Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Sunday Creative - Week 2 - Denim

Well, what an eye-opener this one was, LOL! When I saw the prompt 'denim' I thought 'what on earth can I get from that?!' Then I saw DD1's purse, so got the photo. Then I found a great quote which I loved! Then I wanted just one little embellishment, and found this gorgeous butterfly brush...which set my mind off on another path! Thinking of the butterfly effect, and how, if each of us did one thing each day as the quote describes, how this would spread out across the world and how it would affect people! Pretty amazing thought!!
That said, it is late and I need sleep, LOL, so if it's too random, I apologise!!!!
Credits: Paper & staple: SnickerdoodleDesigns by Karen, Discovering America kit available at Digital Design Den (see link in post below - it's released TODAY!!!); Butterfly brush - sorry, all I know is it's called Butterfly_Flowers_Vectors_MYP.
(This page will also be for my Hummie's World Course 1 class 6J, Rounded Corners LO).
Bernie x


  1. Totally love the perspective of this photo.

  2. Love the quote!