Sunday, 4 September 2011

AJC 2011

Well, DD1 has had her first op and it went as well as it could...we have to wait and see if the badly torn cartilage will knit together again after the repair, as it was such a raggy tear. The surgeon only even attempted a repair as he knew she has to have another operation in a couple of months. otherwise he would just have chopped the torn piece off. He gives it a 25% chance of healing. If not, it will be removed when they next operate on the cruciate ligament. This will of course give her a higher chance of arthritis in her early 20s than if it repairs. Needless to say eveything is crossed, prayers are being offered and candles lit!
Again, everyone in London was SO kind, it really did help the situation.

I'd like to thank everyone on here who has left me such lovely comments, I've been sat here in tears reading them all on my various'll never know how much they have been appreciated.

Anyway, although I feel like making dark, brooding pages, LOL, I really told myself that I needed to make a calmer page, and I think I did it!!!

TFL and thanks so much for all your lovely comments!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Tangie Baxter;
Blue b/g paper: Spicy Lily;
Texture: Elodie;
B/G overlay: Celestial overlays by Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen;
All other stash: Cucciola Designs CU stash
Font: Aquarelle

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