Friday, 10 February 2012

Art Journal Caravan 2012 - February Adventure Quest

This quest really threw me at first, but something just came to me today! In my head I saw the changing of myself from when I started last year's Caravan, not knowing where my art would go - or how, LOL! - into what is happening now with me creating pieces I really love and some other people actually like too!! The dark is the old me - possessing potential but not knowing what to do with it, and the bright colours represent the me now!! I think this may be one of those pages that I love now but am not as keen on further down the track, but am going to stick with it anyway, LOL!!! TFL!
Bernie x 

Credits: B/G papers: ViVa Artistry: Tea Gardens and Muse;
Splats of coloured paint & flower: ViVa Artistry: Spring Garden, Vincent's Room & Muse;
Mask: ViVa Artistry: On My Desk;
Face: ViVa Artistry: Tag from Generations;
Numbers: ViVa Artistry: Gearhead;
Ink/paint splats: Dawn INskip: Innocence, Bits n Bobs; Magical Reality Designs: Schoolkid; Suddenly Artistic; Tangie Baxter: Gesso Splatter & She Journals; Creative Victorian Designs: Gypsy Magic Gesso; Gesso & Dots: Tangie Baxter: Parcels 3 & 4;
Texture: Shadowhouse Creations: Chaos 2: Flickr Freebie;
Sun rays: KimB: Sunshiney Day;
Dragon: Tangie Baxter AJC 2012 stash:
Camel: Tangie Baxter with tree: Suddenly Artistic
Font: Griffin

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