeG Designs using new kit - Bed of Roses!

Beautiful new kit from JoeG Designs -I love red but seem to rarely scrap with it, so this was a real pleasure! Thankfully Dennie decided to come to Meg's BBQ dressed in the perfect clothes for this LO, LOL :) You can grab the kit HERE at ScrapBird or at Dreamland Digital Designs!
Bernie x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday - Set 1, Page 8 - Bath

I found this word hard until I found this quote!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G papers (blended), Studio Manu: Mother Nature;
Tree: FPD Charity collab - All Creatures Great and Small,
Tree stamp used around edges; strawberry (upside down for the hill!) : Far Far Hill Blog freebie;

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday - Set1, Page 7


love this does my head in a bit though, LOL :) good for deep thinking :)
Bernie x

B/g papers, blended, The Road Less Travelled by Greeneyed Lady Designs and By Sandy, available here
and Outside My Window by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen available here
Petals and bird - Outside My Window;
Borders - blended - Scarecrow Wannabe & Granny Finch's Garden by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen, and The Road Less Travelled.

CT LOs for ViVa Artistry using new kit - Gidget's Beach

gorgeous new kit - Gidget's Beach
Find it HERE at the Digichick!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using new kit Until They All Come Home

GORGEOUS new kit - and perfect, as you can see, for traditional or more altered pages! You can find it here at Digital Design Den! AND the kit is on sale atm!!! BUNDLE ALSO AVAILABLE!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WEll done...

...DSColour Labs!

I ordered at 3pm yesterday and the prints arrived THIS MORNING!! And the printing was perfect and colours matched what I was expecting perfectly...all round FANTASTIC service!!!

Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan - Week 25 - Laugh - version 2!

my 2nd page for the prompt Laugh...loved this quote, and had the perfect lady! To me she looks so carefree!! Just a quick and simple page this time, but I love it!!
Bernie x

Credits: Girl, B/g paper & paper clipped to mask: The Road Less Travelled Add-On by By Sandy & Greeneyed Lady Designs;
Mask: Imagine by Fran: Lady in Purple;
Handbag: Aimee Harrison Design Studios: Coming of Age kit;
Camel: Tangie: caravan freebie

Monday, 13 June 2011

Art Journal Caravan - June Adventure Quest - Scavenger Hunt - Week 2

Bernie x
A bottle marked "poison"
*Chameleon or other reptile
*Telescope or binoculars

This was harder than the first week, LOL! Not sure I actually like looking at this, but am pleased with it, if that makes sense :) let's just say it's not pretty!!

Anyways, I loved the quote so went with the idea of the 'nice' young lady looking like she's in the wrong place completely, and that's what people would tell her...but maybe she has a good reason for being there?!! Used some stock photos and then grunged it all up - that was fun!!
Bernie x
Credits: Stock photos all from;
lady, sign,binoculars, grafitti grunge (clipped to sign): The Road Less Travelled by by Sandy & Greeneyed Lady Designs;
cat: Nanum by Designz by Mozz;
Brads: Suddenly Artistic: Captured Moments,
horseshoe: Digital Reality: Lucky Me kit

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 25 - Laughter

This is my page for laugh but I think there may be another, brighter, page in me yet too :) But for now, this is what came!
We have the dove (Holy Spirit) for the strength, hearts fluttering down from above for the comfort, and raindrops for the tears; light beams reaching down softly to light the way as the quote says. My camel (representing my art) is there also for comfort!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G papers (blended): Dewkissed by Aimee Harrison Design Studios;
Wings and tiles clipped to camel: Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen: Outside My Window and Granny Finch's Garden resp.;
Hearts: Imagine by Fran: Des Lumieres et des Reves;
Lady: HoneyDesigns: Women in History;
raindrops (for tears): Hibeer: Under the Rainbow;
'Seat': Designs by Denise: Angelica;
Border with cage: Pen Scrappers: Singing Frame;
Light rays: Bits n Bobs: Fantasia;
Glitter border: Wren's Designs: Autumn Splendour;
Font: Trash Toys.

CT LO for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using new Goody Two Shoes!

Had a play with Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen's lovely images and her painted wood layer styles! GREAT fun! These will be so useful for your altered art pages !
Bernie x

Credits: Goody Two Shoes & Painted Layer Styles both to be found in Karen's store here

Friday, 10 June 2011

CT LO for Netta Riss using new kit - Crushed!

