Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 23 - Test

Tried to use some more optimistic words than are usually associated with this word!! (Why go into something to test the waters? Go into it to make waves).
Less caution, more forging ahead methinks, LOL :)
Bernie x

Credits: B/G papers: Down The Rabbit Hole, Divine Digital collab., Kimmie's Kreations, Torn paper, Gothic Inspirations: JaiHo, Designs by Denise: Purple Haze, Litterbox Creations: Caribbean Blue,
Splash: Kim de Smet, Splash 2;
Birds around lady's head (to illustrate loads of thoughts and ideas!!): Designs by Kat,
Lady: Designs by Denise: Purple Haze,
Water: Sectret Garden Creations: Sultan of Soil,
Stars & Camel: Tangie: Original AJC stash
Font: vtks Legal

Monday, 30 May 2011

CT Los for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit Enchanted Forest

Gorgeous new kit from Maguette Scrap Design!
You can find it here http://www.digiscrapbooking.ch/shop/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=93 and here
And here http://mcd-digiscrapshop.fr/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=49_79&products_id=967
Bernie x

CT LOs for Feli Designs using new kit Girl Happy!

Absolutely gorgeous new kit! You can find it HERE or HERE!
Bernie x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - May Adventure Quest - Portals - Page 4

Well, here it is, the last of my set of 4! I've so much enjoyed making these, and the more I've done the more it's helped cement in my mind what I'm doing here, LOL :)

The 2nd warm page after the 2 cool pages in the set, this has the most vibrant colours, and is a bit glittery/sparkly/golden and shiny, LOL, as it's me, going through my portal...a celebration!!!
I was inspired by this... http://www.yourgoalbook.com/setting-and-achieving-goals as it seemed to portray the right message of being on top of the world, finding my way, and achieving what I wanted to achieve!

Putting the light and shade on the lady was one of the most frustrating things I've done, LOL, trying to get the smudges how I liked them...hopefully what I've managed works!!! Can't wait to see what next month's Quest is going to be now :)
Bernie x

Credits: 2 b/g papers, various fogs, a leaf, gauze, paint smudge & moth (the mountains!) all Inner Storm & Combobulated by Creative Victorian Designs;
Sparkles and 'Portal' - Heaven Sent by Bits n Bobs;
2 b/g papers, drip of nail polish (for the lady's dress!), 'style' w/a (also lady's dress!), and paint smudge: Generations, Vogue and Vincent's Room by ViVa Artistry;
Gold glitter: Secrets of the Heart by River Rose,
Overlay: Texture 2 by Lost and Taken

Friday, 27 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - May Adventure Quest - Portals - Page 3

The third in what will be a series of 4. I decided that as the first 2 were very cool colours, the next 2 should be warmer :) I was inspired by this page http://www.dailypainters.com/paintings/50432/Approaching-Storm-pastel-painting-bench-couple-ocean-sky-tree-silhouettes/ not that you can tell much, LOL, more the thinking behind it I think :)

So I've searched and explored in the first 2 pages, now it's time to approach what's coming :) Only one lady this time, to give a calmer feel, and more positive as well...that I'm getting closer to my goal (portal!)...
Bernie x

Credits: 10 (yes 10!!) papers used in some form or another! Tangie: Original AJC stash & She Found Her Bliss, Viva Artistry: Paul's Island, Vincent's Room, Gypsy Couture: Trashy Cardstock, Spunky Explosion, Gypsy Queen Add On, Autumn Echo; Studio Manu - Grandma's Garden;
Lady's dress (from wings!), Hair (from paper crown), plus splat: Tangie, She Found Her Bliss;
Frames to highlight the portal (it's a bit more glittery and sparkly now as it gets more exciting and clearer to me!): Bits n Bobs & Secret Garden Creations;
Sun: Gypsy Couture: Blissful morning;
Texture and hint of scenery: ViVa Artistry paint splats & painted background from Spring Love and Vincent's Room kits;
Chair: Aimee Harrison Design Studios - April's Diamond kit

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 75 - Embossing

I embossed the clock on the b/g paper to fit with the theme of time passing!
Bernie x

Credits: Tag: That Much Stronger - DST Charity kit
paper and all elements bar photo corner & lace - The One For Me by Stephinette
photo corner and lace - Memories by Just So Scrappy

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 22 - Measure

I found it really hard to find an idea or quote that resonated with me for this word! Then I finally stumbled across this one, which I loved! Lots of things in there that shouldn't go together really, LOL, to try and show the fruits of the imagination talked about! Can't really say more than that other than there are things in there that I felt illustrated the quote, but in an overall way...can't say why any of them individually should be in there, LOL :) TFL!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper, hill and tree, path, 'grasses' (cracks extracted from a paper!), balloon, stars, music, butterfly jewell clipped to camel - all Cali, My Secret Diary;
Camel: Tangie, AJC stash;
Tape Measure: Beeatrice by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen;
Dragon & lightning: Creative Victorian Designs, Winter's Deep & Inner Storm resp.;
Cloud: MyCrevette, Morgane de toi freebie
Overlays: Crackle finish and dark scratches - both Laura Bavin

LOTW at Scrapbird!!

