Friday, 13 January 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 1

Well, LOL! Don't really have a clue where this page came from...I have fairly recently changed my thinking about a couple of things and have tried to act accordingly...I just did it, without talking to anybody about it, and I think that's what this page is trying to say, LOL!
Going off alone (although my experience was in my mind, not a physical disappearing act, LOL!) and changing something, without anyone seeing!!

And then, imagine me sitting here with a little wry smile on my face at the naked lady with wings illustrating clandestine rotfl!!!! x

Bernie x 

Credits: B/G papers and lady: SherrieJD, C2C2010 & Jetsam resp.;
B/G paper used for texture, fogs & glow: Creative Victorian Designs, Vale of Darkness,
Texture: Creative Victorian Designs, Texture Overlay Sample 1;
Camel: Tangie Baxter with Tree: Suddenly Artistic;
Font: AR Christy

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