Saturday, 19 September 2009

CT Los for Girlboheme using the new Pear Country kit

First up, here's the link to one of Aimee's stores... . As usual this is a fantastic kit, stuffed full of beautifully designed elements and b/gs! There's a gorgeous mask in there that I loved using, and a scrummy alpha that could be used on all manner of LOs! There's a wide range of colours in the kit too, which just goes to make it all the more versatile! It's a wonderful kit to work with, so go get it NOW!!
Family News: Haven't had much to say lately as it's been heads down ploughing on with the routine of school and work! Thankfully we're a bit lighter on the footcare appointments next week, so I'm hoping for a bit more time to play in digiland! That said, I'm not counting my chickens, as I *should* have had a few hours yesterday, but by lunchtime had a lovely migraine well on the way, with really bad nausea attached for good measure! It was so frustrating having to jsut lie around when I had all these wonderful kits sitting and waiting for me to play with them!!! Plus Aimee started in a new store yesterday, so i really wanted to get some LOs done for her to use ASAP, but sadly, it was not to be!
Still, we're out this evening for a meal with friends - one of the few occasions in a year that we get to go out sans kids!!! It's for my best mate Paulette's birthday, so hopefully we'll have a good time! Best go and find something to wear!!
Bernie x

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