Monday, 5 October 2009

CT Los for Candleworks Scraps using Tranquil Seas kit

It has various colours of b/g ranging from quite subtle to lovely and bright, and really interesting elements too. As you can see, it's so versatile, it's great for any sort of LO, whatever the theme! Thanks Deborah!
Bernie x
Family News: Antoinette now has a lovely cold! Thankfully the rest of us are OK - so far!
I've finished taking all my digi stash and LOs off the PC and putting them onto the new EHD - 30GB of digi stash alone! I am learning to resist a bargain though! My PSE5 is now working better for most things I want to do...just changing the size of anything and saving can take anything from 30 secs to about 5 mins though! not good! As I've freed up so many GB I thought it would play nicely now! I'm going to d/l a trial of the newly-released PSE8 I think and have a play in that, and if I like it I may treat myself!
Madly, I signed up for a comp. at Divine Digitals - Last Scrapper Standing. It wasn't because I think I've *any* chance of still being in at the end, lol, but more to see what I could learn. When I did the NKOTB comp. over at DSP, I really learned a lot, and picked up some hints and tips along the way that have def improved my scrapping. That said, now I've seen the first week's challenge - with no less than EIGHT requirements (!!!) - this really IS going to be a challenging time for me! Luckily I have a free day tomorrow so will prob try and do my LO then (sssssh don't tell anyone I'm free tomorrow or I soon won't be!!). Still, if nothing else it will stretch me, lol!!
The inversion table is back in the front room! We are all having a go, and I for one am def feeling the benefits!
Think that's about it for now! Evie is playing at her little friend Hayden's house till 6pm today, so I have a couple of extra hours in which to scrap!!
Bernie x

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