Friday, 20 May 2011

Hummie World, Course 2, Lesson 72 - Impressionist Brush

OK, so it's a bit subtle, LOL, but I made my own b/g paper using the impressionist brush (flower shape!)
I then used some filters, a bit of blur and a bit of erasing to achieve the look I wanted!
Funny enough I'd chosen the pic to use before I looked up the info on this artist...he was an Impressionist!!!! probably the most important British artist apparently :)
This museum has been built at the cost of millions of £ in our little seaside town. I love the idea and am just waiting to go and see inside! A lot of people locally think it's a waste of money as the rest of the town needs, shall we say, a lot of investment!
Anyway, I hope I've managed to make what was a very blue and white photo look as if it's under a sunset...the stuff of a lot of Turner's paintings :)...I duplicated the impressionist-brush-paper and used it as an overlay...with a little extra brushing and erasing in parts on the overlay and on the photo!
Had a good old play, and can see immense possibilities for this brush in creating PPs!!
Bernie x

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