Thursday, 2 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day - Day 1

Just in case the journalling is too small to read on here, it's about how Andy spotted this unusual moth on our gate - raggy wings, looked just like a leaf! So I rushed out to get photos of course...snapped away getting my best macro shots! then I came to thinking about LSNED and what I'd learned from today. Decided I'd use this shot of a moth. Got the pics off the camera, only to find that what I *thought* had been the moth looking at the camera, was actually the moth showing the camera its....erm...backside, LOL!!!!! So now we all know what a moth's bottom looks like, rotfl! Lesson learned - more haste, less speed, and take more care!!! LOVED this quote I found which seemed SO appropriate, LOL!
Bernie x

Credits: Textures: Sanded and Gratitude by Kim Klassen
Brush: Urban Decay by gojol23


  1. Fantastic photo and I love the story behind the behind made me smile

  2. OMG Bernis that is just so funny.
    Loving the work though.