Saturday, 28 January 2012

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Found this quote this evening after a really unpleasant exchange with people using offensive language on my niece's FB page.

I'm so cross that these 'names' are being used as terms of insult, and nobody else is willing to speak up and say these words are offensive. If nobody speaks up these words will become commonplace and accepted generally, and that would be just plain wrong!

So I was REALLY cross, LOL and frustrated as well...then I found these words and just knew that sleep was going to be late for me tonite, LOL!!!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper: SherrieJD: The Haunted;
World: Tangie Baxter AJC supplies;
Hands: SherrieJD: Flotsam;
Stars: Creative Victorian Designs: First Noel;
also: Aveziur: Song of Spring;
clouds: Creative Victorian Designs: Inner Storm;
Font: Armalite Rifle

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