Friday, 8 July 2011

CT LO for SherrieJD using Flotsam!

wow this has taken me ages, LOL! It has a mere 57 layers (that's a lot for me!!)

My head was filled this morning with the news (here in the UK) that 'journalists' on a tabloid newpaper have been hacking into people's 'phones...even those belonging to missing children (deleting messages before they were found murdered, giving the family hope they were still alive) and relatives of Servicemen killed in action. Despicable.

The owner, Rupert Murdoch is now closing down the newspaper involved, but it just struck me how ordinary people are going about their day to lives, struggling against the tide of recession and the ills of society, not to mention personal tragedy, and there are these people, supposedly at the 'top' of our society who just want to interfere with that; take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable.

So my page kinda evolved into that theme! A whole world, mostly unseen to those at the 'top' of society (ie underwater in my page!) jogging along nicely, when someone comes along and wants a piece of their world to amuse themselves with.

Anyways, that's my thinking for this piece, LOL!!
Bernie x

Credits: Flotsam by SherrieJD available here at DeviantScrap

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