Yay!! Thanks so Much!
(For my page of Evie for Maguette Scrap Designs)


O.M.W.!!!!!!!!!!!! Gallery Standouts Blog!!

O.M.W.!! I got a mention on the Gallery Standout Blog again!!!! What an honour!!! For my Exploring page for my Art Journal Caravan...yeeHAH!!!


Bernie x

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 73 - Light Rendering

LOVED this technique! Look what it did to a plain browny wood b/g paper :)
This is my DN, who will be 12 next week...she still wants to be little but really isn't any more, LOL :)
Bernie x

Credits: All stash Gypsy Couture, Blissful Morning

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Adventure Quest - Portal Page 2

the 2nd in my set :)
LOVED making this! I used a lot of brushes this time, which was fun! My first page was 'searching' now I've moved on to Exploring (as I get to know this new art form!). I tried to keep a similar style of page, as these are going to hang in a row on one wall eventually :) I took my original inspiration from here... http://www.mumblesfineart.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=60&osCsid=e8c696cbe3a35a36f8a3b45d6e36bfad ...but it evolved a lot!!
Bernie x

Credits: Brushes - I only have it filed under Poldersky (early stash, rubbish filing system back then :) ); and Tea Stains by Fudgegraphics;
Papers used - as b/g and/or clipped to the brushes or elements - True North by Aimee Harrison Design Studios, Garden Party by Weeds and Wildflowers, Sweetheart by Gypsy Couture, Collage papers (also clipped to ladies) by Studio Gypsy, Joy Heart by Weeds and Wildflowers and a texture from Kim Klassen which I used as it came rather than as an overlay:); Trees & bushes - Weeds and Wildflowers;
Font (ie ladies!) - Sewing Pattern

Friday, 20 May 2011

Hummie World, Course 2, Lesson 72 - Impressionist Brush

OK, so it's a bit subtle, LOL, but I made my own b/g paper using the impressionist brush (flower shape!)
I then used some filters, a bit of blur and a bit of erasing to achieve the look I wanted!
Funny enough I'd chosen the pic to use before I looked up the info on this artist...he was an Impressionist!!!! probably the most important British artist apparently :)
This museum has been built at the cost of millions of £ in our little seaside town. I love the idea and am just waiting to go and see inside! A lot of people locally think it's a waste of money as the rest of the town needs, shall we say, a lot of investment!
Anyway, I hope I've managed to make what was a very blue and white photo look as if it's under a sunset...the stuff of a lot of Turner's paintings :)...I duplicated the impressionist-brush-paper and used it as an overlay...with a little extra brushing and erasing in parts on the overlay and on the photo!
Had a good old play, and can see immense possibilities for this brush in creating PPs!!
Bernie x

CT Los for Creative Victorian Designs using new collab. with Siamese Studio, Summerwings

Gorgeous new collab. kit! You can find it HERE! Just look how versatile it is!
Bernie x

Hummie's World - Course 2, Lesson 71 - Reflections

well! What an eye-opener! I didn't think I was going to have the patience to do this well enough to enjoy it...but once I'd got the reflection there and cut down, the perfectionist in me took over and I was completely absorbed!!!!
GREAT lesson! Thanks Hummie!!
Bernie x

Credits: Everything except starry light - Gypsy Couture - A Splendid Story;
Starry light - Gypsy Couture - Blissful morning

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday - Set 1, Page 6

Circle was too hard for me, LOL, so went with something represented by a circle - a halo :)
Bernie x

Credits: Flowers, birds and red paper used as overlay - Angelika kit by Designs by Denise;
Rays, b/g paper and sprinkly stuff - Creative Victorian Designs with River Rose - Secrets of the Heart collab.

CT Los for ViVa Artistry using new kit About Him!

Gorgeous new minikit is an absolute inspiration, as always!!
You can find it HERE at The Digichick!
Bernie x

CT Los for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using new kit Granny Finch's Garden!

GORGEOUS new kit, just great for traditional or more arty-journally pages :) You can grab it HERE at Digital Design Den!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 21 - Understand

Thought this quote was quite apt, LOL:)
Bernie x

Credits: Glitter, star scatter, camel and splatter: Tangie Baxter AJC stash & Parcel 11;
All other stash ViVa Artistry: En Pointe, Misfit, Paul's Island, Spring Love, Vincent's Room, Vogue.
Font: Conrad Veidt

Monday, 16 May 2011

CT LOs for JoeG Design using new kit Seaside to the Beach!

Loved this kit! I ran a filter on the top photo to make it look more like a painting - I like the effect!
You can grab the kit here at DSM!
Bernie x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday - Set 1, Page 5 - Caution

Something I need to remember every now and then :)
Bernie x

b/g papers:
Font - AR Christy
1) Star Cross'd kit - Collab from Creative VictorianDesigns and Designs by Helly
2) J Macarthy - What a Mess
3) Digilicious Designs - Vintage Wedding
4) DCWV - Ciao Bella
5) A-Liya - Natural Inspiration
splat and border - Aimee Harrison Design Studios - True North

CT LOs for Feli Designs using new kit Boy Happy!

