Friday, 23 July 2010

CT LOs for SIS using Danish Design's Raspberry and Cream kit

As you can see, this is a most versatile kit! Great for all manner of LOs! And the colour combo could take you through the whole year! Grab it HERE!

I'm so proud that I've had my raspberry bushes for over a month now and haven't managed to kill them yet! That's usually the fate of any plant I get my hands on, LOL, but I'm still enjoying the odd raspberry from this plant in the top LO now!

Today was Megan-Elise's last day at primary school. Today, she looked ready for moving up to Secondary. Especially as she had to wear her new 2ndary school uniform in for the Assembly. You looked so smart Meg, and are making all your family so proud! You'll be fine at the Ursuline! Somehow doubt though that you'll be going in on the first day with bunches sticking out sideways and holding your mum's hand, as you did on your first day at primary school, LOL!

Bernie x

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