Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Pages 27 & 28

Loved this quote, and it seemed appropriate for my journey with my artwork, and this page popped out of my head, LOL!! The idea of having a path being walked somehow was foremost, and it kinda worked around that!

Bit different to my usual blended pages (there is some blending going on but more natural, LOL!), but I like it!!
Bernie x

Credits: all stash apart from the children: KNC ScrapzL Blue Sky Mine kit;
children (extracted): Far Far Hill blog

when searching for words for this page, I came across these, and, in this context, I *think* it's meaning is to always be watching, looking, learning, no matter where you are! That's what I like to think anyway, LOL, and that seemed so appropriate, as I'm always seeing things that I think would make a great texture or b/g for a page, LOL!!

I played a lot on this page with masks, and elements used as masks - great fun!
Bernie x

Credits: b/g paper and grunge in the sky blended to look like clouds and sun: Studio Manu: boys Will Be Boys Add-On;
paper people: GreenEyed lady Designs and by Sandy: The Road Less Travelled;
B/G paper (blended): Gypsy Couture: Trashy Cardstock;
Masks, border, patterns and elements all either used as masks or blended, plus green paper clipped to elements: Imagine by Fran Blog: Un Air du Printemps;
'Trees': DeviantScrap: A Splash of Colour Freebie;
Bird: Danielle Engebretson: India Summer;
Mask in B/G: SEV Designs - freebie mask 3
Font: Callie Hand

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