Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 32 - Organise

Honestly, real life has been throwing so much stuff at me this past 2 weeks, I barely know which way is up! So this page kinda shows how I'm feeling...thought the lady looked a bit stunned, LOL, or spaced out perhaps, and the lady in the background is looking all serene on the outsde, but who knows what's going on underneath?! The masses of birds are my thoughts atm which seem to be flying around and are not much use to anyone, LOL!! Thankfully my mojo has returned a bit so I could get this page done - it's taken me almost all day thanks to that real life I was on about before, LOL, but it's done! And I like it!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel & White Gesso txture: Tangie Baxter;
ladies: Far Far hill Blog;
Birds: Caged Birds All Creatires Great & Small Charity Collab.;
B/G paper: Studio Gypsy Autumn Echo;
Plus one other b/g paper that I neglected to name in my pse and I can't now find in my Picassa! Will return & post when I've found it!
Font: Face Your Fears

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