Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - Page 8

Well! This page is a bit different for me!! (Although there's still some blending going on in there with the brushwork of the waves and sky!!).
When it was done I sat and looked at it and thought 'where on earth has THAT come from' rotfl!!!!

I think it was after I found those words...they really just hit home to me how everything we do should be done with decency and honesty. The things we have discovered about the lengths the stables where my daughter was injured last year will go to to hide the facts - even giving false information to an Investigating Health and Safety Officer and on the accident report sheet written on the day of the's beyond belief, really!

If people can't do the little things in the right way, then such enormously important things won't be done right, with morally rich actions from everyone being the norm!

I think our family lives in a bubble sometimes, when we talk about what happened to DD1 and how she was treated (terribly injured and no ambulance was called by the staff, and then they left her alone and suffering for 1.5 hours and didn't call me for an hour, and then didn't tell me the truth - just a small sample of the things we have discovered happened that day!) and we expect people to behave honestly and decently - is it us or is it them LOL?!!!!

(There could also have been a subconscious viewing of these people as some lowlife beetle, treading a kinda tightrope of thorns atm and us as the butterflies, circling around and waiting to see if they will fall off!!!! I'll be honest and admit that LOL!!!!)
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Tangie Baxter with Tree: Suddenly Artistic;
Paper, beetle, butterfly, barbed wire: Colour Splash Freebie from Deviant Scrap;
Wave brushes 1: Creative Victorian Designs CU
font: 4990810 (that's the name!!)

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