Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hummie's World, Course 2 Class 27, Cutting Out Text and Using it!

Had fun doing this!

I wanted a more subtle effect on this page, given its nature, so: the cut out part is the more noticeable word Given on the photo/paper merge in the centre.
I didn't want a huge shadow in the hole, but did add a tiny one just for a bit more definition for you to see it's a hole!!!!!
(To get a larger shadow on the whole centre page bit, I made a duplicate and added the larger shadow to that underneath!! Had to rotate it to get the hole from the text elsewhere, and then erase a larger section than the text area took, so that the shadow wouldn't show in the hole of the top copy, if that makes sense, LOL!!!)
The cut out bit is the bigger, title Given under the flower sprig there...I changed the blending mode on it though to give more definition. I also used copies of the cut out, with diff blending modes, randomly on the centre pp, just for effect really!

I used In The Sweetness kit by JoeG Designs available at digiScrapMania HERE!

Which leads me on to some exciting news....Joanie (JoeG Designs) PMd me at DST to ask if I'd like to join her CT!!! Wow! That was exciting! As soon as I checked out her kits, I knew I'd have to say yes!!! They're gorgeous, and this one grabbed my eye straightaway, so I went ahead and bought it so I could use it without waiting, LOL!!!! Well, at that price, it could NOT be left there on the shelf!!!! The kit is HUGE and beautiful! Wonderful quality too! Go ahead and get it and see!

The other exciting thing to happen is that my new Canon EOS 100D SLR arrived late yesterday! Took it for its first outing today and it is fantastic! The quality of the images is amazing...thphoto on the LO of Antoinette below is one of, eh?!!! Think I'm going to enjoy using it!! I do need to re-learn all the stuff I once knew so I can play on manual and not just stay on auto all the time!! I did have fun with the sports setting today though...firing off shots so fast one after the other, it was as if a paparazzo were around, LOL!!! FUN!!!

OK, time for some munchies and TV before bed methinks!!

Bernie x

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