Tuesday, 27 April 2010

CT LOs for Bits n Bobs using Sunflower Patch

OK, so here are the 3 LOs I made using this gorgeous kit! I love the little sprinkles of flowers, and all the sprigs and swirls! Beautiful! Grab it HERE - it's even on sale atm!!
The middle page is especially for my darling niece, Megan-Elise. She's had a hard time at school the last couple of days, and she's been a real star with how she's coped and conducted herself. I know you're going to be just fine Meg, so keep your chin up and keep working hard - that's the best way to stuff it up 'em, my angel (!! unique turn of phrase there, but I think it conveys better meaning and depth of feeling, LOL!!!).
We're so proud of you - all the things you've done lately; passing your first ever piano exam with merit, even though you were ill on the day, doing so well at your Dressage last w/e and now showing real spirit and grit in coping with the rubbish thrown at you this week by people who should know better. Love you! See you soon!
Bobos xoxo

Scrapping Goals Challenge #4 at Hummie's World

This is my LO for challenge #4! It turned out NOTHING like I'd planned! I had to scraplift the person above me in a thread (Marzia). I rotated her design 90 dg in the end, and instead of producing something all pale and beautiful like the original, I went all loud and in yer face, LOL! But I LOVE it! I used a mask by Nini at Suddenly Artistic (newsletter freebie - thank you so much) and layered it up with elements from this kit, which is by Bits n Bobs and called Sunflower Patch - it's beautiful! It's available at Exquisite Scraps, but more details to come on that later!!
Photo is Marguerite, and was taken on the girly day we had with my eldest, Antoinette during the Easter school holidays! She''s mad as ever!!!!
Off to post a Hummie's World before it's time for the school run!!
Bernie x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Class 5 - Tinting

Wow! This was so much fun! And I discovered the Gradient Map!! this is the sorta thing I love doing with PSE!!!
Thanks Hummie!
Bernie x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

LOs for Challenge #3 at Hummie's World

The challenge was to find 2 different members' LOs to scraplift, so I chose betteskeff and geswho40. I had a great time making these LOs!
I used kits from Dawn Inskip for both - the first I used Grace, and the second a mixture of Grace, Misty & Grandparents 101. I used some lovely grungy brushes from thesoulcanwait @ deviantArt, called Artist Board
Thanks for the challenge Hummie!
Bernie x

LO for Class 4 at Hummie's World

I'd treated myself to a new kit - Grandparents 1010 by Dawn Inskip (available at Pickleberry Pop! - and wanted to use it for this class. I tried last night but the page just wasn't coming together as I felt it should! So I got up way to early again today and crept downstairs to sit and scrap in the peace and quiet by myself! Et voila! I'm really pleased with this page, not least beause I managed to use the cute cat in the kit! I'm not usually a cutesy-type scrapper, LOL so wouldn't have gone near it, but for this page it fitted the theme perfectly!
Bernie x

Friday, 23 April 2010

CT LOs for SIS using Sultan of Soil by Secret Garden Creations

I had SUCH a great time playing with this kit!! Honestly, it has some grungy-ish elements in there that are perfect for using to create a clipping mask! That's what I did with the photo in the LO - think that was the element called 'dirt'. Then there's a water puddle, to which I clipped the brown paper in the kit and made some gentle grunge that you can see at the bottom of the page! Such fun!!
Here's the link so you can grab this kit! SGC is closing her (exclusive) store at SIS so grab it there while you can - it's on sale!!
Bernie x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lesson 3 at Hummie's World - Exposure

This was the photo I chose to correct the exposure on - I knew most of this stuff already, but still learned a new trick! This LO is also for my CT commitment for SIS - I used Secret Garden Creations' kit Sultan of Soil - it's available at Scrap It Sassy for now (SGC is closing her store there :(), but I'll put the links in the next post, which will be the 2 CT LOs!
Family Stuff!
Well, the potential buyers viewed our house for the 3rd time today, so we're waiting on tenterhooks to see if they're going to make an offer! Girls are both tired after (almost) their first weeks back at school following the Easter holidays! And Andy's ECG came out normal; his blood tests were all normal apart from his cholesterol which was a bit high at 6.5, so he's now on a low-fat diet!!! The girls are on junk duty already and taking it very seriously, LOL; he'll never get to eat any more high-fat stuff without them seeing!!!!
OK, off to get Evie to bed (late again!) and chase Antoinette up the stairs as she's asleep on the sofa!!
Bernie x

Friday, 16 April 2010

I found another new site!!

