Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Art Journal Caravan - June Adventure Quest - Scavenger Hunt - Week 4

Well! This is what came out of my head with the items we had to include! I like the page, but am going to do another if I ever get the time, as my prevous 3 have all been street scenes, and I'd like to make them a set...and this stands out a bit frm the others, LOL!!
(btw the precious stone is a tiny emerald on her finger!!)!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G, emerald, flag(extacted), Pices (extracted) & ink (extracted): stockphotos from,
blue paper overlaid & 'light', inc 'cable': Maguette Scrap design: Change of Air;
rays of light: Bits N Bobs: Fantasia
Lady: Extracted from a card from Far Far Hill blog;
Font: Freeze!

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