GORGEOUS new kit from Feli Designs! You can find it here at DigiDesign Resort!
The top photo was taken on Royal Wedding Day - 29th April - while watching the wedding :)
The bottom is a RAK for Feli - a page of her son David.
Bernie x

CT Los for Aimee Harrison Design Studios using new collab kit with Willow Grace Designs - Soft Whisper

This is one absolutely beautiful collab! And as you can see, so very versatile!!
You can find it here at Aimee's personal store as well as at Divine Digital, Scrapable and The Digital Scrapbooking Studio!
Bernie x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday - Set 1, Page 4 - Dream

LOVE this quote - in fact I'm sure I've used it before in my scrapping - both digi and paper, LOL, but it just conjures up so many images in my head! And it's a good thing for us all to remember!
Bernie x

B/G paper1: Kim Klassen Texture - Dream
B/G paper 2: Little Dreamer Designs - Love and Soul;
'Moon' (same piece extracted and clipped to man as well): Maguette Scrap Designs - Girls Dream;
Man: Amy Stoffel - I'm Just Sayin'
Tree & stars: Tangie Baxter - AJC stash
Border: Aimee Harrison - True North;
Butterfly: ViVa Artistry - Paul's Island
Font: Majestrick

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday class - Set1, Page 3 - Persistence

whilst looking for quotes about persistence I saw a lot about water being softer than stone yet still being able to overcome it...so went with this one just because it conjured an image I'd be happy to have on my wall!
Bernie x

B/G paper, Paper used for texture, Splashing water, paper clipped to mask: ViVa Artistry - Vincent's Room
Wall: Studio Tangie - AJC - Parcel 11;
Trees and grasses: Weeds and Wildflowers - Garden Party;
Mask: NatashaNast - Road to Wonderland;
Fog (spray around water): Creative Victorian Designs - Inner Storm;
Stones - Candleworks Scraps - Emily kit;
Font: Conrad Veidt

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday class - Set 1, Page 2 - Path

It's taking me ages to find just the right quotes that I really love, and then the right stash, LOL, but I'm enjoying taking my time :)
Representing finding my artistic path here as well as life generally :)
Bernie x

Trees b/g paper - Carola - Winter Magic;
Orange B/g paper & green paper used as overlay - Song of Spring Collab - Aimee Harrison et al;
Twigs at bottom: Blossoms of ice Collab, Digital-Crea;
Birds paper - Funky Playground Designs charity collab - All Creatures Great and Small;
'grasses' at bottom (actually a paper with peeling paint strips!) - Cali - My Secret Diary;
Dark green paper used as overlay - Suzanne Walker - Thinking Green;
'flowers' at bottom right - Suzanne Walker - Funky Formal;
'splatter' under text - Tangie Baxter - AJC stash;
Lady - extracted from a paper in Down The Rabbit Hole collab from Divine Digital;
Border - Aimee Harrison - True North

Hummie's World - Themed Thursday class - Set 1, Page 1 - Then and Now

Had such fun making this...all my Themed Thursday pages will be art pages rather than traditional scrapbooking, as I'm loving doing this atm...and my walls in this new house really need some art on them :)
Bernie x

B/G tree - my own photo
Red glow (cloud) - Bits n Bobs, She Dreams kit;
Tree: All Creatures Great and Small - FunkyPlayground Designs Charity Collab;
Bark and Orange sunburst papers used as overlays, bird and scattered leaves: Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen, Outside my Window kit;
Border: Aimee Harrison Design Studios; True North kit

Art Journal Caravan - Page 20 - Map

This quote just seemed to resonate somehow...reflecting my trying to find my way on this journey :) The paper seemed to say journey and confusion to me, LOL...there's a horse and carriage and some shoes down the bottom of the page to represent diff ways of getting somewhere! Hopefully the rest looks a bit arty, LOL, and there's my camel, along for the ride :)
Bernie x

Credits: B/g paper: Be An Arteest y TMA Designs;
horse: Studio Manu, Wonder of Christmas;
Butterfly clipped to camel: Secret Garden Creations, Exception kit;
Camel and glitter accent: AJC freebie & Original stash;
Splats: Aimee Harrison Design Studios, True North, Suddenly Artistic, Captured Moment & Tangie Baxter, She Found Her Bliss;
Lady & Shoes: Vogue by ViVa Designs;
Border: Aimee Harrison Design Studios, True North;
Font: Times and Times Again

Friday, 6 May 2011

Thursday, 5 May 2011

CT call for Feli Designs!

Feli is so lovely - if you like gorgeous kits then get your app in now!!!!
Bernie x

CT LOs for Maguette Scrap Design using new kit Evasion Creative

LOVED this kit so much! Used some of our photos from Woburn Safari Park last year...the zebra photo I even used a filter on first to make it seem more like paint on wood - go me, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
You can find this gorgeous kit HERE at Digiscrapping.ch - LOOK at that silly price too, LOL!!
Bernie x

CT LOs for JoeG Designs using new kit Sweet Pleasure

LOVED this kit! You can grab it HERE at DigiScrap Mania from 5th May!
Bernie x