I just discovered this site - The Digi Dares - this evening! They have a challenge for you - and what a challenge it is!! So inspirational to have something a bit more complex to think of; I can't wait to get some scrapping time!!! Anyway, enough from me! CLICK HERE TO FIND THE CHALLENGE!

Have Fun!

Bernie x

Monday, 12 April 2010

CT LOs for SIS using Mother kit by Just Another Scrap

Great kit with gorgeous colours and some lovely slightly shabby papers! Yum! Grab it HERE!
Bernie x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another LO made for a lesson at Hummie's World

I used the colour replacement tool for this daff - I made a yellow one first using a difference method, then thought I'd give this go a try, despite it seeming like more of a faff! I played for ages, LOL!! So this LO is just a little fun, but also to make you think!!!
Actually got out a grungey brush and added LOADS of grunge layers in subtle tones under the photo!! LOVED playing with this!!
Bernie x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

CT Los for SIS using Rustic Romance by Stargazy Creations

This is a gorgeous, subtle yet also bold kit - you can grab it HERE! It was lovely to work with!
Bernie x

I Found Hummie's World!

I recently discovered Hummie's World! You can sub for just $5.50 per month and then get access to LOADS of stuff for helping to learn PSE better (think other programs are taught too, but I use pse8 so just know about that!!). So! I subscribed and decided to sign up for a course of lessons to be emailed to me, as that will make me actually do stuff rather than keep planning to do stuff!! The first was on clipping masks (I learned a new technique!!) and the second on dividing photos - so simple when you know how!!! The video tutorials are great, and of course as well as seeing everything that's done, you can stop, do it yourself, rewind when you want to - I learn well that way!!!
Here are the 3 Los I've made so far! I'm really pleased with them!! They were all made using kits from Girlboheme Studios, which are available at Divine Digital. I used True North and Bonny Blue.
The LO in the post below that I made with Jubilant by Secret Garden Creations, I was inspired to use the patterned paper by watching a video tut on that subject at Hummie's, and reading the thread, I got some more tips from other members also!
I'm so enjoying learning things again, and even when I know some of it already, what's really great is that Hummie shows you the potential of what you then know, which, of course, helps you use the knowledge in all sorts of ways on your pages!! I can't wait for the next lesson to be emailed to me, but there are loads of other lessons to do while I wait - off there now to choose the next one!!!
Bernie x

CT Los for SIS using Jubilant by Secret Garden Creations

Another wonderfully gorgeous kit from Secret Garden creations! Grab it HERE! The colours in this kit are so scrummy and just perfect for a whole range of LOs!! I used a couple of the photos I took at Hever Castle on Thursday. I couldn't believe how alike Meg and Evie looked in the bottom photo (they're cousins, not sisters!!). As you can see I wasn't brave enough to go out in the boat on the lake, but I did get some great photos instead!!
Bernie x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

CT LOs for Bits N Bobs using Opposites Attract

HERE's the link for the fantastic kit! Obviously, I've used everything as it comes in the kit, but the elements could be recoloured to suit any them of LO!!! I loved playing with this kit - it's such great quality! It's even on sale right now, so you can't go wrong!!!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Even sadder news!

We arrived at the stables expecting to see Molly being vetted, but the vet had already finished, all was well, and the new owners were getting Molly ready for loading into the horse box! Molly left Nelson Park stables about half an hour after we arrived there.

DD1 is naturally very very upset...we knew this day was coming, but had not expected it to be today!

In all probablilty Molly will be much happier where she is going, as she will have access to a lot of cross country pursuits, which she is bred for really, as opposed to standing in a stable most of each day, so DD1 is realistic enough to be pleased for Molly, but will obviously miss Molly a LOT! We're hoping to go to her new home in a couple of weeks so Antoinette can see that she's OK, and maybe have a lesson or hack on her there.

I'm so pleased I made the LO below about Antoinette's beach hack!

Bernie x

Sad News

I had some sad news about 2 of the Designers I CT for...no need to go into details, but I realised I had no choice but to step down from their CTs. Such a shame.
Bernie x

CT LOs for SIS using Magic of Spring by Heaven Dreams

This has to be one of the THE most beautiful kits I've seen! You can grab it HERE! Honestly, it's worth every penny!
Such lovely papers, and beautiful, delicate, and artistic elements...the kit itself is just inspirational!
Bernie x