Sunday, 13 November 2011

Art Journal Caravan - Page 42

here's my head was more that creeping kind of fear when situations are turning badly wrong and you realise it's all out of your control...but then that can turn into a positive to get you through these things, once you realise that, it's easier to accept things and then to cope with my experience anyway...esp. recent ones with my DD1!
Bernie x

Credits: My PSE crashed before I'd noted down the credits, so, from memory, the b/g is from Tangie Baxter, the lady and ths shadow's face - SherrieJD (Jetsam kit); light rays from Bits n Bobs, grunge brushes: Spinky Dink Scraps; b/g paper blended - Le Peitit Scrap; Plaster texture from Elodie, and think that's about it :)

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