Sunday, 17 April 2011

ARt Journal Caravan - Page 12 - Fight

Wanted to get back to normal in the journal today, so went with fighting time rather than anything (or anyone, LOL!!) else!
I always seem to be scrabbling to find enough time for what I want to passes too quickly!

So we have the words 'fighting time' in her head; the arty hands captured in the cage, unable to produce as much as they'd like! The clocks in the b/g with the fence in front of it - more barriers! The ominous black bird and the days of the week that keep passing and won't hold up and wait for me to catch up with my arty projects, LOL!!!! Finally there's my trusty camel, with his little bit of colour to lead me through all the 'stuff' that gets in the way and takes my time away from creating :)

I LOVED this quote and couldn't wait to use it!!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Caravan freebie; B/g paper, clock, days of week, splat, Bird, lady, paper sand wings clipped to lady, birdcage: Tangie's She Found Her Bliss;
Hands: Candleworks Scraps: Baby Central;
Crown clipped to camel: Parcel 5,
fence: Secret Garden Creations: Forgotten Times; Large clock on LHS: Veronica Ponce: Cottage Bluff.

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