Tuesday, 28 February 2012

AJC - Page 6

Well, I went on a bit of brain journey with this one, searching for a definition that inspired an image in my head. I think it was after seeing the definition absurd that I ended up with this quote...which may seem odd as it's Mother Teresa, LOL!!

It's what she said...the feeling of being unwanted. That just seemed to absurd, sad and absurd, that in such a large world, filled with people, with more ways to communicate than ever before, and more people doing charitable work and good deeds, that there should still be people inhabiting this world who feel unloved.

I don't doubt it, not at all...it just seems absurd...wrong...that in this day and age people should feel like that....is anyone with me?!!!!

I wanted a bleak feeling to the page, but still with a feeling of hope to it. Hence the dark bird - feelings of being lonely, unwanted, unloved perhaps - swooping down on unseen people and lives; then hopefully a feeling of lightness in the 'sky'...textures across the top and bottom that (to me!!) suggest it could be sea not sky...just a little hint at things not always being as they seem! Is a person I'm in contact with either IRL or online actually as happy or feeling as good about themselves as they appear...?

Maybe too much thinking, LOL, but this is where it all ended up!!!
Bernie x

Credits: Camel: Tangie Baxter with Tree: Suddenly Artistic;
B/G paper, mask (used in centre and around edges)  and 'bubbles': Paprika Black and Blue Part 1;
Clear 'world' and bird: Ptitesouris: Le Bal des Sorcieres
Font: Brush Tip Texe Trial

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