Monday, 16 August 2010

CT LOs for Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen using The Artist In Me - NEW kit!!

wow! LOVED this kit! Especially the papers...I'm a true paper addict, both IRL and in digiland, much so that I was almost 'paralysed' with excitement and creative inspiration, LOL!! So I calmed myself by making a page just for fun first. That's the last one! I'd seen the theory of it shown on the internet and decided to have a go! I made my photo into more of a work of art, and then created the scene. There are bits I'm not happy with about it, but it took me hours to get it to this stage, LOL! Big learning curve!

After that, I was able to settle into the LO of Meg and Evie - flippin posers, LOL!!!

Then I got another coffee and started in on what I knew was going to take a while - the LO of Evie with the Picasso quote! This is the sort of page I really love to do...taking my time, layering it all up, using normal elements in the kit as clipping masks and then changing blending modes, opacity, and skewing them into odd shapes! SO much fun!!!!

Massive thanks to Karen for putting in 2 masks!!! The bigger one I used to get the green around the walls of the 3rd LO, and the smaller on the LO of Evie of course!

The kit is now at Digital Design Den...Karen's store is HERE...make sure you get this kit, as it is FANTASTIC!!!


Bernie x

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