Friday, 17 June 2011

CT LOs for Netta Riss using new kit - Laugh!

LOVED this new line of Netta Riss kits! As always, beautiful and versatile too :)
You can grab it HERE!
(My altered page does, as usual, have a story to it! Lets' just say that in certain organisations, a lot of people just do as they're told and don't truly question anything or stand up for what they feel is right, just because they 'belong'...I'm not like that, LOL, and it can be frustrating at time! This page came out of that frustration - tis a stylised me running away from all the others who are the same and refuse to stand up and make their opinion heard!!)
Bernie x

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  1. Beautiful pages, Bernie!!! And I have to tell you, I like your point of view and it applies to almost the whole world, not only certain organisations ;-))) May well have to lift your page (or at least the quote, because I am not good at art journaling ;-))