Sunday, 17 April 2011

ARt Journal Caravan - Page 14 - Hope

There was a nice gently teeny bit of glitter on this but it disappears when flattening the image so don't know how to get it seen now :)

This is what came out of my head for the hope quote...completely different to what I *thought* was in my head, LOL, but there ya go...what do I know?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: B/G paper: Boutique Digiscrap: Just Married Collab
Dove, circles strip, clouds: Creative Victorian Designs: Winter's Deep
Butterflies, Boat Lady, glitter: CVD & Helly: Star Cross'd
Blue Paper: CVD: Combobulated ; Dark Paper: CVD: Inner Storm, Light Paper: CVD: Easter Elegance (all blended),
light: CVD & Armina: Romantic Intrigue,

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