Friday, 27 May 2011

Art Journal Caravan - May Adventure Quest - Portals - Page 3

The third in what will be a series of 4. I decided that as the first 2 were very cool colours, the next 2 should be warmer :) I was inspired by this page not that you can tell much, LOL, more the thinking behind it I think :)

So I've searched and explored in the first 2 pages, now it's time to approach what's coming :) Only one lady this time, to give a calmer feel, and more positive as well...that I'm getting closer to my goal (portal!)...
Bernie x

Credits: 10 (yes 10!!) papers used in some form or another! Tangie: Original AJC stash & She Found Her Bliss, Viva Artistry: Paul's Island, Vincent's Room, Gypsy Couture: Trashy Cardstock, Spunky Explosion, Gypsy Queen Add On, Autumn Echo; Studio Manu - Grandma's Garden;
Lady's dress (from wings!), Hair (from paper crown), plus splat: Tangie, She Found Her Bliss;
Frames to highlight the portal (it's a bit more glittery and sparkly now as it gets more exciting and clearer to me!): Bits n Bobs & Secret Garden Creations;
Sun: Gypsy Couture: Blissful morning;
Texture and hint of scenery: ViVa Artistry paint splats & painted background from Spring Love and Vincent's Room kits;
Chair: Aimee Harrison Design Studios - April's Diamond kit

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