Monday, 30 November 2009

Well, tomorrow is the 1st December! We've made the Advent Wreaths at Church, and one is now at home, the other in Evie's classroom! We've bought a fake tree but not put it up yet (couldn't face the thought of pine needles in March again this year - you know the one that the hoover misses and then it finds your bare foot months later!!).
I was SO lucky to be one of the 100 people who got onto Cheryl Johnson's free photography class, and Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas starts tomorrow too!
So WHY is it that I don't feel the slightest bit festive?! Last year I had a couple of booklets from Church, plus Delia's Feast for Advent to read, and I got up early each morning to have a quiet half hour with those, and loved it! This year, I've started the reading, but it doesn't seem to be touching me. Who knows?!
I'm doing JYC digi this year I decided, so have absolutely nothing prepared, LOL! Am just gonna go with the flow I think! I only have a few Christmas kits now, as I deleted a whole load of Christmas stash that I collected mainly via blog trains last January when I had only just started digi scrapping and couldn't believe the amount of freebies out there!! Now I'm a bit more discerning, so have chosen a few mostly-paid-for kits that I really like!
Thankfully I have a day off tomorrow, so am hoping for some time to do both the JYC AND the festive self-portrait (oh what a joy, LOL - I take such a good SP!!!), as well as go buy some little canvases to make another 4 canvas-booky things! If I can be faffed I'll take photo sof the one I've made already (which I love it has to be said!!) and also the toilet roll tag bk thingy I made for DD2's teacher - am quite chuffed with both things actually!!

Right, am going to get my miserable backside off to bed now - have felt all cold and tired today - maybe I'm coming down with something!!

Bernie x

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