Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hummie's World Course 1, Class 8D - Colour Wheel - ME!!!

Well, I bit the bullet for this lesson, and used a photo of me, LOL! 3rd in the series ready for making into a canvas for the new house (when we get there!)

not sure if you'd call this monochromatic, as, at first glance it looks like shades of the same colour, but I know that in the papers (a couple of them) are very subtle shades of green! So, technically, should it be an analougous colour scheme (green, yellow, orange)..or shall we just term a new combo of mishmash, LOL?!!!

I used a couple of masks, and then used several items in the kit as masks as well and clipped various papers to them! Great fun!

Bernie x

Credits: masks: Courant D'Air and Tendre Comme Papa from Imagine by Fran (see blow for link - 'Fly!' LO); Mask from Rpyaa's My Treasure kit at Divine Digital,
Kit: Outside my Window by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen, available at Digital Design Den

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