Sunday, 28 August 2011

AJC - Page 36

I decided to go with some brightness to cheer us all up here, LOL, and in the light of what we've had happening, this quote seemed perfect.
We have been shown so much kindness by so many people - online friends, FB friends and friends of friends, and even complete strangers when we went to London last weeks for DD's pre-assessment. The coach driver, the minicab stand worker and driver, the lady on reception in the hospital, the Porter who wheeled us through the staff tunnels and took us in the staff lift to get us where we needed to be instead of turning us out into the rain to get to the other building, the Plaster room staff, the Consultants who seemed to have all the time in the world for us (a new experience!!), people in McDonald's afterwards who gave up their ground floor seats for us, seeing we couldn't get up or down stairs easily, nor with the wheelchair! The coach driver home and all the people queuing to get on the coach who let us go first with DD in the wheelchair! Honestly, it didn't stop all day!! Still can't quite believe it!! So this def needed to be a more positive page!
Thanks to everyone who has/is praying for DD and us, or who has sent good really is so appreciated!
Bernie x

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  1. This is so heartwarming, Bernie!!! So good to hear that you are in such a bright and optimistic mood, this is exactly what your little one needs right now!!! Lots of positive thoughts coming your way from me too!!! Everything will be just fine, you'll see!!!