Beautiful new kit from Netta Riss! You can find it here at CVD!
Bernie x

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 80 - Magnifying Glass

LOVED playing with this - thanks for the d/l Hummie! - but had to get just the right photo :) I also found it important to select just the right bit of the photo to showed the effect more if I could see the wooden post's changed shape as well as the bird!
And...YAY! This was the last lesson in Course 2 (to date anyway!!) - what an achievement!! *pats self on back* :)
Bernie x

Credits: Magnifying glass and template: Hummie;
B/G - textured overlay 1 by Creative Victorian Designs.

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 79 - Picture within a picture

Fun class!
Bernie x

Credits: Border and w/a: Dawn Inskip: Doodlemania;
Hand Photo: Stock xchnge, Vivekchugh

Thursday, 9 June 2011

CT LOs for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit - Passion!

Another gorgeous new kit from Maguette Scrap Design! You can find it at Scrapbird HERE!
Bernie x

CT Los for ViVa Artistry sing new collab with Etc by Danyale - On My Desk

Another gorgeous kit from the ViVa gals, with Etc by Danyale! As you can see, totally versatile enough for any style of page! You can grab it HERE at the Digichick!
Bernie x

Hummie's World - Course 2, lesson 77- Pop Up text

LOVED this class!!!
Bernie x
credits: B/G paper and paper clipped to text: ViVa Artistry Generations and En Pointe; W/A: Suddenly Artistic; Font: Windsong

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

CT LOs for JoeG Designs using new kit In My Garden!

Another beautiful kit from JoeG Designs! You can find it here at Scrapbird!
Bernie x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hummie's World - Filter Challenge - Lesson 20 - Ocean Ripple

Loved the effect of this filter...esp. on the bird! It has 3 layers, top 2 I changed the blending mode to exclusion...LOVE the effect (looks better large!)
Bernie x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birthday Bash!!

You can find it all HERE!!
Bernie x

Art Journal Caravan - page 24 - paint

Spent ages trying to find a quote that I liked but that was also relevant to me! Finally found this one, which I love, and is a good reminder to have around! My camel's in there, same kinda colours as this arty thing is much more part of my everyday life now :)
Bernie x

B/G paper used as a texture: Aimee Harrison, All Wrapped Up;
Texture used as a b/g paper (!!): Kim Klassen, Dropcloth;
Butterfly (clipped to text and my camel: Aimee Harrison, An English Wedding;
Butterfly brush: Suddenly Artistic, Spring;
Textured dots: Amber Clegg, Mojo MOnday;
Ballerina dn pink paper clipped to her: ViVa Artistry, En Pointe;
Stars, and circle border: Tangie Baxter, original Caravan stash;
Grunge Brush: VLim from ScrapOrchard;
Lady: Far Far Hill blog freebie
Font: Devotion and Desire

CT LO for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using Empty Nest bundle

Gorgeous extras to the kit - alpha and tidbits for a start! Love them!!
You can grab it all here at SBE!
Bernie x

Friday, 3 June 2011

Art Journal Caravan - June Adventure Quest - Scavenger Hunt

We were tasked with making a page which included 6 'finds' (items of stash!).
Well! This was hard to fit into my 'style', but I think I actually like what I've made :)
The quote is a bit of a comment on the page, LOL...the page looks like a normal scene, but look closer and things that shouldn't be there can be found!
So the quote saying wherever you go, whatever the weather, take your own sunshine, is for me to remember that fun things can be found even in the hardest of times (or most boring of places, LOL!) IYSWIM!!
Made sense to me anyways rotfl!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: Street scene with telephone boxes, coconut & elephant: stock.xchng stock pics (gabriel77, claudmey & mzacha resp.) ;
Script paper used as overlay: Pixel Music Scraps: Think Pink;
Flying man: Far Far Hill blog freebie;
Fence: CJs Dreams;
Moon: Cali, My Secret Diary 2 Moonstring;
Bubbles: Candleworks Scraps, Sea kit;
Font: Very Damaged

CT LOs for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new monthly mini kit - June's Pearl!

oh this is such a pretty mini!!! OK, I'm biassed towards pinks, having 2 girls, LOL, but this kit is beautiful! You can grab it HERE from Aimee's store!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

CT LOs for Aimee Harrison DEsign Studios using new kit and DAD at Divine Digital - Surf Hut!

Gorgeous kit to be had at DD! Find the details here!!
Bernie x

CT Los for ViVa Artistry using new kit Generations!

Absolutely stunning new kit from ViVa Artistry! Endless inspiration! You can find it HERE at The Digichick!
Bernie x