Monday, 21 February 2011

Hummie's World, Filter challenge, lesson 16, watercolour filter

This has been my thought process thisafternoon, LOL! I chose a good photo to work with, it seems, as the filter really worked well on it!!! The top one is my first try, done as the class was taught! Then I had another go and enlarged the photo, and I think this gives a much more obviously watercolour effect. Then I had to try again with different settings in the filter to make it all darker. Enlarging the photo again, I liked the effect and then changed a blending mode on one of the 4 layers of the photo to remove the colour. Brought in just some of the colour from the original photo to a level I liked. Then I used 2 papers by Hummie (FREE here for a llimited time only ) and changed the blending modes to use them like overlays and bring in a little of their gorgeous colours to the 'scene' I had in front of me!! I was going to leave it as a plain abstract, but then thought of putting a fairy or some such within the 'cave' that had appeared :) Looking through my stash I came across this gorgeous dragon by Creative Victorian Designs (Winter's Deep kit available here ) so went with that! The green fireflies (or sparkles with a gaussian blur added, LOL!) are from Bits n Bobs Babe-alicious kit available here .

Thanks so much to Hummie for making this class and inspiring me to play like this - I had SO much fun!!!
Bernie x

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