Saturday, 28 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - May Adventure Quest - Portals - Page 4

Well, here it is, the last of my set of 4! I've so much enjoyed making these, and the more I've done the more it's helped cement in my mind what I'm doing here, LOL :)

The 2nd warm page after the 2 cool pages in the set, this has the most vibrant colours, and is a bit glittery/sparkly/golden and shiny, LOL, as it's me, going through my portal...a celebration!!!
I was inspired by this... as it seemed to portray the right message of being on top of the world, finding my way, and achieving what I wanted to achieve!

Putting the light and shade on the lady was one of the most frustrating things I've done, LOL, trying to get the smudges how I liked them...hopefully what I've managed works!!! Can't wait to see what next month's Quest is going to be now :)
Bernie x

Credits: 2 b/g papers, various fogs, a leaf, gauze, paint smudge & moth (the mountains!) all Inner Storm & Combobulated by Creative Victorian Designs;
Sparkles and 'Portal' - Heaven Sent by Bits n Bobs;
2 b/g papers, drip of nail polish (for the lady's dress!), 'style' w/a (also lady's dress!), and paint smudge: Generations, Vogue and Vincent's Room by ViVa Artistry;
Gold glitter: Secrets of the Heart by River Rose,
Overlay: Texture 2 by Lost and Taken

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  1. What a brilliant work, Bernie, love it!!! You are so talented!!