Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hummie's World, Filters Class - Coloured Pencil

I am SO pleased with this page!! I've toyed with this filter before but never used it, so this lesson gave me the impetus to actually sit and play!

Just fancied doing something a little different, as this filter is such a different look! had a good play and in the end used 2 copies of the photo to make this effect. The bottom copy I blended into the white b/g using select inverse delete with a big feather of 225ish and changing the blending mode to linear burn. I then duplicated that and lowered the opacity to 94% and clipped that photo to the other to maintain the blended edges. Then I gently erased (on low setting so it didn't show too much...I didn't want all the top photo b/g erased, just wanted to make it receed) the background to make the flower stand out a little more. And that was it!

The flower was in Charles Darwin's garden at Down House!!
Bernie x

Credits: Angel brushes - Obsidian Dawn

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