Monday, 2 August 2010

RAK for today! Kim Klassen Inspiration Staycation!

Well, I can't actually say much about this atm, LOL. And I know it's not supposed to cost much, and this def is, LOL, but today I did something that I thought needed doing!

It's my sister's wedding on Saturday, and, obviously, there has been lots to arrange to get to the special day!

I sat and thought today, how much our parents still support us, even though we're 40+ years old!!!

I thought about how mum is doing so many things that nobody will even realise she has done specially for this coming week of visitors.

How she has everything she has ordered in her head, at 70 years old, and knows eactly which day each thing is due to be delivered!

I thought how she is taking 'phone calls from people about the wedding which are, shall we say, giving her more jobs to do and things to organise! Extras.

I was thinking how dad sits quietly at home and keeps calm amid all the chaos, LOL!

In his way, supporting mum, and therefore all of us.

I was thinking how he must be getting a bit nervous about the wedding...walking down the aisle and being on he's almost 86! But he doesn't show it.

And I thought that they really needed someone to do something for them.

So I did!

I'm not telling anyone other than DH, and it's actually quite nice having a secret, LOL!

OK, so it's a bigger RAK than it should be...I think the circumstances warrant that!

And I'm thinking 'thank you' to this Staycation for making me stop and think about this and realise!

I loved this quote. There are lots of butterflies on there at various levels, and faint words saying 'when a butterfly flaps its wings...'. I had started thinking about all these RAKs spreading out across the world and the effect that could potentially have!!!

Bernie x

Crerdits: Kit: Outside My Window by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen available at Digital Design Den
Brushes: SS-Fairy Wings - Obsidian Dawn; Butterfly Flowers - Vector from


  1. Hi from the "IS", love your creation, may have to print it and hang it in front of me as a reminder;0) What a sweet story about your mom and dad... good luck with the wedding.

    Happiest of Mondays to you
    Tracy in AR

  2. oh my goodness... i so love everything about this.....
    your RAK is most fabulous... thank you so much for sharing....

    what a beautiful story..... really truly... warms my heart.