Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hummie's World, Scrapping Goals challenge 14 - Fave Technique - Hidden Treasures

Had SO much fun creating this!! I used one mask, at different sizes and shapes. I LOVE masks!!! Then I clipped either the photo, enlarged copies of the photo, or paper to each mask to get a sense of depth and texture. Brought in some extra colours, and then finished off with my second fave technique - brushes! Used 3 different brushes at varying levels between the layers, to obtain different effect! FUN!!!!!
Bernie x

Credits: paper and mask: Amy Stoffel's When darkness falls kit from Scrap orchard;
Font: Everyday ghost;
Grunge: The grunge Turk Hit Box - (via Jessica Sprague class);
Floral: Suddenyl Spring by gvalkyrie;
Floiage: Obsidian dawn @ - Foliage Sketches

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