Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hummie's World Course 2, Lesson 33 - Photo Blending

I've never had the patience before to sit and do this slowly enough to really consider the shape and effect I was making...this time I did and I LOVED doing this!!

This was actually a cropped down photo of the waved breaking..I purposely made it long and thin...then blended it in to the paper. The white kinda splashy stuff at the 'back' is actually an element from the kit changed to screen mode, and then with opacity reduced and a bit or erasing going on to blend the photo and the element together seamlessly.

I love the effect, as it has gone from looking like a blended photo, to looking more like a sketch!

Bernie x

Credits: An English Wedding by Girlboheme Studios available at Aimee's store HERE!

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