Friday, 15 April 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 11 - Belong

No quote on this page, these are all my own words, LOL! The probs I'm having atm IRL involve someone trying to control what I can and can't say in a certain situation (regarding my DD2's school), and I'm not standing for it, LOL!!! I'm feeling strong and absolutely love this page, despite it coming out a bit dark and brooding, LOL, because it looks strong, feels strong and says what am thinking right now! I didn't want real life to get involved in my AJC really, but I suppose this message is appropriate in regard to my creative journey as well...I will be what I will be :)
I put the eyes at the top watching me secretly (which is what this person has been doing!!) and my camel is standing right behind me, supporting me, reassuring me, so he has a warm orangy glow - comforting and shining out against the darkness of this person's actions (she's hiding behind anonymity). He also has a star behind him to show he's valued by me! The splat I placed deliberately to look as though it could be grungy angel wings!! I'm no angel, shown by the raggy nature of the wings, LOL, but what I am saying is worth saying and has value, and next to this cowardly person, I do look positively angelic, LOL!!! OMW! Lots going on in my head today then, eh?!!!!!
If you made it this far, thanks so much!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: AJC 2011;
splatter graffiti, green leaf, b&w circles & camel's decoration: AJC 2011 & parcel 5 resp.;
B/g papers and splat: Secret Garden Creations: Record Deal;
'eyes': Secret Garden Creations: Benevolent; diamond jewels: Secret Garden Creations Colour Me Beautiful;
Lady: Sewing Patterns font letter P (capital!!)

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