Saturday, 21 August 2010

Holding Infinity - I Dressed Myself Challenge at Hummie's World

I was SO inspired by Hummie's artwork for this challenge that I decided I HAD to play tonight!
This is my page...created from 7 variations of this photo of a seagull in the sky, each with a different opacity, blending mode and filter applied! Then I added in the figures (it's actually dad's friend John and his friend walking through the park during the snow earlier this year!) and made the clouds look as if they were solid ground by adding a custom shadow the the couple! Wanted a meaningful quote and chose this one. Had a devil of a job deciding where to put it so it didn't detract from the picture, and hopefully have got that right! I even added texture to the text! With light effcts on one or two layers, as well as the people and the text, that about finished the piece!
Another one I may have to have printed!!!
Bernie x
Credts: Photos, frame: Me!!

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